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Charter Communication / the worst service ever

1 Pasadena, CA, United States

In over 22 days, I have not had all three of my services, internet, telephone, television (cable), working at one time in a single day!
I have had 8 service calls, 12 technicians, over 25 calls to the company, and two 4 hour scheduled appointments, where the technicians didn't even show up!
I repeatedly get a message stating that the line are being subject to too much traffic at a given time for both my local and long distance calls. The 3 way calling has a long 20 second lapse time and when it does connect finally, it disconnects when the first party is brought on the line or the call just never goes through.
It took all 8 service calls before my TV's were programmed to receive a less than fuzzy to completely unrecognizable pictures on my LOCAL TV stations and now I still have one set that doesn't function properly, although I have never had a single issue with it when I was in an area using another local cable service.
I have lost over 36 hours of time now, with this stupid company and when I called to refute the $240+ first bill, they actually said they would have to take time to determine whether or not they would waive the first months fees! The internet has not been bad, other than the fact that it took about 4 1/2 hours to finally get a technician who knew how to help me get my emailing straight, since unlike other cable companies, the first technician said they would not be able to help me with their service connecting to Outlook Express. The third representative, was finally able to help.
I have found that all of the technicians and customer service telephone support people have been extremely nice, with the exception of one. But nice doesn't cut it when the serice sucks!
The inconvenience and loss of time has been extremely costly!
And their technicians are given less than a sentence worth of history on the account every single time they show up at your doorstep. The first question out of their mouths is..."so what's the problem". I clearly wanted to choke the poor guys! But he showed me the text information they are given and it is ridiculously
void of the issues.
I was forced to get charter for my cable because I moved to a new area. Now, as I sit waiting to see if my phone will be up and working for the third day in a row, I am probably going to be forced to remove at least the phone and cable services. The internet is seemingly doing alright.
Nightmare in Pasadena, CA

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