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Certegy / denied checks for no reason

1 United States

Upon going to Dunham's Sporting goods last night to make purchases for my son to begin the H.S. baseball season, I wrote a check for 105 and change. Check was denied...I was fired up instantly with embarrassment with other customers waiting in line behind me. Not to mention we frequent there often. Knowing I had 10X the amount in the bank than I had written the check for and have never bounced a check - I told the store I guess they will lose my business. So then I travel to Factory Brand Shoes to make my purchase there instead and low in behold they use certegy also and again my check for 73 and change is denied. Both stores give me a code 2 and tell me to call an 800 number. Factory Brand Shoes was kind enough to let me use their phone right then and there to try to find out what was going on. after 20 mins on hold and listening to automated crap I hung up and had to leave my purchase. 40 mile trip wasted. Came home called the 800 number back and waited and waited finally got someone on the phone and they tell me they have no negative info on my acct - well no ###! Told me it would be ok to write checks now and recommended that I fill out a gold member form - they tell me it is not going to cost me any fees and will prevent this from happening in the future...So today I left before the banks open, on my short lunch period with checkbook in hand go back to Factory Brand Shoes to get my purchase they so kindly held overnight for me...and they ask if I got the mess from the night before cleared up - I said yes they told me I was good to go! So I proceed to write a new check out and I'll be damned if CERTEGY didn't deny it again! I don't have credit cards and I don't play the lottery - I figure if I can't pay cash then I don't really need it - now I have a checking account to pay the bills and unexpected expenses and such when a bank is not open or I don't have immediate access to one - CERTEGY has no clue what they are doing - I think their computers just reject every check out there - When I asked who is going to reimburse me for the 3 trips I had to make to make one purchase the response I got was you could fill out a gold member form to prevent this from happening in the future...totally avoided the fact of all the wasted gas for 3 trips totaling 120 miles with no explanation and no negative activity once so ever...BAD BAD BAD Company - no apologies for the embarrassment for 2 days in a row either...I am ok with having checks certified by someone but come on this company just has no clue...


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