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I was going over my credit card statement and noticed a 10¢ fee for a "Payment Protector" plan. While the amount of money being charged to my credit card is minute, I was pretty upset about the unauthorized charge, and being enrolled in some program I have never heard of and most definitely did not sign up for. I called Chase and asked them about it, and apparently I had been enrolled since June 2007. That was quite a while ago so I have no recollection, and this was my first charge for this plan, but I highly doubt I enrolled in any programs because I always say no thank you whenever Chase happens to be on the other end of the phone. The woman I spoke to on the phone promptly canceled the service after my complaint.

This is a rather small complaint, and pretty much harmless (10 cents is not a big deal to me), but beware of being enrolled into plans you have no interest in!

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  • Mg
      Jan 28, 2009

    Protector charges are based on your balance, the higher the balance the more the fee. You can cancel this service anytime. I would if you never signed for it.

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