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Certegy / loss of sensitive information!

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I received a letter from Certegy claiming that very sensitive and personal information has been lost. This includes my bank account information. Is there a class action suit on this yet as I am not alone? What can be done to protect my information?

People beware!!!

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  • Ki
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    I'm glad I found this website..very insightful. I too got a letter this month and am wondering if I'm going to have issues with my bank in the future. After having a dealing with ever private card services it seems as though I would need to change my bank account to be protected. I don't want to lose the years with the bank as far as the length of time I've been there by having to change the account number. I'll have to see about it.

  • La
      31st of Jul, 2007
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    I received a letter from Certegy yesterday. I too am a victim of identity theft.

  • Te
      7th of Aug, 2007
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    You can file a complaint about Certegy at
    and also file a complaint about Certegy with the Florida attorney general's office at:

  • An
      9th of Aug, 2007
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    Here's a link to a possible class action lawsuit:

  • An
      14th of Aug, 2007
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    Find out what info Certegy has on file about you:

    UNITED STATES - Consumers - Certegy Check Services
    Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ("FACT") Disclosure Request Instructions

    How to Request Your Free Annual File Disclosure from Certegy Check Services:

    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, usually referred to as the FACT Act, gives consumers the ability to request a free copy of their file from any consumer reporting agency once during any 12-month period. Certegy Check Services is a “specialty consumer reporting agency” under the FACT Act and maintains a toll-free telephone number for consumers to request a copy of their file.

    To request a copy of your file, you can call our special toll-free number 24 hours a day. The toll-free number to request a copy of your file from Certegy Check Services is 866-543-6315. This is an automated system and you will be asked to enter your drivers license or state ID number, date of birth, checking account number, and zip code using the keypad on your touch-tone telephone.

    Please note: Before calling Certegy to request a copy of your file, have your check and drivers license or state ID card in front of you. Since drivers licenses and state ID’s may include letters as well as numbers, the automated telephone instructions will ask you to “convert” any letter to a number. For your convenience, these instructions are also presented here:

    * First press the “#” key on your telephone keypad - this tells the automated system that the next entry will be a letter.
    * Then, press the key on your telephone keypad that contains the letter you want to enter.
    * Since there are several letters on each key, you will then need to tell us which specific letter appears on your license by entering that letter’s position on that key.

    For example, if your license number contains the letter “K”, you would first press “#” , telling the system that you are going to enter a letter, followed by pressing “5” since that is where the letter “K” appears on the keypad. Then, you would press “2” since the letter “K” is the second letter on that key. This is illustrated below:

    If we cannot validate your identity over the telephone from the information you give us, you will be asked to mail your request.

    Also, if you prefer, you may mail your file request to Certegy rather than using the automated telephone system. If you write to Certegy to request your free annual file disclosure, you will need to include a copy of your drivers license, a voided check, and a tax or utility bill to verify that you are entitled to the information that you are requesting. Send the request for your file disclosure to::

    Certegy Check Services
    P.O. Box 30296
    Tampa, Fl. 33630-3296

  • An
      16th of Aug, 2007
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    Girard Gibbs LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Certegy
    Wednesday August 15, 8:02 pm ET.

    SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The law firm of Girard Gibbs LLP ( has filed a class action complaint on behalf of approximately 8.5 million consumers nationwide whose financial and personal data was stolen by an employee of Certegy Check Services, Inc. and Fidelity National Information Services, Inc (NYSE:FIS - News) and released to unauthorized third parties. The complaint alleges that a senior database administrator misappropriated the confidential information of millions of consumers and then sold the data to direct marketing firms and data brokers who may have resold it to others.


    "Certegy and FIS had a duty to safeguard the confidential data of consumers from any breach, including that of their employees. Once the internal breach became known, it should have been communicated to the public in a timely and adequate manner," said Eric Gibbs, one of the attorneys for the plaintiff. "The failure by these companies to make the internal data breach immediately known exposed consumers to direct marketing campaigns and the risk of unauthorized use of their bank accounts and identity theft."

