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Chase Home Finance / chase has lost 190 of my payments and is cashing checks multiple times

1 MN, United States

Starting September 2006 Chase Home Finance started cashing checks as both ACH and paper check. The have been cashing multiple checks multiple times, but will only give me credit for each check number once. They have taken 190 payments (that me and my bank have located) without crediting my mortgage account by processing PHOTOSTATS that they have generated to take extra amounts from my checking account. They have also taken some checks as both a paper document AND electronically. I have filed numerous complaints including giving them BANK COPIES of the checks and bank statements, but Chase has insisted that my bank statements must include the reversals (which there are none) or they are not my real bank statements. After taking 190 extra payments for a ttoal of $169, 742.20 of uncredited payments taken from me. They have me in the foreclosure process. At mybank's suggestion, I started paying my mortgage payments with Official Bank Checks...most of those originals Chase has returned as copies, some multpile times. In some cases I have the original check, but the bank check has been cashed AND NOT CREDITED. TWELVE of these bank checks are still outsstanding and going back and forth in the mail as Chase states that I am seven payments behind, and have thus demanded over $134, 000 to reinstate my mortgage. I have already paid $169, 742.20 of uncredited payments, thus Chase OWES ME SIGNIFICANT MONEY FOR THEIR ERROR, but the forced foreclosure (for my overpayment by Chase theft and illegal banking activity) continues. I have explained this problem to over two dozen lawyers, but they have told me that no bank would do that many illegal banking transactions and violate that many laws, but that is my reality.

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