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fraud. unethical practices

I tried getting on to my wireless internet on my laptop but was unable as there was not internet options. I called QWest to trouble-shooting. They told me it was my computer. They did not check my modem. I called my computer support, they charged me $297.00 to check it out the software. After several hours of trying to get my online, they decided I needed to re-install Windows saving the data on my computer. Several hours later a technician from the computer company called and was going to bring up the data so I could use it. He was unable to "take control my computer". He suggested that we have a conference call with QWest. After a hour later, the Qwest employee said she wanted to check my modem. It was a defective modem.
When calling QWest, they would not reimburse any amount for the charge from my computer company. "Even though they were wrong with not checking my modem with the first call, they are not responsible for the computer company charges".

I now have changed to another company for my phone and internet!!!
QWest thinks because they are big, they can charge anything they want (my monthly bill is over $250.)

scam charges

Beware of unknown charges from a company called esbi or orbit telecom. I received a charge of $14.95 from a company called esbi on my qwest bill. If you call esbi, they will not help you, they will refer you to your telephone provider. This is the second month in a row that i've spent at least an hour trying to resolve these charges. Qwest promised to credit my bill and also promised this would not appear on my bill again however next month I received another charge of $14.95 plus a late charge of $14.95. I have been on conference calls with both esbi (Orbit telecom) and qwest twice and this is after being disconnected twice by qwest while waiting to speak with a manager. Once I found someone to help me, I insisted on a 3 party call with orbit telecom. Initially orbit telecom said a refund check was issued to me however I mentioned that I did not pay the service fee and have no intention of paying so then she checked her records and qwest piped in stating they would credit my bill. So here we go again one hour later, a promise to credit my bill $29.50 and this time I got a confirmation number from obrit telecom. Good luck if this happens to you. My recommendations are a) get names and confirmation numbers b) call back an hour later to see if the notes are in your file and that in fact the confirmation number has been included c) use another provider if the option is available.

  • Cu
    Customer Service May 29, 2009

    Orbit Telecom provides its subscribers with a private voice mail service which enables access to voice mails via phone and email. We market the service on the Internet and continuously review our marketing and sign-up procedures and believe that they comply with all applicable laws and industry standard best practices.

    We maintain excellent customer service 24 by 7 by 365 and you can reach us via phone at 800-263-0206 or online at http://www.orbittelecom.com/support.cfm. I’m confident we can address any customer service concerns you may have.

    Orbit Telecom Customer Service

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  • Co
    Complicit Telephone Co.? Jul 11, 2009

    It seems that this is exactly what happened to our office in the last couple of months.

    I originally posted this under the complaint section for NetOpus.net, but Qwest needs to be mentioned again here. Qwest was heavily fined by California PUC for doing what you are describing —back in 2003.

    Just this year, going back the last couple of months, we fell victim to this same technique with Qwest and a company calling themselves NetOpus.net. NO verification, no authorization, no services rendered, yet we are getting charged $34.95/month through our Qwest bill.

    So why is Qwest not doing something more to verify that the charges are legitimate??
    It seems that anyone who wants to run a scam can simply give Qwest a phone number and company name and tell them to start charging the customer whatever they say to charge.

    In our case Qwest was very quick to offer credit back, but would not describe how the NetOpus charges were authorized on our account in the first place. I would think that if Qwest was fined $20 million for cramming in 2003, is there not complicity in what they are doing today?

    Until enough people complain and register these issues with their regional Public Utilities Commission, or with the FTC for interstate wire transfer fraud nothing will stop these utilities from playing this game.

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  • Da
    Daniel Jul 27, 2009

    Company overcharged for services. When notified, they repeatedly took down our information and said they would have a manager call. They never called and my child who is in college needed internet so we decided to pay the overcharges and take the credit they said they would give us when they could access our account. When we went to pay, they charged us an activation fee. We didn't pay, immediately canceled, and purchased an alternative dsl company. Now today we received a bill from Qwest for services we had already canceled.

