Champion Windows / lying on contractual agreement and ordering items


My mother-in-law died in March of 2012. My wife is the executrix of the estate with her brother and my wife as the heirs of the estate. We began getting things repaired on a large sun room that my parents-in-law built under the estate. Orders for two windows allegedly still covered by the lifetime warranty were incomplete and one of the two windows took 8 months to get. They installed the first window finally (late by some months) at no expense but this second window which we were told was also still under warranty now is allegedly not under warranty and it is not their fault. I have found out that this is not an unusual practice.
We had planned to use them to enclosed a downstairs and an upstairs deck/patio areas at our own home; but with the lies and horrible mismanagement, we will definitely not use them. My brother-in-law who is a nationwide architect is ready to notify other architects of their unprofessional behavior. We are going to file a complaint with our state attorney general within the month.

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