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The true story about qwest internet.
Pay attention closely and expect this from them.

1. Qwest will tell you it's a certain cost when you sign up, this includes an advertising price. It turns out to be $+++. ++ more than expected when the bill comes. True false advertisement. Isn't that illegal?

2. Billing is very confusing and filled with charges ranging from this to that. They even repeat some charges but it isn't calculated but instead shown to throw you further off. Basically their billing is tricky and filled with loopholes.

3. Speed 100% unguaranteed. Speed is nearly always barely 80% of the advertised speed. If it says 1.5 mb it's 940kbps. If its 7.0 mb it's 5.4 kbps. They than turn around telling you that you are a [censored] for expecting full advertised speed and they'll give you a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo about how they only guarantee 50-80% of the actual speed and the reasons are because of how far you are from civilization. Even if the box is 1 block away or right by your garage.

4. Qwest will try and sell you the lowest available speed to your ##. They will lie about availability and tell you it had jsut been upgraded. Then days later offer you a faster speed but now you have to submit to their 2 year contract to change your "offered good package".
You are now tied to a 2 year. Or lose your "offered good package" and pay higher price. Or you can just keep your 1.5 mb : (.

5. Free months? Maybe... They will tell you you get 3 months free. But instead you get charged full price until the 3 free months are calculated in months later. By then you have already paid full price for months and end up crediting/overpaying them for your own good.

6. Bad service. When their techs come to fix things they can't ever figure what's wrong with the lines and always end up drilling new holes everywhere for new outlets. Sometimes they make it worse! You end up paying for it. If its your house wires or anything near your house for that matter. Unless you pay for their guaranteed service plan where they fix things free everytime it's down at a monthly fee.

7. Dsl upload is never mentioned and you are led to thinking that they are as fast as cable. Truth is their upload speed is nearly 700 kbps and unreliable for video conferencing or becomes very laggy when you are connected to 4-5 other things and the upload becomes maxed. False advertisement again. They claim they are as fast as cable. Not uploadwise. Not even close.

8. Tech & reps stink. Qwest reps all have 2nd grade level education. They only ask you 4 things. Your name, your last 4 digit of social security #, how can I help you, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. That's all you can expect from their reps. And so you'll always have to wait days before you get a tech out or your problems solved which could take months later. It is as if the techs and the reps don't know what the hell dsl is all about. Could it be the modem? Your home phone line? The wall outlet? The wire going to the outside box? Basically you'll have to tech yourself.

Here's some tips to battle their stupidity.

1. Complain and threaten to quit and go to comcast. They will credit you 100+ for the stay. This speed things up and the techs fix things faster. It also people turns your internet speed up mysteriously.

2. Never sign up!!!
3. Quit if you have!!!

  • Ms
    MSStates Apr 27, 2010

    I have been fighting with qwest for nearly four months. I terminated there service within a week when the internet was not fast enough for my needs (4 months of fighting for a week or less of service, just doesn't seem right). I keep getting bills from them for past due service and an unreturned modem that was returned within the week. I have made at least 6 calls. They tell me to wait for a final bill or tell me the balance has been cleared up, once to the point of saying I will get a statment/letter stating the fact that it was cleared up. That was 3 weeks ago and all i got was a debt collector calling me and writing to me that I owe a debt. And my favorite part is how they protect their managers so you can't get a hold of one of them for up to 48 hours. If it is your mess up then you better be available to clean it up at my convience not yours.

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  • Ch
    chris in the 'couv Sep 04, 2010

    I noticed this month that my Qwest cable and internet bill each went up $10. I did not receive prior notification that these bills would be increasing. Trust for Qwest is now in question. I went shopping around for other ISPs and it seems that I'm being over-charged for what I'm getting. My current speed I'm getting from Qwest is 2.6Mb/s. This costs me $60 per month. Is the cost/speed ratio good?

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  • 70
    700citizen Mar 03, 2011

    Thank you.
    I deeply hate Qwest, if one can hate a company, I do.
    30 years being with them, no loyalty no attempt to better them selves.

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  • Ka
    karibo Mar 21, 2011

    I am still on hold after numerous attempts of trying to get a $5 per month charged removed after we purchased our internet modem about two years ago and they continue to charge us the rental fee. Last October I spent hours on the phone with them to only receive 3 months credited back. The charge is still there every month and I was just told that I would receive for this month but not prior month because it my responsibility to check my bill. I assumed when they said it was taken care of that Qwest would make sure its taken care of. At this point in my opinion I thinks its a scam and another way to get as much money as they can. I've been with Qwest for about 20 years and bundle all my services and now refuse to continue my services!!! I will be shopping for a company that provides service and that IS NOT QWEST!!!

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vacation offer scam / direct tv

received a postcard in the mail stating 8 day / 7 night "birthday" cruise. No company name or email address. Only a toll free number that can only be called monday - friday 9:30 am - 9:30pm, or
saturday 9:30 am to 2:30 pm ET.
I called to inquire the name of the company & tried to find out what they are selling. I spoke to "Monica", who only told me that they are
"LBV" travel in Manalapan, NJ. There is no such listing for a travel co.
in that town, by that name. I found a toll free info sight that shows it to be a company "Qwest" for direct TV & cable.
Toll Free Number Information for [protected]
Number Status: IN USE

Status Date: 10/30/08
Company: Qwest/LCI International
Contact Number: [protected]
Website: www.qwest.com
Description: Qwest provides voice, video and data services across America and the world.

customer service

Problem: July 27, 2009. Qwest customer service made an error by pulling a payment out of my savings account versus what was authorized (checking) which caused a domino effect of fees: Bank fee $25.00 return of check to Qwest for non-payment (as my bank does not except saving withdrawals), $25.00 Qwest Fee for non-payment of bill, inturrupted service of Qwest service for client, and numerous telephone calls and computer time utilized to track down error.
Results: Qwest did AGREE THEY MADE THE INTIAL ERROR of using the WRONG SUFFIX on the with drawal of funds from the bank, which caused the insuffencent funds fee from the bank to the client. In turn which brought forward the NSF notification on the Qwest Bill to client, and the inturrupted use of service for client.
Client request: Was logical to ask for Qwest to send a letter or fax to their bank (to which was required by bank) so they may be returned the $25 fee that was charged due to the mistake on Qwest action. Also remove all NSF fees from the Qwest bill.
Results: Client on that day paid with another CHECK insuring the Qwest customer service member placed correctly in to the system this time payment so bill was properly taken care of. Qwest REFUSED TO SEND FAX OR LETTER TO BANK, OR PROVIDE ANY REFUND IN THE AMOUNT OF $25 FOR THE CHARGE TO WHICH THEY MADE OCCUR from their error as they said IT WAS NOT THEIR FEE? They did state they would take off their NSF fee.
How big of them after being a client of theirs for 15 years, and paying my bill on time every month. I felt SOOOO SATISFIED with their customer service. Over all these years I over looked the 75 cent charges they charge on some call fee that we were NEVER MAKING as it was a hassle to get them to take care of it, and NOW THIS...
I AM SICK OF QWEST and their customer service. As a client we know if we do not pay our bill they turn the service OFF, but if they make a mistake we pay for it no matter what. I say drop them if you can.

online scam

Technician removed my password on e-mail and completely screwed up my e-mail after 1 1/2 hours on the phone he said I would have to have it fixed by Mac after he screwed it up. I asked politely to talk to his supervisor and he pet me on hold and no one came to my aid after another 1/2 hour on the phone.

tricky billing & lying offer

When I first ordered Internet. I was told there was only 1.+ meg available at my address. Upon completion 5 megs was available. The LYING offer part is where 5 MEGS is available right after you get 1.+ installed. So now I called and got it switched to 5.+ megs but now I see an offer for even HIGHER speeds.

