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Chase Bank / rude and incompetent criminals!

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The reason why Chase is called Chase is because they will chase you down all hours of the day and night for their usury interest rates and your hard earned money.

They are pushy, especially at the Batavia, IL. downtown branch. They treat people like criminals, constantly try and pimp their high interest products. Chase has horrid customer service. We've seen people come in to Chase almost every time and throw a fit because of the bad service.

The only reason we go is that my husband owns a business and unfortunately, some people write banks from Chase so we take them to the home bank to avoid bounces. It's almost not worth it.

If you are in Batavia, IL. avoid the fat guy, the big lazy donut eater. He likes to preach policy and is very distressed with his own life. I would be too if I had to work for the devil, aka Chase. No bank is good but this one in particular stinks.

Chase is too big for their own good. I can't wait until they are bought out and the customer service losers owe money to other companies and lose their paychecks. Psych--gotcha. What comes around, goes around.

Chase is a rotten bank. Do not promote their credit cards, accounts or any product related. Go anywhere but there. Even TCF is better on service than Chase and that does not say much.

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  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    If you think you have a line of credit... think again. They just took my entire line away... for no reason and just because they are demons from hell. That big fat big must need another billion dollar xmas bonus. They are ### and I will be happy to see them fail and have to pay back all they have stolen from the public. Thank you all of the wonderful folks in DC.

  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Chase should be tried for treason. They suck the lbood out of ordinary Americans. They're children will be cursed by God.

  • Sa
      8th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I hate Chase soooo much! The only reason why I keep an account with them is because my kind grandfather transfers me $70 a month for gas. I have an account with Bank of America now, and I love it. I just didn't want to tell my grandpa to start sending it to my new account, it's kind of rude, ya know? Are credit unions better than banks tho? I ended up making some transactions and I could have sworn I didn't go over my 70 dollars, and sure enough they throw on like 3 overdraft fees! Ridiculous! I have only had like 2 overdraft fees at BOA - and I don't write my ### down either. Chase charges the most I think for overdraft fees. Sometimes, I believe that they take small amounts out of your account without you even knowing, I wouldn't doubt it! Especially on those accounts where ppl get penalized a lot, they probably don't think anyone will notice. And if your account happens to stay negative for 12 consecutive days they throw on another $14 - I had to find that out the hard way! I was like, I can't pay you because you've taken ALL I had, then I of course had to wait to deposit more money for them to just SUCK away from me and I got penalized for that!! Geez!! There have got to be some big pigs living the good life on their yachts in Malibu or the French Riviera from every meesly dollar they take from the American ppl who have to break their backs to make a hard-earned pay! From now on, I just plan on withdrawing everything from my account each month, screw those ###! And thir commercials are FULL of deception, "I'm free to do what I want, any ol time!" pffffft whatever, more like, "I'm free to get screwed up the butt, any ol time!!"

  • Cl
      25th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Wells Fargo has gone the customer treatment route of Chase. Same reason keeping business account.Investing elsewhere, no bankds

  • Ji
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had TWO Credit Cards with WaMu and they sold out to Chase. Chase sent out letters saying nothing would change and they would be sending out Chase Credit Cards to replace the WaMu Cards. Last month may interest rate was the same and a doubled the payment as I most alway do, if not more. I received a Letter from Chase and it said the letters they had sent out before were in error. My interest rate APR was going-up to 29.99%. I e-mailed them and called them and told them NO-WAY, I was not with Chase, I have no Chase Credit cards, and DID NOT want any Chase Credit cards. I had paid On-line $75.00 on like a $32.00 payment at 18.99% APR. I get my paper Bill in a couple days ago, and they had charged me 29.99% APR, not the 18.99% APR. That is stealing and FRAUD. I just sent them $1.00 on a $35.00 payment, and told them that is all I would pay them a $1.00 or $5.00 on each card every month. it made no difference about Credit anymore anyway, so I'll run up a TRILLION Dollars in Interest and late fees, nothing they can do as long as I pay them something. I can always get a Private Number and a Restraining Order against them if they start bugging me on the Phone or have those from Home Collection Agents do it. Find their Homes and nail their doors shut with them in them, I guess. But if EVEYONE who do this, the New order World Chase would have to sell out to the Rothchilds for pennies on the Dollar and go Broke, like is buying out and doing to others. My opinion, Chase is TRAITORS to the American People and wants to you and yours. Write your US Reps. and tell them you not going to stand for it from Chase or anyone else. Chase is only one of the TEN biggest World Money Holders, they are far from being the biggest and they don't own America or it's People.

  • Th
      16th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Like many others my Chase credit card payment was increased from 2% to 5% in August. It went from about $358 to $950, which is higher than my monthly income. When I called to complain they said it was not negotiable. I told them they are going to be the most hated bank in America and that it was a stupid business decision. Called again and asked about the "hardship" number I had heard about. Was told there is no hardship dept. and she offered the number of a credit counseling service and said that I would be required to close my account. I talked to the "idiot" there and he told me that I would have to pay them $20-50 per month (no doubt 50) and that they would "try" to negotiate with Chase for "possibly even" a 6% rate. I would also be required to close ALL my credit card accounts with ALL other companies! I told him that my interest rate is lower than that now and my other accounts should not be involved because they are not the problem. He said "yeah but if you don't your payment will be sky high"..

