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Century Link/prism Tv


bad service

Complaint Rating:  92 % with 99 votes
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century link
Fort Myers, Florida
United States
century link internet & prism tv sucks!! we had it installed back in April in order to lower our bills some. What a mistake. I want my comcast back. Since day 1 service works 40% of the time. Not one single day goes by without a problem with internet/tv. I work from home & rely on my internet yet it goes out every single day for a portion, the rest of the time its too slow to even open a page. I test speed daily and rarely do I even get over 1mb(whatever the abbreviation is) when im supposed to get 10. I am losing money every day since i got this service. How can I work, when my internet doesnt? Then the prism TV- the worst. Every day the Tv shows freeze up when they dont, they will freeze up for 5 seconds, work 5 seconds, freeze up 5 sec and so on. The main DVR doesnt have as many problems as teh regular boxes in our bedrooms. My daughters have to put a DVD in daily because TV wont work. The past week has been more than frustrating- for 1 weeek we have had no TV in teh bedroom except for 7:30am to about 2pm but we cant watch recordings at all. Then last night the effed up service, we had no tv when we did get it back every single one of our recordings was deleted. which seems to be pretty common. half our recordings will just go missing. what the hell are we paying all this money for, for a service that does not work even close to 100%. With comcast whenever we lost service they would automatically credit our account with a partial refund. Century link wont even acknowledge the problem, they give every excuse in the book to make it not their fault. Ive read all the complaints why are they not doing anything about it. Why would they want to have such crappy service. I never ever had to deal with anything like this with my comcast. No wonder century link makes you sign a 1 yr contract- they know they suck. I just want 1 day where i dont have to be so frustrated with my TV or internet. the stress this causes me is ridiculous OH and on top of it all they didnt send us a bill for 3 months, now we owe 530.00 in full. They said they sent to email which we checked- not even in spam. many times we called up about where our bill was but they asked for phone number & acct # which we had neither so they wouldnt help. Hello..they cant look up our name & address? ###s~~~
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N  18th of Aug, 2011 by    -2 Votes
This is Joey with CenturyLink. I'm sorry to read about the trouble you're having with your Prism service. Our team would be happy to look into this for you. Just fill out this form, http://on.fb.me/pDFnvq, with your information. Once received someone will look into as soon as possible. Thanks.

Joey H
Manager, @CenturyLinkHelp Team
A  29th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I agree with the above complaint. Prism sucks bilgewater. Phone service is useless. NO caller ID, No long distance, NO secret code to the gouger that actually provides long distance. TV freezes up regularly. Where is the 14.95 internet they talk about? My bill says 19.95. Talk about recording 4 programs at one time...you don't [rovide enough good channels to FIND 4 programs wirth recording. I would gladly trade you 5 mexican channels, 4 shopping channels and all the religious and sports channels, for the history international, military, ionsat, and several others that actually have decent programming. I'm ready to go back to comcast. They are more expensive but at least the phone and TV service is better. Never had comcast freeze up regularly.
A  30th of Aug, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Yep, I agree with all the posters. Service sucks. Phone without caller ID IS useless. Constant calls from telemarketers, wrong numbers, solicitors, etc. I was told I would get this "service" for $79.95 a month. First bill was $183.00 and the second was $111.00. Internet service works, but for $37.92 a month I could get better service from a variety of providers and save approximately $20.00 a month.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I'm looking to get some information about rather or not we should get Century link or Comcast. if you have one of these and could shoot me some quick advice I'd appreciate it lilredasd@yahoo.com
N  5th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I had Comcast and went to Centyry Link / Prism. Big BIG mistake. Tv freezes up, internet speed is slow, way below what they say we are to get. Had modem replaced, issue remains.. now I cant get service at all, and do they comp you, NO.. they will send someone beween 9-5... what we have no live but to sit and wait on a tech. Their service is worse than Comcast and wasnt pleased with them when I left, but I may have to pick the better of two evils.
A  24th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I agree, this is the worst mistake I could've made. Now I've got to find a way to hook up my DirecTV all over the house. Because they don't tell you that if they take it back you are stuck.. I can't believe the deceitfulness that I ran into with century link from their webpage directing you away from looking at direct TV and then pouncing on you when you start looking at prism and they don't tell you the whole truth.
A  28th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I, too, am an unsatisfied customer. The worst part of it is, when I think that Comcast was better! I HATED Comcast and was ready to do anything to get rid of them as long as it did not require a dish. I live in a wooded area and a dish would not be a solution. I jumped when Century Link offered my area Prism TV. No research, just a dumb-### jump! I've been kicking myself in the head ever since. Channels "freeze" EVERY DAY. I have to re-boot the system on a regular basis. Can you imagine watching the College World Series and the FREAKING CHANNEL freezes???? Yep! It happened to us! I do work from my computer at home and on June 21, 2012, my internet connection was down for TWO HOURS. Yes, I'm keeping a log. There was NO REASON for the internet to be down. I still had TV and telephone. Yeah, I know, I'm the dumb-### that bought the "BUNDLE." How does one swallow their pride and go crawling back to Comcast? This is ridiculous because I don't know who I HATE worse!!! Right now I am wallowing in my skrew-up and I am miserable.
A  28th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
In all fairness, I neglected to mention in my previous blog that my service area is Tallahassee, Florida. I say this because perhaps areas that have had this service for a longer period of time might have been able to work out the "kinks". I have no idea if that would make a difference. All I know is that the television broadcasting and internet service sucks here.
N  30th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Can't figure why my TV isn't working when we got an automated call saying it was? I think my head will blow off before this is resolved. The other day we finally got tired if the stupid thing freezing up and uninstalled everything and bought an antenna. Thought I could hook up to my old modem and get online. Nope can't do that. So I called to cancel and they duped me big time, first he said if he lowered our rate to 73.00 for a year and he would personally handle our freezing problem if we would stay. Yes, then he said it would be 93.00 and I misunderstood him. Finally it was 131.00 and I was about in tears with his fast talking. We agreed knowing we wouldn't keep them long. Well they said they would send a truck out between 1 and 5 to fix the problem. That was yesterday and we are still waiting. Worst company I have were worked with. They are on the way out!
A  25th of Jul, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Well it saddens me to say, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has these problems, and hates century link/prism... we switched from Comcast for a lower bill, the first lady we spoke to said they would match Comcast price w/ more channels. Come to find she lord and now we are pay $130.00 a month when Comcast only wanted $60 for the same service. That's the first problem. Now we have had century link for maybe 6 months now, and everytime it rains I lose all service u till the storm stop, which is bull ###, now I am starting to randomly lose service for no reason at random times during the day. And I will be with TVs & internet for anywhere up to 20 minutes and if you have toddlers you know that's not good SO IN A NUT SHE'LL THIS CO.PANTS SUCKS.REALLY BAD. THERE TERRIBLE, I WOULD SAY THAT ANYONE WHO GETS THERE SERVICE AFTER
A  25th of Jul, 2012 by    +3 Votes
A  29th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am having all kinds of problem with my TV services-constant pixelation and freezing. This is the worst TV services I've ever had.
A  5th of Aug, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Cape Coral, Florida
High defintion channels freeze. Internet drops every almost every 30 min.

