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Chase Bank / fraud

1 New York N Y, United States Review updated:

I tried to find out what was going on with this women Mary Giglia Johnson. She was my Middle School Spanish teacher. She was an amazing women. It was my best class. I looked forward to my Spanish Class. She always had fun projects going on, like making tacos or wearing sombreros. When she was murdered I was shocked to here the news. Then the Buzz around town was that Mary's Father was a very, very, wealthy man. Yes, He was a cigar maker in Tampa but he was also given a trust from his Father all the way from Italy. I know her son and I know that he is an awesome guy. While the estate was going on after her murder the word spread quickly about the money. It was placed in a trust to the youngest son who's name I will not say for his own protection. It was Morgan Stanley and Keven Kyle that stole the executive ship from Bank of America. There are a lot of people that are involved in this scam besides Kevin Kyle, and Morgan Stanley. Like Chase themselves, The Bushes, CPA's, The retired State Attorney Joe D Alessandro, Lawyers from Chase and Morgan Stanley, The U.S. Attorneys in The Middle District of Florida, The OAG of the DOJ Alberto Gonzales, and the list goes on.The family themselves did not have a clue until just a short while from the time of the planned execution of Mary and her Father.Hidden Trust are set up that way and this is why it is an opportunity for predators like the ones I mentioned above to come in and hurt this family systematically. MSDW fired this stock Broker ( Robert D Frota ) # 035 for a list of allegations from Fraud, Security Fraud, Dealing in business outside of Morgan Stanley, but this was just a cover up so that this Jackie Becerra from Greenberg Traurig and Kevin Kyle could take evidence and hide it. They also had help from corrupt Federal Agents working for the benefit of their Assistance.S. Attorneys, Douglas Malloy and Albritton who actually work for Chase and Morgan Stanley not the Department of Justice as we the people know it to be. It is sad that we live in a country that hurts it's own people instead of working for it's people like they took an oath to do. This family is being slandered and blackmailed and even threatened for their lives. Just a poorly organized group of thieves out to steal money and take life that we where given by a Higher Power. Kevin Kyle and GT LAW think they are the Higher Power, but their not. We do have a Justice System in this country and sometimes it works, but most of the time it dose not. I called Kevin Kyle's office and they denied even handling this estate. They lied. It is public Record. The only thing that is not recorded is the truth about what is going on. I pray for Mary's son and his safety. I hope things work well for him and that maybe one day they will find out everyone involved and prosecute them, but first we need honest people in or Government, and Douglas Malloy is not one of them. While Kevin Kyle seems to be an honest lawyer, he is not. He only cares about the money. Not the people he helped murder for the money. Greenberg Traurig attorney Jackie Becerra seems like an accomplished attorney that gives to charitable cause, but she is not. She is a flesh eater, no ethics, or skill. She likes to kill, just as long as she dose not get any of the blood on her.

Chase Bank

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  • Ke
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    In August 2006, my business received a call from Chase Bank about a Chase Platinum Business Visa. Did not suspect any fraud because we also received these same offers via mail. The sales representative said the card was pre-approved for $14K. I ask how was it pre-approved? I stated to him that it was my understanding that most unsecured business cards required a "personal guarantee, " and I stated to the sales rep that if that was the case I was not interested in applying. The Sales Rep said that this particular card DID NOT require a "personal guarantee, " and that the pre-approval was based on our company's DUN & Bradstreet number and that the company had been in existence for at least 3 years. We did the application over the phone in which I provided all the appropriate company info. To my knowledge, that phone call was recorded by Chase. I DID NOT provide any of my personal information other that my name and my co-worker's name to get a second card. A few days later, we received the cards in the mail. Everything with the cards seemed legit until this year (2008). After Hurricane Ike and the economic slowdown, my business' income dropped substantially and we missed a payment. The account was immediately turned over to collections. I talked to the collector, and she informed me that if the account went into 60 day delinquent, that it would affect my personal credit. I was confused because I NEVER provided Chase with any personal information for myself or co-worker. (We do have a Washington Mutual bank account, and Chase did buy WAMU out...maybe that is how they got it our info.) I then called Chase myself to find out if what the collector said was true. It was, so I asked how that info was obtained? She said it was listed on the application. That's funny because the application was done over the phone, and I did not provide Chase with any SSN's. I have written a letter to Chase to obtain a copy of that application. (Still waiting for a response.) I have never had any personal accounts or credit cards with Chase, so I am confused how they obtained that information. I would like to hear the recorded information when the application was taken. Is there anything else I can do? Was I a victim of fraud or shady business lending as seen in the mortgage industry? There is no way I would have opened this credit card account if I knew that I had to "personally guarantee" it. Has anyone else had this problem? Or something similar with another card/bank?

  • Ta
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    Chase seems to run a continuous credit card scam under the name of "Payment Protector". Chase has charged consumers without there permission and rarely refund the total amount "scammed" - If you try to dispute the charge online, a message will state "can not dispute due to being a 3rd party charge" or similar statement. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS !!! and that is one of the tools used in the scam. There has also been reports of fake verbal contracts being recorded approving the charges. DEMAND to hear these recorded conversations - you will be appauled. They are making thousands (if not millions) with there scamming techniques and can be stopped. Demand a copy of the verbal contract be sent to you. Chase will do there best to give you a "run-around" to keep you confused and take your funds without authorization. Report there actions to your Atty. General's office. It is not hard to do and the Atty. General must follow up and investigate at no costs to you. Demand that public officials stop these shady practices and hold them accountable. They already gave them millions of our tax dollars and n return they are "spitting in America's face" with con-artist tactics. Take time to speak out !!! You may even be entitled to additional damages and/or loans dismissed due to unauthorized activities performed by Chase and associates. Let your government officials know that we re tired of been taken advantage of and insulted by many of these CEOs developing these "con" programs under the assumption most Americans are "stupid" and will settle for a little "fast talk" rather than pursuing the problem to the core and demanding accountability!! The preceding are facts from personal experience and from reading many-many similar posts. It is not meant to be legal advice although we strongly suggest obtaining legal advice and contacting government and banking officials at the 1st indication of unauthorized transactions. Our experience has been that Chase will just try to pro-long and double talk in hoopes of keeping at least some of yiur money. Save time and file a complaint(s) immediately. Chase should be keeping your accounts secure rather than violating your security. When multiplyed my thousands of accounts, every day your funds are held, someone is profitting GREATLY using your funds. Show them WE ARE NOT STUPID AND WILL NOT TAKE THE ABUSE NO MORE !! Good Luck and Don't Give Up, JD

  • Cr
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    I agree, they just said they approved me for a 4, 000 balance transfer w/ 0% transfer fee and 0% for 12 months. When I recieved information from them in the mail, they did not approve me for all of it, only 1200 and it was only 0% for 3 months and not for transfer balances. I called them immediately and they said to call back when i actually recieved the credit card and they can cancel b/c I did not authorize it. I recieved teh credit card 1 day later and called them and they said that it was cancelled. I later checked my visa check card from my previous card and chase had transferred the 1200 w/0ut my permission. I called them and they said I have to mail the corporate office and they doubt anything will be done. I am going to take ur advice and go to the attrny gen office b/c this can not be okay. There has to be something that can be done. If anyone else has advice please let me know.

  • Ti
      14th of Mar, 2011
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    It's True, Clients of Chase commits murder on other clients of Chase Bank.

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