Centurylink Service / bad service to employee

United States

I was an Employee of Centurylink for 8 years and I changed my employment recently. When it comes to Former Employee services they are really really very poor. They don't act or respond to mail, no info on whom to contact for any issues. I have been waiting for my W2 since 2 months and no one is responding. I have sent around 40 - 50 mail to payroll and the contact I was given my Customer care and no Response from them. Its such a pain to get service from them.
I have several mail explaining my situation and the desperate need of my W2 and still no response.. They don't have hearts. Sometimes I feel that I am trying to get service from Stones..
I used hear the Complaints from Customers when I was employed at Centurylink and never thought it would be such a painful thing to get service from Centurylink. Centurylink Please feel the pain of customers and do the needful...

Mar 27, 2013

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