    The case was brought by a Los Angeles, California resident who, prior to the public announcement by Certegy and FIS of the data breach, started noticing an influx of direct marketing and promotional offers as well as phone calls to his home. After subsequently receiving a letter from Certegy informing him that his personal data may have been compromised by one of its employees, the plaintiff engaged a credit monitoring service.

    Certegy and FIS merged in January of 2006. Certegy provides check-verification services to major U.S. retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond and Due to the nature of the services provided by Certegy and FIS, and their undisclosed role in financial transactions, consumers do not choose to use the services of these companies but rather are forced to do so.

    The complaint alleges that Certegy and FIS failed to implement and maintain adequate security measures to protect consumers' confidential financial and personal information. Their failure to properly monitor and supervise their employee subjected consumers to risk of data theft and other fraudulent actions.

    The class action lawsuit was filed in federal district court for the Central District of California on August 14, 2007. It asserts claims of negligence, invasion of privacy and breach of implied contract.

    Girard Gibbs LLP is one of the nation's leading firms in prosecuting class actions and other lawsuits involving consumer fraud. For more information about this case, please contact Girard Gibbs LLP toll-free at (866) 981-4800 or through our website


    Girard Gibbs LLP
    Eric Gibbs, 415.981.4800

  • Rh
      25th of May, 2008
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    I went into your Sears Outlet Store today, 05/25/08 and tried to purchase a Refrigerator & dishwasher - total amount 2129.23. The check was declined when I asked why I was given a card and told to call the company Ctergy. I called the company and spoke with a representative . She informed that it had nothing to due to with the amount in my bank account but rather the activity on the checking account??? Also, that it was this company (Ctergy) responsiblility to protect Sears from FRAUD! I am having a home built and the checking account was a "construction" loan account. This account is what I use to pay vendors or contractors for my home that's being built. Therefore you will see increased activity on this checking account . You can not imagine the embarrassment and disgust that I am feeling at this time. I am upset and I am looking for some type of response from Sears. I have been a Sears credit card customer in the pass and had an excellent history with you all. Most purchases that I have made since cancelling my credit card account is cash. By the way they did make me an offer to purchase with a CREDIT CARD! I don't understand that if you are trying to protect the company from FRAUD why would you accept my credit card vs. cash??? I called back and spoke with a manager at Certergy and was told that if I completed a Certergy Gold Application that I would have a better chance. If I had a history of writing bad checks or bad credit I could understand, but NO I don't understand the decline.

  • Am
      7th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too was asked to complete a Certegy Gold application - they wanted all sorts of information, basically asking when I last went to the bathroom. I shredded the damn thing.

    Certegy won't let me write checks anywhere - they always tell me the checks are "not in my usual spending pattern."

    Let's hope that suit knocks them out of existence.

  • Ba
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    There should be some law to protect people from companies like Certrgy. I had a check situation with Certergy and the debt was paid. Certergy has put a block on any check writing priviledges to any company they deal with. Food World and Office Depot are also companies handled by Certergy. Certergy had a company to contact me and make a contractual agreement on their behalf. When my part of the contractual obligation was fulfilled, Certergy did not honor their contractual part as per their company represenative statement. I have statements where my contract with Certergy has been paid in full and they had another company contact me trying to get paid for an already fulfilled contract. Although I sent the company and Certergy information showing that the contract was paid in full, Certergy still has an alert out to all the companies they deal with not to honor any of my check because they claim that they have information that I owe a company called Trident money. I have never dealt with a company called Trident and have not gotten any correspondence from this company stating that I owe them any money. Could this company Trident be a benefactor of information from Certergy's negligence in handling personal financial information or be apart of Certergy's unscrupulous way of obtaining extra monies from contractal agreements made by companies on their behalf.

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