Billing came. Now I was told it was about 60 a month. The bill said 125+. It gets even more tricky. The sells rep tells me they charge me 1 month ahead and that the real payment was 75$ but this is weird cause why does the paper say 125+? And what if I pay 75$ and next month is still I owed -125+. Next I am wondering how the next bill will be since they charge me 1 month ahead does that mean that the next bill is 0 or PRO rated in weird ways? Next issue is MODEM. They said I get to keep my modem but now they send me a NEW ONE and I am still being charged for my old one till they get it back.

I am all confused and well pretty disappointed QWEST runs their business this way. If I had so much money and didn't mind being misinformed or trickly billed I wouldn't be PO'd but I am jsut a single father raising 6 kids and this really sucks.

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Unsolicited phone calls

I keep getting phone calls from this company. My caller ID identifies them as "SUNROCKET DID" but a reverse...

ripped off

When I was trying to get internet service from Qwest I spoke to four different agents and each of them said that the previous agent was wrong and that the agent I was speaking with was correct. I got four different answers and none of them were correct.

I was told that I would get a modem sent to my new address and that I wouldn't need to be home. Then I was told that I needed to be home and that the installer would bring a modem with him. Then I was told that the last agent shouldn't have canceled my order and that I would have a modem sent to my home yet I would need to be there to sign for the package from UPS. UPS left one modem on my porch and another modem on the porch of my previous address and no one signed for either. An old neighbor called me and said there was a package from Qwest sitting on the porch for a few days. I recently had a stroke so I had a friend drive me there to pick it up. Both modems were not the correct one.

I called and spoke with a "Supervisor" who did finally send me the correct modem but told me that all I had to do was take the packages to a UPS store and tell them that I refused the shipment. I asked if I needed a return label and she assured me that I didn't. I had another friend drive me to two UPS stores (the only two in my town) and both told me that they do not accept packages to be returned.

I called again and was told that a UPS agent would come to my home between 10:00 and 2:00 to pick up the packages. Of course no one showed up and I called back that night at 9:30 pm and another "Supervisor" told me that UPS would still be there that night. Of course I knew that he was lying.

I called again and spoke with another "Supervisor" and was told that she would call me back which of course she still hasn't. I spoke to another "Supervisor" and was told that I had to wait on the phone while she contacted UPS. I explained that I was using a cell phone and was already over on minutes trying to talk to someone from Qwest and she refused to help me. I also had to stay home from work waiting for an installer who never showed up and a UPS guy who never showed up. I am out over $200 and I still have to pay overage fees to try to get this resolved.

Each agent and "Supervisor" told me that even though every mistake was Qwest's fault, I would be responsible to have the modems returned because I picked them up off of the porch even though I never signed for them. They told me that they would charge me for modems that I didn't want, didn't ask for and never signed for even though they won't let me return them. I feel like I'm on Candid Camera or in an Abbot & Costello routine. Why am I responsible for their mistakes that they won't take care of? They won't let me return them!

Of course they lied about the price and the commitment terms when I ordered it. While on hold for most of the time I keep hearing about Qwest's award winning spirit of service. I find that hard to believe. The mistakes made should not have happened and even after the first mistake one call should have gotten everything resolved. Qwest agents go through intensive training, so they say, yet they don't know what they are talking about nor how to do their job. Then they blame the customer for their mistakes. After all the mistakes they make they have the nerve to tell customers that they are locked into a commitment and will be charged for canceling their service. Amazing!

Save yourself some aggravation and spend a little extra for service from someone else. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Ka
    kandacehayes Jul 06, 2009

    i have been dealing with qwest's horrible customer service for years now. they have mixed my account up w/ 2 other peoples and tried to charge me for their fees. just got it to where i don't have top call once a mo, to get the modem rental fee off since i own mine, horrible- horrible - nasty csr's that are just plain rood ( a few really nice ones also, but mainly rood) i would transfer service if i could, but they are the only phone co here, and they handle my dtv, cell, net, and phone, ..
    FYI- just be prepared for allot of headaches dealing with qwest!

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Account is fraudulent

A while back when I first was stationed in North Carolina I had to get a telephone account with Sprint it was the only one in the area I was living. For a while I was getting two bills as though I was not paying mine. I would pay them but didn't know that I had another account opened in my name in the Rocky Mount area. The only why I knew it was fraudulent and through the phone company is because my name on their account is spent wrong and I would try to fix it with them and they never changed it. I have never lived in rocky mount and have never had two accounts with Sprint that is now Embarq. A while ago I triend to fix this account and miss placed the information. If you need me to do this again I will but I have moved since and would like to have you send the investigation paperwork to my new address which is
8708 Tin Lizza Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28314

  • Ce
    CenturyLinkJoey Jun 08, 2009


    Sorry you're having trouble. If an account was set up fradulently in your name, you would want to contact our Fraud Department. The Fraud Hotline is 877-78FRAUD (877-783-7283). Also feel free to ask me any questions you may have. You can send me an email at anytime, [email protected]

    To verify my identity, check out some other customers I've helped online:



    Joey H.
    EMBARQ Customer Outreach
    [email protected]

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[Resolved] repair bill

During landscaping our phone line got cut. I call Qwest to see how much it was going to be to replace it. I was not on a contract with Qwest and thought if it was going to be too expensive I would cancel my service and find someone else or do with out a phone. I was told by a the repair department that it would not cost me anything, so I went a head and set up the repair. Two weeks later I recieved a bill for $523 for administrative fees, labor and material all for the repair of the cut line. The bill tells me to call a number if I have questions. The number is for a company CMR Claims who is really just a collection agency and can't do anything about the charges. I spend hours on the phone trying to get someone to tell me why I'm responsible for this and why it cost so much. I have yet to get anyone on the phone to give me an explaination or even make any consessions for Qwest's Repair center's error.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CenturyLink's response · Jun 02, 2009

    Hello there, my name is Brian and I work for Qwest. I ran across your post here, and would like to see if I can help answer the questions you have, regarding the bill you received.

    If you would like my help, please send me an e-mail to [email protected], and put my name in the subject line. If you can, attach a copy of the bill you received, and/or the account number, and I'll look into it.



[Resolved] dishonest sales/sneaky billing

I signed up to add an internet promotion to the phone line. After myself and another person in the house verified that the bill would only reflect an addition of 14.99 for internet, 8.00 for modem, and the regular telephone bill (which was 11.00), and there wouldn't be any surprise charges, I signed up.

I received confirmation in the mail that showed the internet agreement, but also showed the phone service had been changed to a "silver plan" which was 29.99 before taxes. When I called, I was told the 14.99 internet was only valid with the silver plan. I was angry as no one had agreed to change the telephone plan.

