Chase Bank / compromise of pin number & credit card

East 38th street, Indianapolis, IN, United States

I judy a poston have, talk to David Howell about this matter however I do have a payee rep and how he wish to distribute my money is our personal decision I had ask attorney Dujuan L. Bouvean to start direct deposit before thankgiving 2011 and to no avail it took the week of February Chase Bank finally did our request.Mr. Dujuan Bouvean given me permisson to use my money or (card) since december my acct ending in 5550 had another acct ending in 3723 that was link to my 5550 which on the 3rd of december of 2012 my acct was compromise and I was in a litigation anfully favored by the Federal Judge in 2010. Someone knew my pin number and had much credit card also my rep knew nothing of my lawsuit, is Attorney Patrick Mulvany in I ndiapolis indiana

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