Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / way they switch around payments to suit the bank with overage fees

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I have many circumstances with this same issue. I'll give example from Monday. I had my credit card payment. Not done via debit card but with routing and account number. My 25 payment showed up over weekend in account and was deducted from balance. Fast forward Monday evening a bill from cable company came in. Was not enough to cover amount. Chase did cover payment so totally understand $34 fee however they shifted the way amounts came in so that now there are 2 charges for $34. The reply I received from customer service was we take everything from wknd and highest gets paid first irregardless if there's enough to cover smaller amount or if smaller one hit first. TD BANk had a class action lawsuit for these same practices. The bank is shifting things for their benefit. Even in event an account that I have finally been able to cancel but is a $10.88 payment. Since chase has option to cover charge or not and charge a fee or not. Why on earth would you charge a $34 fee for $10. And was told even if they sent it back there would still be a $34 fee. However your policy states at discretion of bank if they will charge fee. So in this past 3.5 weeks alone I have had 8 $34 charges. And 4. Of them NEVER should have been applied but they shifted things to benefit the bank. Hence when my direct deposit hits after the negative balance which was needed funds. I get back to payments I cannot change with company as they were already stored under payment arrangements. So ultimately 34x8 is $272 I've paid in fees in less than a month

  • Updated by Kay Knight, Oct 24, 2018

    Also I understand if you do a debit card purchase funds come out but is pending until funds are actually claimed. So sometimes funds go back into account and then will go back out. I left my prior bank as chase was more convenient. However, just as my old bank and I've polled people with other institutions do. Everything is shown and indicated. I.e. Start with 100 balance do a debit card purchase for $30. Account would say $70 balance $30 charge pending. And if it wasn't claimed and came back other banks would show the +$30 balance back to $100 and once the claim it show that it went back out. Chase shows the initial charge and nothing more after they've shifted the order that was in there. I should not have screen shot every time I look at account. Consumer should see it exactly as hits account.

Oct 24, 2018

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