After nearly an hour of speaking with Maureen in Customer Loyalty, we had worked out an agreement that gave the account certain discounts. This would make the total bill close to what I expected when I initially signed up. This would only be valid for 4 months, at which time we could disconnect the internet and have the phone go back to "basic" service. I clearly verified with her (as they ensure you need to) that the bill would only reflect a phone charge of 14.99, plus internet charges of 14.99 and 8.00 per month. She said, other than the first month, when they bill in advance, I would expect my bill to be app. 38.00 each month before taxes and discounts. I agreed to this and hung up.

I just received the bill and there is a line item charge for both telephone and internet noted as "Service Changes and Additions". This is a total of approximately 35.00 more than Maureen told me I should expect my bill to be (also a "surprise charge" that no one revealed even when directly asked). I haven't called them yet, but their deceptive business practices warrant a complaint. BEWARE! Get everything in writing from these people!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CenturyLink's response · Jun 02, 2009

    Hello, my name is Brian and I work for Qwest. I ran across your post here, and I am curious if I can help resolve the issue that you are experiencing. I do apologize that you have been told you were going to receive one price, and are now receiving a different price than you were expecting.

    If you would like my help, please send me an e-mail to [email protected], and put my name in the subject line.

    Again, I apologize that you are having this experience with us, but I look forward to helping you resolve this issue.



  • Lu
    Lunchmeat Dec 17, 2011

    Here is the deal they are selling now they say they are not selling. The exact same thing happened to me. But I know how they operate, so I signed up for the internet only for $19.95 a month for a 1 year contract and called back later to add a basic line $18. But I knew she bundled it, and waited for he to "verify" what she actually did, she has too. When I reminded her I did NOT want to bundle and only wanted the basic line, she very nastily said "Oh, so now you want to DOWNGRADE?" Like castrating me over the phone. When I got the first bill, it was massive. When I called them, they said the rep wasn't authorized to sell me that plan. They also said the wouldn't read the notes back to me and not tell me why they never sent me an order confirmation email I had requested. I called their verification system, but the system didn't log that kind of info. Bu the agent read the entire script to me, inserting the deal. I know they record those, they have too. But they refused me access to them or to have them transcribed. CHAT, its the best way to get it in writing. Following is a link to their plans, the one i singed up for is the first one titled 12 month offer. Right now they offered me a 50% off deal, but now can't test the other speeds, it was $19.95 for ANY speed. Keep in mind, customer service is about servicing the customer's wallet, not the customer's needs. If you don't bundle, they are not interested in servicing you. Most phone companies don't advertise their basic phone plan. By lay, they have to offer one, but aren't required to actively advertise it. Right now, Centurylink has a "deal", HSI for $19.99, home phone required., but they are charging $45 dollars, their basic is $17.49!


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  • Lu
    Lunchmeat Dec 17, 2011

    Please forgive my spelling above, I can't see very well. I can't seem to find a way to edit it either. If a message comes off illiterate, it's not going to be taken seriously.

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see who is behind it all

What most are not aware of is that this compant "Qwest Marketing" is really Three Stars Media. If you ever get called in for an interview you will go to an office with qwest marketing as the name of the company. If you get hired (like I was) its then do you find out that they are called Three Stars Media and you never hear about Qwest Marketing anymore.

HOW THEY MAKE MONEY: Its really simple and unethical. They first post fake jobs on craigslist, if you respond they send the applicant and email saying to call a number where you will speak to a representative about the job you want. So the applicant calls the number and speak to a representative from Employment Select (dont let that name fool you because its still Three Stars media, I know this because I unfortunately would be the one to answer these calls along with many others) They give you a mock 5 min interview asking basic information. When they get to the end they pitch you online schooling to see if you are interested, if you say yes (which many do because they think it correlates with the job) then they transfer you to education connection (A different company all together) they make money for every lead they send over.

Take it from me I used to work there, most people who are hired have no idea its like this, you do not find out until you start working there and see how things go down. The main manager is called Mike, tall buzz cut. The owner of this business is some Egyptian guy.
Its a call center Job that lies to people.

  • Li
    Lisa May 19, 2009

    I went on an "interview' where I basically took a stupid assessment that I could have done online at home. Now they want me to come in for a tour. No real interview...why would I waste my time with a tour if they haven't even reviewed my credentials? It all sounds very fishy. I hate people who do things like this..I knew it sounded too good to be true!

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  • Us
    userfriendly Jun 15, 2009

    Unfortunately, I applied for a job with Three Stars Marketing in Orlando FL. Also called the Metro West Area. The front operations look legitimate. Once you apply online, they automatically call you in to schedule an interview. After the second interview, they introduce you to a part-time position to work a pyramid schemed website called "funky monkey" or something of that nature. Once I performed my due diligence on the company, I found that it the owner of the company Alec Defrawi of Alex Defrawy (he goes by a few names) is associated with online scams. A search for his name will reveal more details. It seems that Three Stars is the same. Three Stars has hundreds of domain names and their website are generated to receive revenue from ad "clicking" and getting personal information to generate leads.

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  • Du
    duped too Jul 05, 2009

