CenturyLink / overcharging on my bill - 150% above agreed contract price

Denver, CO, United States
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I just got off the phone with the CenturyLink escalation department regarding significant overcharging on my monthly bill. They stated that they no longer had my sales call where the amount discussed would have been clearly stated (multiple times I confirmed the price as I had already been burned by CenturyLink once before relating to fraudulent charges). They stated that even though I had only agreed to the service and related contract price 2 months ago (in March) that they had already deleted the call. I'm skeptical that is accurate.

At the end of the call, they offered to give me $20 off my current price, but that is still 150% above the amount I had agreed to when going with the service.

NOTE: They also charged me $276 on my first bill despite no reference to increased amount being mentioned during the sales call. Installation was supposed to have been free, so where did the charges come from??? The escalation contact stated that they saw I had a credit on my account (from before the new service mind you) and that should have covered my concerns. The credit was from a different fraudulent charge that had been put on my account as a result of a "transfer of service" being turned into 2 separate active accounts. The credit came before the new, absurdly high charges.

When I asked about further escalation, they told me I could "write a letter" to the executives to escalate further.

I am now investigating my legal options so any advice would be welcomed as I am out hundreds of dollars above my contract in just 2 months.

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May 18, 2017

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