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billing/phone shutoff

Here are the facts:
I have ALL of my phone service through Qwest: local and long distance services, Internet connection via DSL, Qwest voice mail, and Qwest caller ID. I have been a Qwest customer since 1976 when they were Mountain Bell.
Qwest shut of my phone because they did not receive my mailed-in payment.
1. Qwest said they mailed me a notice that they hadn’t received my payment, but I never received this mailed notice. I am not upset about the mail because this happens – my checks aren’t delivered on time and notices from Qwest don’t get delivered to me.
2. From a personal check dated 12-19-08, I paid Qwest for phone services.
3. From a personal check dated 1-20-09 I paid Qwest for phone services.
4. On or about January 6, Qwest attempted to contact me about my bill via automated call or “robo-call” - to my phone. I did receive a call on that day and here are the details of that.
• I received a message on my Qwest voice mail around 1:00 p.m. and ALL that was on the Qwest voice mail message was “… so please give us a call.” The first part of the robo-call message was not recorded.
• On the Qwest caller ID, an 800 number was listed BUT there was no name, phone number, or any other form of identification left on my Qwest voice mail by the robo-call.
• Qwest caller ID recorded the phone number but the name recorded on the caller ID was “unknown caller”. I do not return calls to “unknown caller” and that is one of the reasons I have caller ID and one of the reasons that Qwest touts caller ID.

5. On January 22, Qwest shut off my phone. I could not call in or out from my phone and I had no Internet access.
6. I called from my fiance’s cell phone to report no phone or Internet service or access. The first person I spoke to at Qwest said that there “was snow in the Seattle area and that Qwest was having some problems”. I was told later in the call that they had not received my recent payment. I asked them where the nearest Qwest office was and I drove there and made my payment so that I could get my phone turned on again and access the Internet.
7. I called Qwest customer service AFTER my phone service was returned to find out more about the problem was. I spoke with Jane, employee ID unknown that, that Qwest records showed that they made a robo-call on or about January 6 regarding payment. When I explained the problem of Qwest robo-calls/Qwest voice mail, she said, “Hmm. No one has ever told us this before.” At least the people to whom I spoke to this day understood the problem with Qwest robo-call/Qwest voice mail/Qwest caller ID name blocking.
8. On February 23, I received a bill from Qwest and they are charging me $50.00 per Qwest order number C31115521 to “restore service on January 22”.
9. On February 23, I called Qwest customer service and spoke with Satami, a supervisor, and Satami’s supervisor, Jo (employee ID A68) and explained this problem and they said they will not remove the charge. Satomi also told me that the robo-call “was a courtesy call and that Qwest didn’t have to make a courtesy call anyway.” The first time I heard about this attempted contact from Qwest, they referred to it as an “attempt to contact” and never as a “courtesy call” which, according to Satomi, “We don’t have to make”.
10. On February 23 when I read the “Information About Your Account” on the Qwest bill, it says “Your basic telephone service will not be disconnected for non-payment of service or charges that are identified with an asterisk.” On my bill, this means that IF I SOMEHOW SELECTIVELY DO NOT PAY THE LONG DISTANCE DOMESTIC PLAN AND IN-STATE PLAN AND VOICE MAIL, CALLER ID AND INTERNET SERVICE, my basic telephone service will NOT be disconnected – who in world puts separate checks in the phone bill for these separate services??? This is a completely unreasonable and outrageous expectation by Qwest or else it’s a flat-out lie.
11. Continuing with item 10, when you have Qwest DSL and Qwest shuts off your phone, you lose your Internet connection, I don’t care what Qwest’s totally uninformed and unwilling-to-listen employee, Jo, ID A68, says.
12. When I called back later after speaking to Jo, Wendy took the call and I told her I wanted to speak to Jo and gave her Jo’s ID number. Wendy said she wasn’t sure who Jo was and she asked me if I knew which city Jo was in: I’m supposed to know to ask a supervisor’s city where they work? What kind of communication – especially from a telephone company where their employees can’t even find another person within their screen notes and system – do you call this? An abomination? An abortion?

Here’s the flaws in Qwest’s alleged integrated systems and alleged customer service.
1. Qwest’s robo-callers aren’t smart enough to interact with Qwest’s voice mail system to know when the Qwest robo-call message should begin and therefore, a Qwest customer misses important calls despite of the alleged benefits of Qwest voice mail.
2. Qwest blocks its robo-call outgoing caller ID name from the Qwest caller ID system. If the caller ID name would have been shown as “Qwest billing” or Qwest accounting” I sure as hell would have called someone.
3. Qwest’s statement –on page 2 of the bill states, “Your basic telephone service will not be disconnected for non-payment of service or charges that are identified [with an asterisk]” is outrageous and unreasonable. Who pays separately with check or otherwise for the services with or without an asterisk?
4. Some of Qwest’s supervisors are ignorant and/or ill-trained and/or unwilling to listen. If I can explain the situation to a front-line customer representative (Mary, Wendy, and Jane) and they can understand the problems with Qwests’ poor system integration (i.e., voice mail, robo-call, and caller ID name-blocking), why can’t Qwest supervisors get it?
Supervisor Satomi told me “we don’t have to place a courtesy call to you” and Jo – employee A68 and Satomi’s supervisor – who just did not get it and argued with me that “we didn’t shut off your Internet service [by shutting off your phone] even if you do have DSL” and both statements by these supervisors are ignorant and display poor customer service skills.

