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Charter Communications Billing Dept. / language barrier / billing problems

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On 7/2/07 I called charters billing department to make a 62.12 payment. From the beginning of the conversation it was a language barrier which caused me to repeat my checking account info a total of 15 times because she could not understand me. Then finally when the transaction went through I aske for my remaining balance was and was told an alarming 175.62 figure which was alarming to me so I asked for a break down. To make a long story short the agent asked me to repeat my banking info once again and I thought it was her double checking her self for accuracy and come to find out she put through another payment for 175.62 when I simply asked for a breakdown. I asked to speak with a supervisor and when she came on the phone it went from bad to worst. When I asked her to reverse the payment because her agent was incorrect in processing the payment in so many words she told me to deal with it. When I reminded her that this conversation was being recorded she suddenly got a case of the niceness and offered a 20.00 credit for what my bank was going to charge me for the stop payment of the illegal transaction. Charter communications has been around for years and I would hate to think just becuase they would like to save a few dollars by moving their call centers to countries that will work for cheaper wages would sacrifice their reputation and professionalism. I was very disappointed with the ignorance, lack of communication skills and ability for these agents that live in a different countries ability to serve the customers of the united states. I know first hand about language barriers due to the fact I am a naturalized citizen myself, but I took the time and responsibility as a contributing citizen of this country to learn the primary tongue in order to function effectivley and efficiently.

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  • Ap
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    What you're saying it's not completely true. It is true that tey try to reduce cost by using the outsoursing services...but, not all the agents are not educated or not willing to help.

    Usually the issue is that us (yes, i do work for charter, I'm overseas on Panamá) the agents, have to handle aprox. 60 customers per day, and... a 95% of these customers are angry... imagine a work where your boss, the bossess of your boss, all the customers and some other pseudo bosses will be pushing you... it's not that easy as the customer thinks.

    Most of the time, we, the agents are explaining things in a comprehensive way for the customer...then, what happens? Mr./Ms. Customer doesn't want to understand what you're saying...Why?...because Mr./Ms. Customer wants to have the all tier package + 10 megs of high speed internet + phone service and just pay like 10.00$...and simply will not take as a valid explanation that the regular price of a package like that will be like 155.00$

    Another funny fact here...sometimes (yes not always...but it happens) customers doesn't even know how to speak whith their own language... and we as people with english as a foreign language, have to correct them.

    Now, don't take it in the wrong way, i'm perfectly aware that we, agents overseas, usually won't have the most crystal clear accent, most of the people on United States hate us...but at least, some of us try to help. Honestly, if you generalize lot of people that just want to do their job will be included in there... and I don't think it's fair.

  • Ki
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    i recieved a automated call trying to sell me a DISH NETWORK in my area. i proceded to press the key connecting me with a live it goes BRIAN kfrom colorado answers, i asked him to take me off the calling list.................being i am a single mother of 3 and putting 2 through college at A&M in college station texas. no problem for BRYON in COLORADO laughs and need a reason why. it is none of your conern i say, lol oh but i need to know why he says. intruding on my privacy i come to the conclusion I WILL NEVER GET SATILITE DISH and will inform my parents and all the friend i know to DICONECT. learn a little class and respect you as an emplyer hire these disrespecful ###s. get a clue we are from a small town in texas from a very large rancing family, this smart ### brian has made my mind up and now will others. DO NOT USE THIS NETWORK. hope you get your act together. kim

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