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United States

I deposit my State of California check every pay day in the ATM, the bank makes some funds available same day but it's not an issue. As long as you deposit by 5pm your full deposit is ready the next day. I have been doing this for 3 years, every month like clockwork. Today was Thursday June 30, 2011 the State issued checks are dated July 1, 2011. I went and deposited my check in the ATM at 9:30am as usual and it lets me review the check and accept. Immedatley on the screen pops up "THESE FUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO HOLD", I had never seen this message before but what was more disturbing was when it printed out the reciept and it said funds not available until July 5, 2011. Mind you July 4th is a holiday for EVERYONE. I immedatley panicked of course and got on the phone to ask them to remove the hold, thinking this had to be a glitch, how could there be a hold when i do the same thing every month, after 3 transfers and being hung on 3 times, i finally asked for the direct line to loss prevention which is where they were sending me. Loss prevention!? HUH WHAT?!?! WHY??? When i finally get thru they ask me a number of questions, how much did you deposit, when was your last's like hello i know you have it up on your screen! So i tell them i need the hold off by Friday morning and she tells me...well we were not trasmitted an image of the check. and i said AND? what does that have to do with me? I don't maintain your ATM's, it showed me the image and asked me if i accept! So what you are telling me is my funds are on hold until your system [censored]s out a picture of the check i deposited? Had i had not been at work i think i would have gotten a bit more upset, i told her that was not acceptable to make customers pay for THEIR error, how bout a warning on ATM's? "use at own risk a picture of your check may not transmit to us because our system is fickle and you will have to pay the consequences of not having access to you money for 4 to 5 days." basically she said funds would be available Friday at 12 midnight, which is still not ok, they needed to be available next day. I was to frustrated and annoyed to stay on the phone any longer or argue with someone who really had no control over the situation at hand. Her suggestion was for ME to call THEM back in the morning to see if MY check had finally transmitted an image to them...ITS YOUR SYESTEM WHY IS THIS MY BURDEN NOW!? My words is to just be careful, it could happen to you, i guess i got in a comfort zone, same check, same atm, same deposit ritual and bam one day, they slap a hold on it.


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