Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / unethical behavior

This complaint is about an ongoing frozen/closing account. As of 11/10/17 till today I had opened a new college checking set up direct deposit and used my atm card 1x before being locked out and having my acct frozen or pending a close. I am very unsatisfied with the unethical behavior of your bank and personal banking inquiry feb 2016 I was a victim of a fraudulent check. Now I pay off my credit line with you, and set up a new account and direct deposit, and you decided to freeze and pend a close on it. Why even let me open the account then? This makes no sense what so ever. Ive done some reasearch and found out im not the only client you have done this to. I have $333.79 sitting in an account you wont let me have access to. Not cool. I have now been fighting your bank for about a week and a half just so I can get my hands on my money. I get paid weekly on fridays and my dd goes in thurs at midnight. 1-3 business days means I should have access today 11/20/17. But no, you tell me tues is the first day I can get at it. And you tell me when it closes you will send me a check for the balance. No thanks! I have seen numerous other clients of your bank say they have been waiting a month or two sometimes for these! That's unacceptable not to mention a horrible business model. You and your bank should have some kind of flag system for when these types of instances occur so you don't try and play us (Your clients) I have now had the worst 1.5-2 weeks that started with you and your banking institution. I had to watch my ex fiance die in the er in front of me, im close to being evicted, ive had to borrow fund from friends and family to stay afloat. (I hate doing this) as a client who used to bank with wells fargo, I can say I will never recommend you to anyone ever again. Especially after seeing how many clients have had similar issues with your institution and were given the run around just like me. Your 1800 number for personal banking issues has horrid customer service, they dont sound empathetic whatsoever to client misfortunes, and a few of them ive dealt with inculding floor supervisors are just as rude. So for 1.5-2 weeks ive been trying to just get the money out of that account in cash because I do not want your check sent to me. I want the funds in the account paid out to me in cash and then you can close it out and I will happily go the other way. This situation is casuing me a graet deal more stress than its worth, your customer service has been shotty and making me run in circles. All I want for this peacful resolution with your horribly run banking institution is to access these said funds in my account in cash. I cannot wait for your stupid [censor] check which I was told would be an additional 3-5 days. Unacceptable. It should not take 2.5 weeks to close out an account. If I can get to the funds in my personal banking acct and clean it out in cash I would be glad to repost a positive review for your bank. Although, I will still never suggest your institution as a bank to any friends or family ever again. This has got to be the worst customer service experience I have ever had.
Nathan r. Powers
(A very pissed off client)

Nov 20, 2017

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