    My Three Stars SCAM experience

    I recently went for two interviews at Three Stars Media and this was my experience. I am hoping someone closes this company down !! It's hard enough to find a job in this market but when you get scammed like this, it becomes VERY demoralizing.
    I applied for TWO jobs on CareerBuilder.com : Administrative Assistant and Human Resources Assistant.
    Click here to see the actual postings as they appeared on Careerbuilder.com : http://i44.tinypic.com/11rrxa9.jpg and http://i39.tinypic.com/jj5qgy.jpg . NOTE: CLICK the pics to make the image larger to be able to read it. This applies for all future photo links.
    I received and automated e-mail back from Three Stars, Inc. the next day requesting to set up an "initial interview" : http://i42.tinypic.com/s4t6br.jpg .
    I went to the website and registered for an initial interview. The ENTIRE interview set up process was automated.
    I received a confirmation e-mail for the "initial interview" : http://i41.tinypic.com/6hi88n.jpg .
    And a reminder e-mail : http://i43.tinypic.com/wbz5mp.jpg . This reminding cements the thinking that the job interview is important. They want to make sure you show up.
    I put the words "initial interview" in quotes above because there was NO interview on my first visit to Three Stars. Here is how the first visit played out.
    I arrived at Suite 211 and the receptionist asked for my resume. She then handed me a white binder with laminated pages to view information for a "Verification Specialist". I quickly paged through this booklet because I already knew what was coming next. I have to admit, I didn't pay attention much to the laminated pages because I had a friend who interviewed a few weeks prior for a Sales Manager position and she told me the first interview was just an assessment test.
    After flipping through the laminated booklet, I then handed the book back to the receptionist. She told me I needed to take an assessment test (I think the binder info alluded to this too) and she told me she needed to take a picture of me as they "have so many people coming through their doors" and needed to take the photo for "identification purposes". I complied and let her snap my photo. She then guided me through a door opening to a room with several computers and little cubicles dividing the individuals taking the test. She opened the test on a PC, told me I had 30 mins. to take it and she told me I could use a calculator and she opened the calculator on the desktop. She told me to log in to take the test using my e-mail address and my last name. I then saw all my person info (name, address, etc. as well as the pic she just snapped of me) and then was taken to the test. I don't remember all the questions but I found a few questions quite odd. One asked "Are you over 24 years of age? " another asked (not sure of exact wording) "We have part time work at home positions for individuals. Would you be interested in this position or would you like to stick with the position you applied for?" I selected to stick with my current job I applied for. And there were some questions on advertising: "What are advertising verticals?", "What are five of the top 100 Internet websites?". There was also three vocabulary questions (the only one I remember was the meaning of the word "CONVERGE", there were two other vocab words used in sentences, I can't remember, something about Freud). There were also some Math questions. From memory, I think there were three in total, two word problems (one something about cutting a piece of wood into three pieces and the other was an algebra question, I think it was "2x - 4 = 6") and another odd question was "If you knew you would be fired for admitting a mistake would you lie to save your job?" . There were other questions on the test but these certain questions stood out to me.
    I left the computer room and the receptionist handed me a business card (http://i44.tinypic.com/p7vus.jpg ) and told me to log on to their website with my e-mail address and last name after 10am the next day to check my application status :
    When I logged on the next morning the website had a message (after I logged in) showing that my "aptitude test was impressive" and they wanted to meet with me for a second interview. I scheduled the second interview and got another confirmation e-mail : http://i40.tinypic.com/97440m.jpg .
    And again, another reminder e-mail for the second interview : http://i43.tinypic.com/30cuc8o.jpg . They really wanted to make sure I showed up !
    I arrived for my second interview at Suite 217 and walked into a foyer with dark lighting and no one to greet me. I saw a big conference table with better lighting and big leather chairs and a projector. I sat down next to two women who were waiting for their "interview". One of the women asked me "what are we doing here? What's going to go on I wonder ?" - the both laughed nervously. I told her that first we would get a presentation, then tour, then have individual interviews. This was the experience of my friend. In reality, I misunderstood my friend - there was no individual interview after the tour, it was a group interview telling everyone that they would be getting a phone call if they were interested. Again, my friend when there for a sales job, NOT the jobs I had applied to for Admin Asst. and Human Resources Asst.
    Eventually, more people filtered in. We had 10 in our meeting. A woman named Crissy W (WAH Advisor Regional Manager - according to their website. Go to http://threestarsinc.com/teams/corpTeams.cfm?dept=9 and click on the little girl being hugged by Mickey Mouse to see her pic and info) was our cheerleader for the next couple of hours. She first asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves. She then told us about herself (she was a dancer and worked at Disney, although that didn't pay the bills and then she spoke about the company. Started in 2004, now has over 500 employees and also a team in India. She explained the role of the Verification Specialist and explained that they don't show the job name in their listings online because "no one would know what that job is and no one would apply for it". So she admits up front that the jobs that brought all of us in DID NOT EXIST, but not in those exact words. My Human Resources Assistant and Administrative Assistant jobs were not real open jobs at the company! We were told that Three Stars also had a website called "Career Network" and that they are going after Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. She said that it costs a company $ 400 to post a job on those websites while their Career Network offers postings for only $ 99 and they initially started out by posting those ads for FREE in the beginning. She also showed up a clip on News Channel 13 where the company donated toys for charity (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxXZd0u0dOE&feature=channel_page ) and talked up how they give back to the community. She also talked about their free happy hour, dinners at the Executive Managers house, and their co-ed flag football (http://threestarsinc.com/fun/eventsIndex.cfm ) . She then proceeded to give us a tour of the company. We all piled in the elevator and headed up to the 4th floor (from the 2nd floor) and first toured an office of people posting jobs on Craigslist and other websites, according to Crissy. The workers pretty much ignored us, except for one guy who watched the whole show. All of us idiots, in suits, all there for fake jobs. I could only think as I saw them sitting at their desks that these people were creating the same fake jobs that brought us in. Crissy said they were creating jobs from "their business clients". We were then lead to Human Resources and introduced to a manager named Dahlia who told us she has been with the company 7 months and LOVES it. She told us that "it's a long interview process, but stick with it" and she wished us all good luck.
    Next up was the division that we saw the people in action who were Verification Specialists. Basically an auto dialing system will call applicants to tell them that they need to verify information for a job they applied for. When they call back, they go to this department. These people follow a script, verify certain info and then plug at the end to try and sell school admissions. For some reason a select few people work here vs. the at home position we were offered at the end of the interview. See below.
    Next we walked into the webmaster division. First Crissy proceeded to flirt with Darvin K. - Director of Operations - as he showed her a photo that they laughed over, then we were introduced to Kelly R. - Executive Vice President (http://threestarsinc.com/teams/corpTeams.cfm?dept=1) and were told that she was the third person hired at the company when it was created out of someone's apartment. Kelly was wearing a flag football jersey. She explained the department was broken down into four departments. I can't remember all but one to come up with design ideas for a website, one to create the website, one to "break it" - quality control, and then it was released. Crissy proudly told us that Kelly created MANY websites. We were then lead to the next department "Employer Services" and met Scott D. - Career Network Director (http://threestarsinc.com/teams/corpTeams.cfm?dept=7 ) . We heard him give his spiel. He basically stated that he talks to companies to find out more about the jobs to make sure they post the correct information to get a qualified individual and also to make sure that there employees ask the right questions when they do their verification to pre-qualify candidates for companies. A good story anyway.
    Next up, we met Ben D. - Senior Business Analyst (http://threestarsinc.com/teams/corpTeams.cfm?dept=1) . Ben told us that he handles SEO and making sure that the websites they create show up in the featured listings on search engines like Google and Yahoo!.
    Lastly, we met Matt A. - WAH Advisor Regional Manager (http://threestarsinc.com/teams/corpTeams.cfm?dept=9 ), who was located in Suite 211 in the back offices, behind the computer testing area, who told us what a great company they had because one woman (can't recall her name) had a Mother that fell ill and she needed to move back up North (New Jersey I think?) and how great the company was because even though the woman had to move away she was still able to log on to a computer up there at 9am in NJ the following Monday and continue working. He said they had many employees talking about how expensive gas was and they realized it was a GREAT idea for their employees to work out of the home. Matt was planting the seed here.
    And then we were lead across the hall again to Suite 217 and back to the conference room. Crissy's tone TOTALLY changed. No longer a cheerleader and full of friendly energy, she was somber and matter of fact. We were then given two hand outs : one detailing the job outline for the Verification Specialist : and the other for the computer requirements to work at home and the script for the education spiel : . Crissy told us that training started us at $ 10 per hour and we could earn extra money from there, depending on how many people said YES to wanting more information on signing up for education. She claimed she made $ 600 in her first week. She said they like for you to receive 80 -100 calls a day but the record was 150 calls in one day. She estimated that in 15 minutes at least TWO people would say YES to wanting more information about education. She said we were not to push the education, only plant the seed, mentioning it twice, the second time to confirm it. She said they only wanted people who were serious about signing up for classes. She then told us that she realized this job - Verification Specialist - was not for everyone. If we didn't think it was something we'd be interested in, we could leave now. Otherwise stay behind and she left the room to "get paperwork". Everyone was like a deer in the headlights. No one moved. She came back and then asked "ok, we have openings for tomorrow for the phone interview, who is available tomorrow ?" So then, with the peer pressure of everyone watching, she proceeded to ask everyone. Many set up times, signing up by stating the time and then telling Crissy their First name and last initial. One person said "Well, can I have some time to think about it?" "Of course!" - Crissy replied. That was a snowball effect then. Others said they too wanted to think about it.
    Here are links to view the Verification Specialist handout : http://i44.tinypic.com/2ishbm8.jpg, http://i39.tinypic.com/wbz5w5.jpg, http://i44.tinypic.com/23rtx8y.jpg, and http://i39.tinypic.com/1y7h8o.jpg .
    Here are links to view the Computer requirements and the Education script : http://i44.tinypic.com/1zpqst5.jpg, http://i44.tinypic.com/15x71qp.jpg and http://i41.tinypic.com/n3kht0.jpg . This was what was to be covered in the phone interview. They wanted to hear you read the script and make sure your home did not have background distractions like "a baby crying or dog barking".
    I realize this is lengthy but I wanted to give you all a firsthand account for what the Three Stars interviews entail so you don't have to waste your time like I did. If you want work at home job that pays $ 10 an hour plus commissions for planting a seed for education, then this job is for you. It's just a shame they scam, as they say "600 people a week walk through our doors", into thinking they are on REAL interviews for jobs they applied for online, only to learn it's a telemarketing work at home position instead.
    Does Three Stars offer job s? YES, but ONLY the Work at Home "Verification Specialist". NOT the jobs that were posted online. Here is a listing of ALL the jobs supposedly available on the Three Stars website : http://threestarsinc.com/careers/jobIndex.cfm?type=1 . The jobs were the SAME, none were "filled" from the time frame that my friend applied weeks prior. Now I know it's because they simply DO NOT EXIST.
    Their claim is that once you master the Verification Specialist job they then like to move you up in the company, depending on what areas you would be best suited for. I wonder how many people are actually moved up. Of course Crissy said she started out (7 months ago, oddly the SAME time Dahlia started with the company) in the Verification Specialist position and worked her way up. Oh and Crissy did tell us all that we did really well on the aptitude test, we were the best of the best, which I now know is a load of bull. The whole thing was a HUGE sales pitch. They made the place look like a fun, young, energetic place to work..and hey ! They even give to charities ! How could they be bad. Forget that that LIED to us to get us all in there in the first place ! I found it odd though that most of the offices did not have fluorescent overhead lights...only desk lamps. All offices were decorated very attractively. Staging here was key. Another odd thing ? NONE of the suites had the "Three Stars" name on the nameplates...which was odd because ALL the other offices DID show their names on the nameplate with the Suite number. Their suites simply had the suite number listed on the nameplate.
    I just saw on the news today that Channel 9 News WFTV will be showing ANOTHER piece on Three Stars and their false job listings. They even show footage, the room that had the Verification Specialists/Education Counselors in it. Should be interesting to watch. http://www.wftv.com/
    Lastly, as I mentioned, my friend also went through this process. Why on earth would I want to go through this? Well, she again went for a Sales Manager position and her second interview included info about the company, the company tour, but then also a pitch to the individuals on the interview to partake in a website called Monkey Jar (http://www.monkeyjar.com/ ) where you create your own "online mall" and you make money supposedly if your friends shop your "mall" by clicking the links to visit the store websites. Interestingly enough, if you click the "About Us" link on Monkey Jar you will see cartoon caricatures of both Kelly and Darvin from Three Stars. So I went on this interview to see how well I would do on the aptitude test and to see if I would do well enough to get the second interview. My friend who went for her Sales Manager second interview was told if they were interested in her they would call her. It makes me wonder what Three Stars got out of her second interview. Maybe advertising to get people to use the Monkey Jar website. Or maybe the whole thing is just a scam to get our personal info : they have our home address, work numbers, employment history, aptitude ratings, heck even a photo of us - that they can use to sell to marketing companies. Here is info about this take on the whole scheme : http://www.nowpublic.com/tech-biz/three-stars-media-new-name-same-scheme . I know this is long, but I hope it helps others from going through this.
    Early on in my search, I also received these two e-mail (and many more - too many to post) from Career Network which I now know is also Three Stars : http://i41.tinypic.com/xqgaw3.jpg and http://i39.tinypic.com/2rgjm2o.jpg . I did not like the fact that the company name and phone number were not listed. I e-mailed back asking for this information and did not receive a response. I think these e-mails were generated off jobs I applied for on Craigslist.com. Once you click the link for the fake tech support job you are brought to this website: http://perfectcareercenter.com/JobOffer/Register.cfm?JobPositionID=92050 . Notice the questions at the bottom regarding education. You guessed it...this is so a Three Stars work at home Verification Rep. can call you back and ask if you are interested in furthering your education. The website is called : perfectcareercenter.com but if you click the about us link it shows that this is Three Stars. So when you search for a job online today you have NO IDEA if the job you are apply for is real or if it's yet another Three Stars fake job website. I think networking to find a job today is best way to not get scammed. Happy job hunting everyone...be careful out there. At least Three Stars didn't ask for my social security number at any point. I feel very sorry for job seekers that DO offer this information online. :-(

