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Certegy Check Services / bad company!

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I pay by check just for almost anything I purchase on the outside. Last month I went to my local Best Buy Electronics store as I was in the market for a new Laptop computer. The purchase price was well over $2000.00 and when I went to pay for it I asked if I could pay by personal check and I was informed Yes, and I had to produce my valid Drivers License. My check was accepted and I purchased was made. Now, about 3 weeks later, I returned to Best Buy to purchase some accessories for the Laptop I purchased from them an that about totaled $500.00. Now, I want to you to keep in mind, the original check I wrote for over $2000.00 had cleared and I also happen to have in my briefcase my bank statement and canceled checks. When I went to pay for the additional items that I wanted for my Laptop, my check was declined. I asked the salesperson what the problem or issue was and there answer was, we do not know and we can't assist you as this is controlled from a company called Certegy check acceptance. Well, prior to leaving the store, I asked and demanded a telephone number for this Certegy check outfit and was provided one and proceeded to call them and find out what the issue or problem was and I was told after looking on there system, after giving my valid information, that there was no problem at all and my name and reputation was spotless. So, I asked, why was my check declined...? The answer I was given is that the computer system decides whether to accept a check or not. Folks, all I can say is that stay far away from Certegy check services and Best Buy as that is the company they use. In closing, I was very embarrassed to say the least, and most of all Best Buy will never get a penny of my hard earned money ever again. Good Luck to you all.

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  13th of Dec, 2007
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I have never heard fo this company before until tonight when I wrote a check at Walgreens and it was denied from Certegy Check Services. The check was only for a little over $40 and I have never written a bad check before nor have I had a check decline before even the ones that are done electronically like Walmart. I was very embarrassed and will be transferring my prescriptions from Walgreens to another pharmacy.

  17th of Mar, 2008
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This weekend I went to Marshalls and Sears and they both denied my checks; I I had plenty of money to pay these checks. I was so embarassed and even my mother started to worry about me. I reassured her that I had plenty of money. Then I started to get worry that maybe someone had hacked into my account. This is exactly when I started to pay with checks because I have been hacked already 3 times. So after leaving the 2nd denial store, I called CERTGY and they could not give me an exact answer but told me to call my bank. I called my bank and they said they had no marks against me and there should be no reason why I could not write a check. I think this is their way of forcing us to go to a cashless society.

  17th of May, 2008
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I was so mad when this happend to me, if i was any where near Tampa I think I would have personaly paid CERTEGY a visit and complaint to them one on one. WE MUST COMPLAINT TO THESE MERCHANTS ENOUGH THAT THEY CHANGE TO TELE CHECK OR any other company besides certegy.I must really DO SOMETHING CAUSE IF IT HAPPENDS AGAIN I MAY...we need to do something KNOW !!! maybe every time I enter a retail store I will go to costomer service counter and ask If they use them...if they say yes then I will have to leave and NOT SHOP there...I just refuse to deal with them anymore!!!

  18th of Mar, 2009
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I had my purse stolen on 12/23/09, the person wrote almost $5, 000 worth of checks from my acct. I faxed a police report and affadavit of forgery in Jan (1/23) and again 3/9/09. Every rep I speak to gives me a different answer and assures me it will be resolved by the next day, when you call 2 days later, it still isn't resolved. Their "supervisors" have spoken over me, been rude and unhelpful. I have now called Staples Corporate# and they have an escalated number at Certegy they can contact and I am patiently awaiting their return call.This also could have been completely avoided had Staples simply looked at my identification. From Surveillance at Target, the person is african american and I am not, very simple... By the way the Staples store on Preston Hwy. in Louisville, KY. has no surveillance video or cameras ?!?!?!!? What idiots.The 3 checks written at Staples were written 3 minutes apart.

Ok just got the return call from Staples, now their "escalated manager" at Certegy sees nothing wrong with me writing a check other than it is a new account. States that they would have never blocked my id???!!! Their own supervisor told me my id was blocked?!?!?!? Now we are trying to get a 3 way call, because I am tired of playing their games and getting different answers with every different rep I get.

  2nd of Apr, 2009
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I'm mad as heck also...I was shopping at a Publix grocery store and they denied a check that I had written...I've been shopping there for over 20 years nad they couldn't give me a reason as to why my check wouldn't clear, but to call Certegy...I called them and they said that they didn't have any answers either and they referred me to a company called Early Warning Systems...They said that there is nothing wrong with my account, which by the way, I had no idea that they had information about, and I was free to write checks...Who in the world is this company and when in the heck did some company other than my bank, begin secretly monitoring my banking habits without my knowledge? I have two points of thought: 1. We were huniliated in front of a group of people at the store when I had to leave a buggy full of grocerys there, return home, get my debit card, and return to pay for them and 2. If this compnay has all of my information and is making decisions on whether or not to allow me to cash a check, why can't they provide any information about the reason they denied the check in the first place?

  30th of Jul, 2009
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We also got the shaft by Certegy. We live in a rural area and have to travel 100 miles to get to the nearest home depot. We are in the middle of a major remodel and as we have no roof, getting the materials was essential. My husband drove a large gas guzzling truck 100 miles to pick up materials and when he got there his check was declined. Home Depot gave him a card with the Certegy info on it so he came home thinking there was something wrong with a substantial account, nope, they just stated that it fit a "random" pattern and so it was declined our account and the check were fine have a nice day. Is Certegy going to pay for the extra gas or the down time. Their representative (if you continue hitting 0 you will eventually get a live person) told me that it had been for my own good. No they had not called the bank to verify funds, this was at their discretion and I should be happy they were looking out for my best interests. Playing God with my time and money hardly seem to be in my best interest!

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