What do I want? I want the $50 charge taken off my my bill. I believe that $50 means a lot more to me than it does to a coproration the size of Qwest and if I’m only worth $50 to them, then how does that speak to their “spirit of service”?
I would hope that Qwest looks into this and sees the major flaws in their systems and does something about it.

fraud and lies

Qwest is incompetent. We were repeatedly getting ever higher bills from Qwest so, like everyone else in this economy we switched our extensive home service to Vonage to save money. This angered Qwest beyond belief who promptly terminated our internet service along with our home and office phone lines (without being requested to terminate the internet portion of our service). This took us a week to restore while our business was out of touch. Now we have our internet and cell service only with Qwest having a remaining cell phone that is under contract.

Qwest deliberately set up these accounts to all be separate and switched them from MY name to my husband's name so that when we called and paid over a $200 bill (in it's entirety) before Christmas they failed to inform us we had $32 outstanding because *QWEST* had set the billing up fraudulently.

So, in addition to terminating our internet service on our business Qwest now, on a Friday evening, shuts off our cell phone over a $32 balance we had no knowledge of. So we find ourselves in a snow storm traveling across country the day after Christmas with no cell service over Qwest's deliberate anger over losing our primary home line service. In addition, the office is only open M-F so as you, in your desperation to contact them can only be directed to a Qwest office that IS CLOSED adding insult to injury.

When you ask to have your service terminated (prior to the arbitrary termination date Qwest enjoys for YOUR service regardless of when your contract expires coming up 2/09 when they switch to Verizon). When you ask to terminate YOUR service early they charge you $200 but Qwest can terminate your service, move it or do whatever they want with it whenever they please.

Qwest, as you know, has a long history of doing nefarious activities to legitimate customers. Anyone interested in taking further legal action let me know. This company needs to be stopped.

  • Ju
    Julie50 Sep 28, 2009

    Carl: I would be GLAD to go after these liars. They did the same thing to us, only they didn't shut off our service, they're trying to say we own them $429. For what????? You know that no phone company on this earth would let you rack up that high of a bill without terminating your service. We didn't even know anything about this until we checked our credit report. We got rid of Qwest over 2 years ago over increasing fees every month. They wouldn't even bother to notify you, just send you a higher bill. They also tried to say that we still owed them $54 (that was our last bill), I sent them receipts, etc. argued with them for 6 mos. and they aid they had it taken care of . Now they come up out of nowhere with this $429 bill they pulled out of their a#@. Nice duplicate fake bill copies too.

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  • As
    asdfasdfa Oct 07, 2009

    Qwest sucks. I sign up for the $35 internet and canceled it after 2 weeks. Later I received bill for $106
    I took me an hour to get real balance $25
    I hope I won't receive any crap from them

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  • Ms
    msw26 May 13, 2010

    My mother is currently on the phone with Qwest because they have been billing her for long distance service even after she cancelled. They have these "unlisted" long distance numbers that have been called by her phone apparently.

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  • Tw
    twocansandawire May 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Qwest has recently merged with a large corporation, so is in the process of having more paperwork and crapola-hoops-to jump through to even talk to a customer, let alone try to help. I've been laid off from work for 2 years, and wanted to lower my bill, so I bundled my long distance, with local service, and instead of dropping 25$ as expected, was raised 22$. I was hit by Sunday tornado got phone service on Thursday, now its gone but rep said its localized trouble, then why did my friend who live 30 miles away have a similar problem 2 days ago, I think corporate transitions are messed up, and getting messier...

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  • Qw
    QWEST ARE BULLIES Aug 29, 2011

    Our company was a 16 year customer of Qwest with a broad system on connections in 8 states. We switched to Qwest T1 access at our store locations and the outages were so bad that we sent them a demand to improve service or let us out of our contract to find another carrier. Qwest recognized their bad service (41 outages, some for several days, in 5 weeks) and promised to keep our service going, and let us out of our contract, while we looked for another carrier. We have written documentation promising "no liability" to our company from Qwest employees. Then the bills came they had doubled and tripled our rates. When we contacted them about the overcharges they said we would need to sign up for a new contract. Figure that! We did not sign the new contract so they told us we had sixty days to find other carriers or they would cut off our service! We raced to find a new carrier and converted. As we switched the circuits to a new carrier and called to cancel each line with Qwest, they said that we couldn't and had to wait for 30-45 days to stop the billing. We got a three inch high bill from their company each month. As the circuits went away and the bill got smaller, we noticed that they were charging us for 4 duplicate services over a 18 month period. We have paid for all the services provided at the contracted rate up to the business day after our cancellation, but the remaining overcharges are $200, 000. This company is the most fraudulent group of thieves that I have ever dealt with in my 35 years in business. Any other businesses out there with similar Qwest bullying experiences? Qwest is without conscience they need a hugh class action lawsuit to stop this kind of fraud.

