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Charter Communications / bad business practices

1 United States

Last month (November), I relocated my place of residence. I called Charter Communications to cancel my service. The only equipment I had belonging to Charter was a cable modem used for internet service. I informed the rep. of this, only to be told that all billing will stop when I go to the nearest office and turn in the modem. I was also told that this is the only way that I could stop my services, and that the nearest office was 45 minutes away. Needless to say, I did not make it to the office to disconnect my service.

After my move, I called and spoke to another rep. who informed me that the service tech. would have PICKED UP the modem from my home on the scheduled day of disconnection. She then told me what day the services would stop, and gave me information regarding the credit which Charter owed me...which was 9.52 .

Several days passed, and I called back and spoke to ANOTHER representative. This time the guy told me that I could purchase the modem, which could be used with other providers, over the phone with no hassle. I obtained the necessary information from him to mail the modem back if I chose to do so.

Several days later, I received a notice in the mail from Charter threatening me with legal action if I did not turn in the modem. I then called in and spoke to another rep. who told that me I COULD NOT purchase the modem over the phone, and that I would have to wait for the bill to come through the mail. So I waited...nothing came except ANOTHER threatening letter.

I called back and spoke to yet another rep., who refused to do ANYTHING with my account. He said that I had set up a "pin" number, and that I had to recite this before continuing. I told him that I had NEVER been asked for a pin, nor did I ever set up one. I gave him a few choice words, and hung up. This was inappropriate, but I had reached my limit.

I calmed down, and called back. I pretended that I had not talked to anyone about my payment options, and told him that I wanted to pay for the modem. There was no problem. I told him that I had a Visa check card, and I proceeded to give him the number. Then he asked for my routing number. Routing Number? I was using a CHECK CARD. I was starting to get hot again, but kept my cool. He had no idea what I was talking about, so I just told him it was a credit card. Then he was able to process it, and (without too much confusion) processed my payment.

I don't know what the problem is...maybe a language barrier, or cultural differences...but it is ALL EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.


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