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My main account number is [protected]. I have other accounts and I have a Southwest Visa card. I charge items on the Visa card for different companies I own. This month there are two charges to be paid by those companies. One is for about $600 (Visionworks, if you are looking) and the other is for about $3000 (PG&E). The latter charge is incurred each month for utilities for a building I own, and I pay it each month by transferring from the building's LLC account to the credit card. Here is the problem. The $3, 000 obligation from the LLC which owns the building exceeds the total owed on the credit card. Your web site won't allow me to transfer more than the balance due on the card. That is new. There was no such problem last month or earlier. I called Customer Service--waste of time. I pointed out to the agent that I can mail a check and you will accept it. What else can you do with it? She gave me no help. I'd like Mr. Dimon to be advised that your bank has now begun to refuse payment from customers, forcing me to use other credit cards. I will be putting this month's PG&E bill on Amex. Amex thanks you. Southwest and Visa not so much. Clifford Herbstman [protected]

Jun 11, 2018

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