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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / terrible customer service

1 KATHY WELSH, United States

On 12/28 I made a deposit at my local Chase Bank branch. I withdrew $260 from my BofA account at the Chase ATM, then backed up and went through the drive up to make a deposit. I deposited $240 in cash and roughly $6k in checks. Later that evening, I realized that I had accidentally wrote $140 in cash on my deposit slip, or so I thought.. so I ran down in to my garage and grabbed my deposit receipt. I was only credited for $140 cash, and after looking at my deposit slip on my mobile app I had only wrote $140 as well. I was puzzled that the teller did not say anything while I was there, but I tried not to stress it and figured it was just a busy Friday afternoon and on the next business day I went into my local branch. I spoke to Jen, the branch manager, and I asked her if Ricky (the teller) was out of balance the prior Friday, and she said she was not sure and that we should go ask him. As we approached Ricky, we asked him if he was out of balance a $100 on that previous Friday, and he claimed no, and that he had "balanced". Ricky then said that he remembered my deposit and said "you deposited 6 -20's", I then said, "well, $140 would be 7 -20's and I, in fact, deposited 12 -20's". Jen, then went behind the teller line and pulled up Ricky's electronic journal and said "Hmm, well he balanced and it looks like his cash detail states he had 7 -20s's". I then requested them to pull cameras, as I told them I am 100% certain that I deposited $100 more than I wrote and was credited. Jen informed me that it would take roughly a week, but that she would contact "global securities". I agreed, and said I didn't mind waiting a week and that is what I would like to do. A week then went by, I went into the branch and Jen said she still had not heard anything and that as soon as she did she would contact me immediately. Another week went by, still nothing, so I called the chase 800 # and all they did was refer me back to the branch. Finally, over a month went by so on 02/04/19 I called the branch and Justin answered the phone. I asked if I could have Jen's manager's phone #, and asked who the District/Regional Manager was. He tried interfering and asked if there was anything he could do to help. I said Justin, its Tiffany and I am just really baffled as to why I still had not heard from Jen about my $100, so I would like to escalate this issue to her manager. Justin informed me that the DM's name was Cathy, and that she was actually going to be at their branch that afternoon and assured that she would call me, so I agreed to that. Jen also called me shortly after and told me that she had tried to call me a week ago (yet I had no missed calls or voicemail from her), and that Chase had completed their investigation and would not be crediting me my $100. I was very upset and told her that I really needed to talk to Kath (her manager) then. Jen also assured me on 02/04 that Cathy would call me. Cathy never called. I then called Jen back on 02/05 around 11:45AM and told Jen I still had not heard back from Cathy, and Jen assured me that Cathy got "super busy" the afternoon before and was going to be calling me on 02/05, so I said ok, fine. On Wednesday 02/06 I called and asked for Cathy's contact information and Jen informed me that she "was not allowed to give out Cathy's contact info". I was baffled, so I drove to another branch location and asked for Kathy Welsh's contact information and they gladly gave me her business card. I then walked out to my car and called Kathy, I got her admin assistant named Kelly, and Kelly told me that she would have Kathy call me right back. At 2:34PM on 02/06 Kathy finally called me back, and was so extremely disrespectful and rude to me. I REALLY HOPE THAT CHASE BANK RECORDED THIS PHONE CALL???? Anyways, Kathy proceeded to tell me that "it did not look like the odds were on my side of getting my $100 back". I said well, hopefully you can pull the cameras then and see, because i am 100% positive I deposited $100 more than I got credited, and then Kathy said they camera footage was "inconclusive". Not sure why or how that is my fault, but Kathy then proceeded to insult me, and said that Chase not only does an investigation on their employees to ensure there is not employee theft etc, but that they also do one on their customers! I was not exactly sure what Kathy meant by that??? Kathy, then went on and said "and sometimes we find things out that are a little shocking about our customers". At this moment, I realized Kathy was trying to cover the branch and blame the missing $100 on me??? Her tone, voice, and communication towards me just progressively got more disrespectful and rude. I asked Kathy why she had not returned my phone call like I was promised for 3 days, and Kathy said "I am busy!! I am driving around from branch to branch and don't make calls while I drive!!" I said OK???, so you couldn't call me and let me know you were "too busy to call", so that I would know when to expect your call?? I informed her that I am busy myself, but that her clients should come first? I mean, am I not important enough to get a return call? Was Kathy hoping I would disappear? That she wouldn't have to do her job and handle her clients?? I am not sure, but then Kathy said she would call me back on Friday, because that's the next time she had available to get back to me about my issue. This Friday will be 6 weeks that I have been waiting and trying to get this issue resolved with Chase Bank. I am honestly beginning to feel like something shady is going on here, and I am now going to be filing a corporate complaint. When did any bank/company/ business become "too busy" for their clients, especially me, who is out $100 from their own teller's mistake!! I am very upset, and would like Chase to fix this. I've since called Chase in NYC and filed a formal complaint against Kathy, but also in researching I found several complaints filed via Chase/Consumer protection etc against Kathy. I think Chase needs to do something here not only for me, but for the rest of their clients as I think Kathy is ruining this bank's reputation in the tight community I reside in. Prescott is all about word of mouth, and everyone knows everyone, and now bringing this up to friends and colleagues I've heard more dissatisfied customer service stories about Kathy. I also found her on LinkedIn and saw that she used to manage a Victoria's Secret... I think that is more Kathy's caliber rather than Chase Bank. Kathy is rude, unprofessional and Chase should send her to a customer service seminar if they plan on keeping her around. My fiancé has his business accounts with Chase, and is a very successful custom home builder, my parents bank at Chase, and my grandparents. They will all leave Chase Bank if this is how Chase (KATHY) is going to be treating me!! Please fix this!!! I have waited long enough, to now be put off by Kathy!!

Feb 6, 2019

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