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Had six charges of unauthorized activity and as soon as I noticed them, notified the bank and explained that I did not make the charges. Was told by their debit card resolution department (which is in the Manilla, Philippines) that I had to prove I didn't make the transactions. How the heck do you prove you didn't make the transactions if you didn't in the first place. Both the claims representative and her supervisor were rude and argumentative. When I called their regular customer service department he told me they were in the Philippines as well. So I called a local branch who told me there wasn't much they could do. The six unauthroized transactions caused six overdraft fees as well.

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  • Wh
      Sep 23, 2010

    This does not make sense. If you didn't make the transactions then why would you be responsible? You just have to tell them you would like to do a fraud claim. I am sure they did not say prove it, unless the debit card was used with a pin number. They can tell if it was keyed in or swiped and if a pin was used.

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  • Sw
      Jan 29, 2011

    Someone managed to skim or copy my card and did $1400 in small transactions over 2 months. Mostly at a local Chase Bank atm and a few at grocery stores and drug stores within a 4 block area of my home. Mostly late evening and middle of the night. And one while I was actually at the bank having my cards canceled. Chase refuses to refund me a single penny because I have used those stores before. I've lived here for 3 damn years, of course I've used them. Their fraud dept even emailed me a security camera picture of a man I've never seen, that looks nothing like me, using a card at their atm, withdrawing $60 from my account after midnight. I was at home, in bed, with my card in my wallet. I took that picture to my local branch and they still refuse to help me. ### Chase Bank. ###ing theives.

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