CenturyLinkbilling department

I called CenturyLink to tell them we were moving around the first of the year. Turns out we weren't able to move after everything was set, so we ended up staying at our apartment. Our mail was messed up for quite a while, so we weren't receiving our mail. I was making payments to CenturyLink according to what my old payments were during this time on the old account number.

I made hours of phone calls to CenturyLink to simply have the money paid credit the first account. My called were passed all over with every phone call, I spend at least 2-3 hours with every phone call. Nothing was ever accomplished but pure frustration on my part. I've repeated the story to everyone at CenturyLink.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Colorado Springs, COPlease see all the notes!!! I spoke to Jose in Escalation. My husband heard the conversation, I was in tears d/t the treatment I received. My husband was very angry Jose treated me this way as well. I called back to this other escalation person who told me I would not be charged to leave and I could change providers. He told me I wouldn't be charged more than eighty some dollars each month. I had him go thru the billing and what I would owe and he said it would be about $12. My bill I received today was $513.51( I'm charged even after I left!!!). I'm about ready to talk to the TV station about this and how I've been treated. If someone can't help me, I will blow your game open. I don't think people should be treated like this.

May 15, 2017

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