You know what i think century link is being shady i think they are running out of bandwith and are putting too many people on their service even though they know their system cant handle everyone. Just a guess. Thank god i dont play online games anymore i would be fustrated as hell havin to wait 30 minutes to be able to use the internet and getting dropped in the middle of a game. The tv freezes like a mother###er. The tv and internet goes out when it rains even though it doesnt use a dish. Prism is actually a downgrade from the original century link.
A  6th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Same problem here in Angier, NC. We have had Prism TV for about 4 months now and it is getting worse by the day. It's constant freezing, skipping, jumping and sound cutting in and out. We call and they have a Tech guy come out about once a week and he replaces some ports outside saying they went bad and some other stuff but 1 to 2 days after its back to the same freezing and mess. They should be coming out yet again and if its not fixed this time we will be going else where for our TV needs.
N  9th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have it for 17 months and they have been at my house at least 30 times and I dont know if they dont know how to fix it or they think im crazy but as of today its out agin and I chatted online and got this woman that was very crappy with me so I printed the caht out and will mail it to the corp office, I think I will call the utilities commision and see if they can get it fixed or just go somewhere else...Cause they bite!
N  23rd of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
A  23rd of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I agree with the previous posters in that I have had this DISservice for the past six months and have had nothing but problems. When I call to complain and/or ask for help they try to make it my fault. The remote is a piece of crap just like the rest of their DISservice.
When I call to discontinue this daily horror, (they call entertainment), they have the nerve to want me to pay a early disconnect fee. They should be giving me money back for all the NON-service I've been paying for the last 6-7 months!
N  24th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am so glad that I read these reviews---Directv is very expensive and I was about to leave them but will be holding off as a result of all of these reviews. I thank you all very much for your information and am so sorry that you have gotten stuck in this whole situation.
A  9th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I've had Prizm for one day and already I am some pissed off. My internet is working fine so far so that's not a problem. However my Tv just went out completly. It's an older Tv so maybe it just gave up the ghost when it had to handle the Prizm program. So ok, I'll go get a new Tv tomorrow and see what happens with it. I need a new one anyway as I like the flat screen better than my old one.
I'm 70 years old and living on SS so to have to buy a new TV is gonna be tough for me. But I'll give Prizm one more chance to see if it runs and if I can learn how to run it right. It is fairly complicated for me. We'll see what happens. pete in Bonita Springs, Fl.
N  5th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I was going to call century link tomorrow and set up an appointment to have them come out for a new service. I just moved from my old location and had com cast. Never had any problems with com cast just heard prism TV was much cheaper. Thanks to all of you I won't bother making that phone call to center link. I will be calling com cast!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVIEWS

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