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  • Hf
    hf4268 Jul 09, 2009

    Three Stars is a scam company. Here is a local news story on the company:


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  • Bl
    blackcherry06 Nov 24, 2009

    Beware that this company goes by three names:
    The internet Company (www.internet-company.com), Three Stars and Media Logic. All the same company.
    I also went to their office for an "interview" for the "Administrative Assistant" position.
    It went down EXACTLY as hf4268 described.
    What a bunch of ###.

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  • Mi
    MissHW Dec 02, 2009

    I had a experience with Three Stars Media a few months back and just informed on this site under complaints for Three Stars Media that they are now using another name THE INTERNET-COMPANY.


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  • Sa
    -Sara- Jan 21, 2010

    I recently reported this company to www.careerbuilder.com because I did further investigation on the company. This company is going under aliases such as "The Internet Company", "Quest", "Three Stars Media", etc. Career Builder did an investigation on this company following my complaint and the company has been removed from their website. It is imperative that we continue to report this company to the websites that they are posting their jobs on in order to protect ourselves and other job seekers. If anyone finds their ads on various job sites, please report the company to the host site so that they will be removed!

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  • An
    another one scamed Jan 25, 2010

    i just came from my first "interview" with The Internet Company and I knew something was up. I have never had my picture taken in an interview before (how weird is that). I was placed in a room to take my basic assesment test. While in the room there were atleast twenty others during the time I was there taking the same test. (turn and burn) After finishing the first page of three they then asked questions like "do you use Myspace or Facebook", "how many friends are on your Myspace and Facebook" and "What is your main mean of communication" obvious marketing tools. After researching this online there are to many complaints to count. I'm not even going to waste my time or gas on the second "interview".

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  • Wu
    Wuanita Apr 20, 2010

    I actually quit my job to work here the way they made it seem and i cant go back to it now because they are not hiring. I am struggling because of the internet company was a scam and MATT AIKEN, is the name of the manager who let me quit

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charge for nothing

Have had qwest for at least 15yrs. Had 3rd party long distance with windstream. Never use it, don't need long distance anymore, so I canceled with windstream. Now qwest charged me for canceling with windstream. It has nothing to do with qwest. An extra $8.95 ontop my bill because why?