    Your credit score will go down if you close your Chase account. Can you imagine the impact on your credit score of having to close 15 other accounts in addition to Chase? Most of us are forced to have numerous store cards in order to get the special deals. Closing every account you have and letting some punk "manage" your finances for you when you were doing just fine all your life and had excellent credit all your life -until Chase raised their payment to an amount they already knew you wouldn't be able to afford in order to "blackmail" you into accepting a higher interest rate. Don't believe that it won't damage your credit. The mere act of closing accounts damages your credit. Also they will report that you are in "financial counseling" which makes it look like you can't manage your finances.

    I've read other posts where they offered to let some customers' minimum payment go back to 2% if they would agree to let them raise their interest rate from 2.99-4.99 to 7.99 for a year and then it would go to the default rate (sky high). This on a rate that was suppose to be locked in for the life of the loan (" until paid). These were not credit card charges that were run up these were those balance transfer checks (loans) that they wanted y0u to use to pay off your other bills, take a vacation, etc. All of us that they have done this to have excellent credit and a flawless payment history - but they want to get rid of us because they aren't making enough money. So for those who didn't go along with the rake hike they were offered a "debt liquidation" . Of course first order of business is closing their Chase card. Then they had to give personal information such as income, other bills, etc. They would get a 5 year payment plan at a fixed 2% or 6% rate. (The payment would stay the same (not go down each month as the balance goes down). (Sounds to me like exactly what they do in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.) I just read on another blog where someone did this and her credit score went from 780 to about 657 just for closing the chase account and enrolling in that program. And the company doing the debt liquidation told her to check her credit report in about 5 months because if would be reported that she was in a"hardship" plan that was helping her because she couldn't pay the minimum payment. (Failing to mention of course that it was because they had just raised it to 5%.) Clearly Chase is on a mission to destroy people's credit. Why I'm not sure, maybe they are starting two other businesses on the side and they really own the debt liquidation company and credit counseling service. By creating a crisis situation for people it gives them immediate new customers to start out with.

    However I wasn't offered either one of those deals. I was told there was no opt out and it was non negotiable. I was only given the number of the (useless) credit counseling service. A few days later I got my bill from Sears. The promotional period for PART of my balance was over (the rest was permanent) and guess what - they raised my regular APR from 7.99 like it had been for years to 21.24 on "that part". My bill was over $100 higher and it was all interest. I called and told them that this was a rate for someone with bad credit and that they have now made it impossible for it to ever be paid off. In addition they were going to raise the rate (again) to 25.9% in just a few days (and I had just gotten the notice)> I was able to "opt out" of that but not the 21.4%)

    Between Chase raising the minimum payment to a ridiculous amount and then Sears raising the interest to a ridiculous amount (with no fault on my part at all as I have never missed or been late on a payment in my life) my only option now is bankruptcy. But I am going to make sure all that my bills are paid up and current right up until the second it is filed. That way I will go from a lifetime of excellent credit straight to Chapter 7. Thanks Chase!

  • An
      28th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went through credit counseling back in Jan 09 for all my credit cards, 1 of which was Chase. I now just have the auto loan and I can't wait to rid it. If I had an extra 7k I'd rid it tomorrow. I WILL NOT settle the Chase card until they lose money. They're rude, lack any customer service, and charge you for every penny you own. I will never deal with Chase again. Maybe only to cash the occasional checks from distant family members, but never again for a monthly reoccurring loan. They've lost my business and I hope they fold under for all I care!

  • So
      19th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have had the same rotten experience with Chase. I made a payment to my mortgage account in November, 2009 which they failed to credit me for. They have ruined my credit and on top of it all they have harassed me day and night for a payment that was made, what is even worse is that I have made several calls to them and as always, no one knows anything, wrong department, let me transfer you and then hang up are the normal rules of their business. I managed to get a number from a kind soul who finally seemed to know his job description and requested an account review. I sent them all the proof from my bank regarding said payment since it was electronically sent from my bank to them and an explanation of what had transpired during the course of the complaint. To date, more than a month and a half later, there is still no correction being made. We are talking four months after payment has been sent. What a poor excuse of a company. If anyone is going through something similar, please let me know as I am very ready to seek legal advice on this matter. They have no regard as to business etiquette. Nor do they care, I will never, ever, ever if I can help it do business with this bank ever again.

  • Sb
      31st of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I had exactly the same issue with chase. They ruined my credit even though I have 2 different mortgages with them and always paid on time except for once last year and that one was only a month late. The debt department continued to hassle me even after it was all cleared up. I am not able to get a credit card even though my credit score is 720 because of that one ding on my credit that they won't take off.
    I am now having to short sell those 2 homes that I have mortgages on with them and they are relentlessly hassling me once again all day every day.
    They are evil in the way they do business and make me feel like a criminal. I have a lawyer handling my short sells because they are so disgusting.
    I found out that JP Morgan Chase basically owns BP because it's owned by it's shareholders and Chase owns the most shares in BP. Pretty incredible that is kept secret.
    I would love to see Chase go down. Maybe if everyone who they treat like dirt sued them, then something beautiful could happen.

  • Pe
      31st of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Chase Bank make money on poor people High Fee Petar-Never again chase consumer

  • An
      27th of Nov, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I tried to work with chase bank on my home loan but I feel because it's VA backed, they will take that money and buy the house themselves and sell it to one of their chosen slum lords for a profit. Never once has Chase returned my calls, instead I have phone call after phone call from collection people from another country who don't give a flying flip about me or my family just when can I pay? The people calling can not make any arrangements except for what money are you going to pay? They are rude and uneducated. Chase has never called me after 7 years of paying them on time...I went to the local Chase bank and they wouldn't talk to me they referred me to the 800 collection number...screw them!!! If the government wants to keep giving them the VA, Fannie and Freddie money so be it! They have fooled our government out of money once again!

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