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Chase Charge Card Services / unfair business practices

1 New York, NY, United States Review updated:

I have had my Chase Visa Credit card since 1995. As they say, do the math: [protected] = 14 years.

On my January 2009 Chase Credit Card Statement I observed that my minimum payment amount was increased from $85.00 to $235.00 per month even though I have been paying $250.00 per month.

My account also had a Service Charge/Finance Charge of $10.00 even though I have never been late for any payment and had this account for over 10 years.

I learned that Chase was increasing Service Charges from zero to $10.00 per month or increasing interest rates to 7.99% if a customer had less than a 7.99% interest rate. The $10.00 Service Fee would be billed each month regardless of the balance including a zero balance.

I paid over $4700.00 to Chase Card Services and closed my account. It seems that Chase Card Services only wants sub-prime borrowers ...those people that can't afford to protect themselves from such criminal activity as I can.

It seems that Chase doesn't want Prime Borrowers such as myself and only want dumb consumer cows for them to herd.

Banks, Credit Card Companies and Financial Institutions need to be regulated now ...not a year from now. Also, it is my opinion that what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers need to be investigated for criminal activities by all forms and levels of government agencies.

A limit should be placed on what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers earn and they should be prohibited from purchasing stock in the corporation that they are employed with due to an obvious conflict of interest.

Additionally, people such as Madoff should be tried, and if found guilty, given a sentence of life in a real prison.

The American Public is not a group of consumer cows (as the CEO's and Upper Level Management seem to believe). We are individuals with rights ...equal to them and no less or no more.

We the American Public expect these criminals to be brought to justice and for them all to be removed from office once and for all.

I recommend that any of your readers experiencing similar problems to my own to do the following:

1. Send a written letter of complaint to:

a. The Chairman of Chase Bank
b. Your Congressman
c. Your Senator
d. The SEC Chairman
e. Makes posts all over the Internet as I am doing.

2. If possible, close your account with any bank/charge card company and do not open any new charge card accounts.

3. Attempt to keep only automatic debit accounts for paying services such as your Internet Service Provider.

4. Reduce and pay off any credit card company that you possibly can.

5. Do not open new charge card accounts no matter how enticing they may appear.

6. We need to bleed these banks to fail and tell our government to let them fall.

7. New, more legitimate banks will be created and we need to remember the names of upper level management and CEO's that are currently running these banks today and ensure that they never get a job in banking ever again.

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  • Hj
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I am also having a terrible experience with chase credit card. They have the worst customer service by far! From the first contact to the so-called supervisors, they are all extremely rude. Who trained these people? Do they understadnt there role?

    This is my story...

    I paid off my credit last month only to find out later that I owed a finance fee, even though I had paid off the entire balance on my credit card. Earlier this month I called and spoke with Margaret, the only decent person at chase, who understood my situation and waived the finance fee considering that I had paid off my balance. She informed me that my next statement would show a zero balance. To my surprise, Chase sent me a statement still showing that I had to pay the finance charge and that Margaret had no authority to waive the fee. Can you believe that? I think they got mad at me because I paid up the balance in full.

    I will never make another purchase with a chase credit card. NOTE: Please do not cancel your credit card with chase, keep it but don't use it. If you cancel your card, it will lower or affect your credit score. Chase is the worst I've ever come across when it comes to customer service. They have no kind of training dealing with customers.

    DON'T USE CHASE CREDIT CARD! They have the worst service in the world!!!

  • Di
      26th of May, 2009
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    My situation takes this one step further. They did not send me a statement for the finance charges until after they charged me a $39 late fee on $1.61 finance charges after I paid my balance in full. The customer service rep informed me that I should have anticipated what the finance charges were before paying my balance since my charges were incurred between statements. Apparently, you have to have esp to use Chase Card Services. The rep went one step further to accuse me of not paying my bills. I have excellent credit and usually pay months ahead of time. They really need to find better customer service personnel.

    I am canceling this card, my other card, and am refinancing my mortgage with another bank. I hope the $39 was worth losing another customer.

  • No
      14th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Same thing has happened to me as well. I payed the entire balance in full before the due date and the end of the cycle yet I was still charged a finance fee for the time between the start of the billing cycle to the date my payment was posted. I was furious and called their customer service department who was no help at all at getting the fees waived. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was transfered to a supervisors voice mail box where I left a calm, detailed message and as of this moment have not been called back. I plan on cancelling this card as soon as I can and have no further dealings with Chase Card Services.

  • No
      21st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Chase is awful. I have been forgiving in the past and let stuff slide. I just had another run in with them and felt like I had reached a dead zone of souless beings. The people they hire must go home to their one bedroom apartments and contemplate pulling the trigger. I will be looking to join my local credit union which is long overdue.

  • Cb
      2nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Chase card servicess are "with out a doubt" unethical in they're buisness practices, after a payment was 4 days late interest rate was raised to 31.99 % after sending $2000 on a $3.600 balance to get the principal lowered, they lowered my credit line to $2000 and then still charged interest on the old balance of $3.600 instead of the new balance of $1600, when I called a customer service rep, I was told that if I looked at the agreement" which is made so small that one needs binoculars to read" that it is in the contract ! consumers beware !

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