Waiting for my alarm company to call back about putting a cell-block in place of the land-line as I find that $40 for basic phone service with no perk add-ons is a total qwest scam! Looking at thier website they 'advertise' basic service at around $14, this is a total outright lie! You cannot get just this service, they charge extra if you don't "bundle" services. You can get it - yes - if you also subscribe to thier crummy internet and/or thier 3rd party resold cell service. Either way they are going to get you for more than thier share of benjamins.

The one I loved - "we will give it to you for 6-months free". Watch out for that scam. Ask them this - "how much to then stop the service if I am unhappy?" or "how much is it after the 6-months?" watch your back, I asked because I am not getting suckered. Don't get fooled!

Why would anyone have them as a provider unless you have an alarm or such that requires a physical land-line? What I dish out to qwest for basic phone now is more than my cell phone with every feature imaginable that I never use nor would want. Qwest you fail! Keep it up and you will be next in-line to the 'save me obama handout party'.

  • Vz
    VZWsales Jun 09, 2010

    Okay there is a pick charge that is required by the FCC when changing long distance cariers. Your full of [censor] about the prices your saying. A (1fr) standard rate line with no features is $22 dollars at the most! Do some research [censor]! It's dumb [censor] people like you that think they know everything and don't find out more information. Qwest is a great company. there is a reason jd power rated qwest number 7 in customer satisfaction

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  • To
    Tony The Tea Oct 18, 2010

    I like the others who have complained, dislike Qwest, and their service. My internet service which I had for two years, was always from the very start..."intermittent"! It would work for a while, then NOT! In the two years of service, I called them for repairing my internet connection, at least five times.

    Finally, they told us that I needed a new modem, that was the problem. Of course, I would have to pay for a new modem, which was used on "post World War II telephone lines outside of the house. How can you truly pass a small signal such as a DSL minute signal, on old "Bell, Mountain Bell" telephone lines.

    Now (10.15.2010) Qwest has a "fraudulent advertisement on t.v. stating that they supply potential customers with "high speed DSL internet service" with fiber optics. That is a total lie. The teleophone lines where we live are exactly not - fiberoptic! They are old out of date - Bell, Mountain Bell Telephones, which are being used, to try to give you high quality Gigabyte speed service of DSL. This cannot be done with any degree of success! It's like driving a very fast new car, on a "dirty, bumpy old dirt road, and expect to retain a high speed of travel, it "can't be done very good"!
    Tony V.

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Not living up to Promotions.

I singed up for Embarq High Speed Internet and Phone Service after I got about 5 flyers in about two week...

Unauthorized charges

On July 1, 2006, my mother had to be transferred to an assistant living facility. Unfortunately, EmbarQ was the only phone service available. I called EmbarQ, and the informed me that her monthly charge would be $23.98, and gave me the phone number. When an EmbarQ employee came to install the phone, they gave her a different phone number, with an Internet hookup. When I called the company, and asked them what they were doing--that my mother was 92 years old, and no use for a computer. The sarcastic lady at the other end of the phone replied...'it's about time she learned'.

After a new bill came in, charging her for an additional hookup, that was never in service, and was supposed to be the original number, at $23.98/month. I paid by check, the first installation fee, and EmbarQ sent it to collection agency. This has been going on for over ten months, emailing back and forth. They are charging her over $69.00/month for each phone number. I mistakenly gave them my credit card number, to take care of the $23.98, but the continued to rack it up for hundreds of dollars.

This has taken a toll on her, and she has become ill. If she was to die because of this, will file a wrongful death suit. This company trains it's people to scam. We're now at the point, where we have to take this to small claims court and will be speaking with an attorney this week. Hopefully, other can learn from our experience with this company called EmbarQ.

  • Ce
    CenturyLinkJoey Aug 06, 2009


    I work for Embarq. Sorry you are having trouble. Can I help? Send me an email with details to [email protected] Check out my twitter page if you need to verify my identity: http://twitter.com/EMBARQ_Joey. Thanks.

    Joey H.
    Embarq Customer Outreach
    [email protected]

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  • On
    only here Aug 06, 2009

    I had never felt so victimized as I did from someone from embarq played around with taped answers from my voice in a doctors office where I work, they claimed I gave authorization to add a $45.70 per month charge for a website service. My doctor does not even have a web site, and I never would have offered such a thing, the girl in our office who handles the doctors bills did not catch it unfortunately for 4 monts and I had to pay $182.70 back to my employer, embarq angrily agreed to reimburse $119.00 of it back to our office after the billing clerk tried to fight it and told them that she wanted to be able to pay me back and the rude salesman stated "she does not deserve to get any money back because she misrepresented your company". After doing a little investigatin I found out that this same thing happened in other offices around our small community, shame on embarq for doing business with such shady characters.

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  • Ja
    Jasen11111 Sep 02, 2009

    Embarq, out of the blue, is saying I owe them $786 for DSL service from 2004. This is a total joke. I only had phone service throught them and it was basic service (no long distance). My final bill was $27 and I paid it. What can you do about this Joey?



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awful service

I was a Qwest customer for many years (both residential and business) but after my experiences with them I would NEVER sign up for their service again! First of all, when we moved we signed up with Qwest for both internet and home telephone service. We bought the internet modem outright (they said that would save us money in the long run versus renting it), however every month they would charge us a 'rental fee', which would mean we would have to spend 1/2 hour on the phone with customer service every month to get this removed! The internet service was terrible and very intermittent. We had some financial hardship due to a death in the family and got 30 days behind on our Qwest bill (we were going to catch the bill up the following month), but without even so much as a letter of warning they sent our account to a collection agency and tacked on a $250 'cancellation fee'! We just got off the phone with the collection agency and they were EXTREMELY rude and unwilling to work with us, citing that they could not send us a copy of our original contract (which is in direct violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act) and my husband ended up in a scream-fest with them. We were trying to PAY them, not weasle out of the bill in bankruptcy like most people! So RUN, don't walk, from Qwest! Side note: we signed up with Comcast and so far they have been good.

  • Na
    Nataly Jun 03, 2016

    I was a Qwest customer for many years (both residential and business) but after my experiences with them I would NEVER sign up for their service again! First of all, when we moved we signed up with Qwest for both internet and home telephone service. We bought the internet modem outright (they said that would save us money in the long run versus renting it), however every month they would charge us a 'rental fee', which would mean we would have to spend 1/2 hour on the phone with customer service every month to get this removed! The internet service was terrible and very intermittent. We had some financial hardship due to a death in the family and got 30 days behind on our Qwest bill (we were going to catch the bill up the following month), but without even so much as a letter of warning they sent our account to a collection agency and tacked on a $250 'cancellation fee'! We just got off the phone with the collection agency and they were EXTREMELY rude and unwilling to work with us, citing that they could not send us a copy of our original contract (which is in direct violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act) and my husband ended up in a scream-fest with them. We were trying to PAY them, not weasel out of the bill in bankruptcy like most people! So RUN, don't walk, from Qwest! Side note: we signed up with Comcast and so far they have been good.

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  • Hu
    Huso Jun 03, 2016

    Qwest is a major telephone company in the northwest. I had a situation where they were over charging me on my telephone and cell phone service. I did not realize it and they had me change my phone plan to something more costly. By the time I knew what was going on, my service was turned off, in less then a month, they had post $1, 600.00 on my credit report and they ignored all my attempts to straighten it out. Instead of correcting their mistakes, they just completely ignore it and stick me with the bill. I am trying to arbitrate this situation through the Better Business Bureau, but with them being a well known company, I still look like another sour customer. Good ol' customer service is just lost forever...

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fraud. unethical practices

I tried getting on to my wireless internet on my laptop but was unable as there was not internet options. I called QWest to trouble-shooting. They told me it was my computer. They did not check my modem. I called my computer support, they charged me $297.00 to check it out the software. After several hours of trying to get my online, they decided I needed to re-install Windows saving the data on my computer. Several hours later a technician from the computer company called and was going to bring up the data so I could use it. He was unable to "take control my computer". He suggested that we have a conference call with QWest. After a hour later, the Qwest employee said she wanted to check my modem. It was a defective modem.
When calling QWest, they would not reimburse any amount for the charge from my computer company. "Even though they were wrong with not checking my modem with the first call, they are not responsible for the computer company charges".

I now have changed to another company for my phone and internet!!!
QWest thinks because they are big, they can charge anything they want (my monthly bill is over $250.)

scam charges

Beware of unknown charges from a company called esbi or orbit telecom. I received a charge of $14.95 from a company called esbi on my qwest bill. If you call esbi, they will not help you, they will refer you to your telephone provider. This is the second month in a row that i've spent at least an hour trying to resolve these charges. Qwest promised to credit my bill and also promised this would not appear on my bill again however next month I received another charge of $14.95 plus a late charge of $14.95. I have been on conference calls with both esbi (Orbit telecom) and qwest twice and this is after being disconnected twice by qwest while waiting to speak with a manager. Once I found someone to help me, I insisted on a 3 party call with orbit telecom. Initially orbit telecom said a refund check was issued to me however I mentioned that I did not pay the service fee and have no intention of paying so then she checked her records and qwest piped in stating they would credit my bill. So here we go again one hour later, a promise to credit my bill $29.50 and this time I got a confirmation number from obrit telecom. Good luck if this happens to you. My recommendations are a) get names and confirmation numbers b) call back an hour later to see if the notes are in your file and that in fact the confirmation number has been included c) use another provider if the option is available.

  • Cu
    Customer Service May 29, 2009

    Orbit Telecom provides its subscribers with a private voice mail service which enables access to voice mails via phone and email. We market the service on the Internet and continuously review our marketing and sign-up procedures and believe that they comply with all applicable laws and industry standard best practices.

    We maintain excellent customer service 24 by 7 by 365 and you can reach us via phone at 800-263-0206 or online at http://www.orbittelecom.com/support.cfm. I’m confident we can address any customer service concerns you may have.

    Orbit Telecom Customer Service

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  • Co
    Complicit Telephone Co.? Jul 11, 2009

    It seems that this is exactly what happened to our office in the last couple of months.

    I originally posted this under the complaint section for NetOpus.net, but Qwest needs to be mentioned again here. Qwest was heavily fined by California PUC for doing what you are describing —back in 2003.

    Just this year, going back the last couple of months, we fell victim to this same technique with Qwest and a company calling themselves NetOpus.net. NO verification, no authorization, no services rendered, yet we are getting charged $34.95/month through our Qwest bill.

    So why is Qwest not doing something more to verify that the charges are legitimate??
    It seems that anyone who wants to run a scam can simply give Qwest a phone number and company name and tell them to start charging the customer whatever they say to charge.

    In our case Qwest was very quick to offer credit back, but would not describe how the NetOpus charges were authorized on our account in the first place. I would think that if Qwest was fined $20 million for cramming in 2003, is there not complicity in what they are doing today?

    Until enough people complain and register these issues with their regional Public Utilities Commission, or with the FTC for interstate wire transfer fraud nothing will stop these utilities from playing this game.

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  • Da
    Daniel Jul 27, 2009

    Company overcharged for services. When notified, they repeatedly took down our information and said they would have a manager call. They never called and my child who is in college needed internet so we decided to pay the overcharges and take the credit they said they would give us when they could access our account. When we went to pay, they charged us an activation fee. We didn't pay, immediately canceled, and purchased an alternative dsl company. Now today we received a bill from Qwest for services we had already canceled.

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billing/phone shutoff

Here are the facts:
I have ALL of my phone service through Qwest: local and long distance services, Internet connection via DSL, Qwest voice mail, and Qwest caller ID. I have been a Qwest customer since 1976 when they were Mountain Bell.
Qwest shut of my phone because they did not receive my mailed-in payment.
1. Qwest said they mailed me a notice that they hadn’t received my payment, but I never received this mailed notice. I am not upset about the mail because this happens – my checks aren’t delivered on time and notices from Qwest don’t get delivered to me.
2. From a personal check dated 12-19-08, I paid Qwest for phone services.
3. From a personal check dated 1-20-09 I paid Qwest for phone services.
4. On or about January 6, Qwest attempted to contact me about my bill via automated call or “robo-call” - to my phone. I did receive a call on that day and here are the details of that.
• I received a message on my Qwest voice mail around 1:00 p.m. and ALL that was on the Qwest voice mail message was “… so please give us a call.” The first part of the robo-call message was not recorded.
• On the Qwest caller ID, an 800 number was listed BUT there was no name, phone number, or any other form of identification left on my Qwest voice mail by the robo-call.
• Qwest caller ID recorded the phone number but the name recorded on the caller ID was “unknown caller”. I do not return calls to “unknown caller” and that is one of the reasons I have caller ID and one of the reasons that Qwest touts caller ID.

5. On January 22, Qwest shut off my phone. I could not call in or out from my phone and I had no Internet access.
6. I called from my fiance’s cell phone to report no phone or Internet service or access. The first person I spoke to at Qwest said that there “was snow in the Seattle area and that Qwest was having some problems”. I was told later in the call that they had not received my recent payment. I asked them where the nearest Qwest office was and I drove there and made my payment so that I could get my phone turned on again and access the Internet.
7. I called Qwest customer service AFTER my phone service was returned to find out more about the problem was. I spoke with Jane, employee ID unknown that, that Qwest records showed that they made a robo-call on or about January 6 regarding payment. When I explained the problem of Qwest robo-calls/Qwest voice mail, she said, “Hmm. No one has ever told us this before.” At least the people to whom I spoke to this day understood the problem with Qwest robo-call/Qwest voice mail/Qwest caller ID name blocking.
8. On February 23, I received a bill from Qwest and they are charging me $50.00 per Qwest order number C31115521 to “restore service on January 22”.
9. On February 23, I called Qwest customer service and spoke with Satami, a supervisor, and Satami’s supervisor, Jo (employee ID A68) and explained this problem and they said they will not remove the charge. Satomi also told me that the robo-call “was a courtesy call and that Qwest didn’t have to make a courtesy call anyway.” The first time I heard about this attempted contact from Qwest, they referred to it as an “attempt to contact” and never as a “courtesy call” which, according to Satomi, “We don’t have to make”.
10. On February 23 when I read the “Information About Your Account” on the Qwest bill, it says “Your basic telephone service will not be disconnected for non-payment of service or charges that are identified with an asterisk.” On my bill, this means that IF I SOMEHOW SELECTIVELY DO NOT PAY THE LONG DISTANCE DOMESTIC PLAN AND IN-STATE PLAN AND VOICE MAIL, CALLER ID AND INTERNET SERVICE, my basic telephone service will NOT be disconnected – who in world puts separate checks in the phone bill for these separate services??? This is a completely unreasonable and outrageous expectation by Qwest or else it’s a flat-out lie.
11. Continuing with item 10, when you have Qwest DSL and Qwest shuts off your phone, you lose your Internet connection, I don’t care what Qwest’s totally uninformed and unwilling-to-listen employee, Jo, ID A68, says.
12. When I called back later after speaking to Jo, Wendy took the call and I told her I wanted to speak to Jo and gave her Jo’s ID number. Wendy said she wasn’t sure who Jo was and she asked me if I knew which city Jo was in: I’m supposed to know to ask a supervisor’s city where they work? What kind of communication – especially from a telephone company where their employees can’t even find another person within their screen notes and system – do you call this? An abomination? An abortion?

Here’s the flaws in Qwest’s alleged integrated systems and alleged customer service.
1. Qwest’s robo-callers aren’t smart enough to interact with Qwest’s voice mail system to know when the Qwest robo-call message should begin and therefore, a Qwest customer misses important calls despite of the alleged benefits of Qwest voice mail.
2. Qwest blocks its robo-call outgoing caller ID name from the Qwest caller ID system. If the caller ID name would have been shown as “Qwest billing” or Qwest accounting” I sure as hell would have called someone.
3. Qwest’s statement –on page 2 of the bill states, “Your basic telephone service will not be disconnected for non-payment of service or charges that are identified [with an asterisk]” is outrageous and unreasonable. Who pays separately with check or otherwise for the services with or without an asterisk?
4. Some of Qwest’s supervisors are ignorant and/or ill-trained and/or unwilling to listen. If I can explain the situation to a front-line customer representative (Mary, Wendy, and Jane) and they can understand the problems with Qwests’ poor system integration (i.e., voice mail, robo-call, and caller ID name-blocking), why can’t Qwest supervisors get it?
Supervisor Satomi told me “we don’t have to place a courtesy call to you” and Jo – employee A68 and Satomi’s supervisor – who just did not get it and argued with me that “we didn’t shut off your Internet service [by shutting off your phone] even if you do have DSL” and both statements by these supervisors are ignorant and display poor customer service skills.

What do I want? I want the $50 charge taken off my my bill. I believe that $50 means a lot more to me than it does to a coproration the size of Qwest and if I’m only worth $50 to them, then how does that speak to their “spirit of service”?
I would hope that Qwest looks into this and sees the major flaws in their systems and does something about it.

fraud and lies

Qwest is incompetent. We were repeatedly getting ever higher bills from Qwest so, like everyone else in this economy we switched our extensive home service to Vonage to save money. This angered Qwest beyond belief who promptly terminated our internet service along with our home and office phone lines (without being requested to terminate the internet portion of our service). This took us a week to restore while our business was out of touch. Now we have our internet and cell service only with Qwest having a remaining cell phone that is under contract.

Qwest deliberately set up these accounts to all be separate and switched them from MY name to my husband's name so that when we called and paid over a $200 bill (in it's entirety) before Christmas they failed to inform us we had $32 outstanding because *QWEST* had set the billing up fraudulently.

So, in addition to terminating our internet service on our business Qwest now, on a Friday evening, shuts off our cell phone over a $32 balance we had no knowledge of. So we find ourselves in a snow storm traveling across country the day after Christmas with no cell service over Qwest's deliberate anger over losing our primary home line service. In addition, the office is only open M-F so as you, in your desperation to contact them can only be directed to a Qwest office that IS CLOSED adding insult to injury.

When you ask to have your service terminated (prior to the arbitrary termination date Qwest enjoys for YOUR service regardless of when your contract expires coming up 2/09 when they switch to Verizon). When you ask to terminate YOUR service early they charge you $200 but Qwest can terminate your service, move it or do whatever they want with it whenever they please.

Qwest, as you know, has a long history of doing nefarious activities to legitimate customers. Anyone interested in taking further legal action let me know. This company needs to be stopped.

  • Ju
    Julie50 Sep 28, 2009

    Carl: I would be GLAD to go after these liars. They did the same thing to us, only they didn't shut off our service, they're trying to say we own them $429. For what????? You know that no phone company on this earth would let you rack up that high of a bill without terminating your service. We didn't even know anything about this until we checked our credit report. We got rid of Qwest over 2 years ago over increasing fees every month. They wouldn't even bother to notify you, just send you a higher bill. They also tried to say that we still owed them $54 (that was our last bill), I sent them receipts, etc. argued with them for 6 mos. and they aid they had it taken care of . Now they come up out of nowhere with this $429 bill they pulled out of their a#@. Nice duplicate fake bill copies too.

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  • As
    asdfasdfa Oct 07, 2009

    Qwest sucks. I sign up for the $35 internet and canceled it after 2 weeks. Later I received bill for $106
    I took me an hour to get real balance $25
    I hope I won't receive any crap from them

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  • Ms
    msw26 May 13, 2010

    My mother is currently on the phone with Qwest because they have been billing her for long distance service even after she cancelled. They have these "unlisted" long distance numbers that have been called by her phone apparently.

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  • Tw
    twocansandawire May 28, 2011

    Qwest has recently merged with a large corporation, so is in the process of having more paperwork and crapola-hoops-to jump through to even talk to a customer, let alone try to help. I've been laid off from work for 2 years, and wanted to lower my bill, so I bundled my long distance, with local service, and instead of dropping 25$ as expected, was raised 22$. I was hit by Sunday tornado got phone service on Thursday, now its gone but rep said its localized trouble, then why did my friend who live 30 miles away have a similar problem 2 days ago, I think corporate transitions are messed up, and getting messier...

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  • Qw
    QWEST ARE BULLIES Aug 29, 2011

    Our company was a 16 year customer of Qwest with a broad system on connections in 8 states. We switched to Qwest T1 access at our store locations and the outages were so bad that we sent them a demand to improve service or let us out of our contract to find another carrier. Qwest recognized their bad service (41 outages, some for several days, in 5 weeks) and promised to keep our service going, and let us out of our contract, while we looked for another carrier. We have written documentation promising "no liability" to our company from Qwest employees. Then the bills came they had doubled and tripled our rates. When we contacted them about the overcharges they said we would need to sign up for a new contract. Figure that! We did not sign the new contract so they told us we had sixty days to find other carriers or they would cut off our service! We raced to find a new carrier and converted. As we switched the circuits to a new carrier and called to cancel each line with Qwest, they said that we couldn't and had to wait for 30-45 days to stop the billing. We got a three inch high bill from their company each month. As the circuits went away and the bill got smaller, we noticed that they were charging us for 4 duplicate services over a 18 month period. We have paid for all the services provided at the contracted rate up to the business day after our cancellation, but the remaining overcharges are $200, 000. This company is the most fraudulent group of thieves that I have ever dealt with in my 35 years in business. Any other businesses out there with similar Qwest bullying experiences? Qwest is without conscience they need a hugh class action lawsuit to stop this kind of fraud.

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scam and cheating

I had Qwest wireless back in 2002 or 2003, (can't remember exactly) and at the time was disputing a $200...

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