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scam and cheating

I had Qwest wireless back in 2002 or 2003, (can't remember exactly) and at the time was disputing a $200...

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Unknowledgeable Customer Service

I had no choice in choosing phone providers when I opened my business in Houston. Embarq has a monopoly, so I signed up for service. I have two lines, one with internet and one for fax. Apparently, I need a bundle package on both lines, including services that I do not need, to get a "special" rate for my internet. So, I am currently paying for call waiting and such on a line that I just use to receive and send faxes. When I tried to cancel these services, I was told that cancellation would increase my internet service fees (which is on ANOTHER LINE) by $10. And a basic line is only four dollars less than the bundle package that I was signed up for. RIDICULOUS!
However, that is the least of my problems with Embarq. One of the phone jacks in the office does not work. When I called Embarq to ask them to fix this problem, I was told that it would cost a $200 trip charge and $30 per fifteen minutes for repair. I told the representative that the jack was broken before I opened my business and Embarq should provide complete and fully operable lines and jacks for their customers, especially new ones. But I was told that Embarq only takes care of problems with their exterior lines and customers are responsible for the condition of the lines inside. Again RIDICULOUS!
Whenever I call Embarq, it is a huge ordeal. No one knows ANYTHING! When I ask a simple question, such as, "When did you receive my last payment and how much was it for?" it takes the representative a full two minutes before she can answer me. Shouldn't basic account information like that be easily accessible? When I call to ask them to please put my long distance and local bills together, I get a yeah, sure. And then four months of separate bills. Thus, more calls, more empty answers and more headaches.
Embarq's long distance is unbelievable. One day, I tried to fax long distance. It didn't work, but when I faxed to a toll-free number, it went through. I tried making calls, again, no long distance. So, I called Embarq, asking why my long distance was cut off. The representative had no idea why. She just said, oh, it'll come back on within one to four hours. WHAT? Okay...maybe there was a problem with the lines, I can understand. A week later, again, my long distance was cut off. I called again.
This time, the representative tells me that I asked for it to be cut off.
No, I use this fax all the time, there is no way that I would call and ask you to cut off my long distance.
Well, let me look into it for you... Ten minutes later... Someone named Mandy asked to terminate the long distance.
There is no one here by that name.
Oh, I see... Mandy has a residential line with the same number and she terminated service.
I don't understand. Someone with this number, but different area code, with a different account number terminated her residential line and now our long distance is cut off?
yeah...I think so.
That makes no sense.
Well, that's what it says on my screen.
Well, I need long distance, I need it back on.
Okay, we have to go through an automated system that will authorize the new service.
This call took roughly fifty minutes from my day. It was completely unnecessary. There is a poor woman named Mandy out there that thinks that she disconnected her line, but is still getting charged, most likely.
I do not understand how this company operates. How do these people that do not know anything get on the phone and help customers? It is completely ludicrous.
My wish for the new year is that another telephone company offers their services wherever Embarq does. No one should have to endure the incompetence of these employees and the unfair tactics that Embarq uses to squeeze more money out of its customers.

  • Ce
    CenturyLinkJoey Jan 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I'm sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience dealing with our customer service. Can I help? If there is something I can do, send me an email at [email protected] I help people all the time and you can verify my identity on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Embarq_Joey.


    Joey H.
    Embarq Reach Out
    [email protected]

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customer service or lack of

On Nov 16th we went to our local Qwest kiosk because my teen-age daughter's cell phone had quit working, we had a family plan on our cellphones even though we hadn't used the second phone in over a year, we still had a contract, they said they no longer had cellphones because they are in the process of switching cellphones to Verizon, but to call the business office and have the phones seperated and then come back and they would then switch (migrate) my daughter's phone. So I called and they seperated the phones and I went back to the kiosk on the 18th and Julie switched the phone for us and promised the new phone would be delivered no later than 7pm on the 20th. It didn't. So I called back out to the kiosk and Julie said she would check on it and get back to me first thing tomorrow, she didn't.When I called to find out about the phone I talked to Steve and he said that as far as he could tell the phone had not been ordered but he was not sure to call back and talk to Julie so I tried. I then spoke to someone named Freddy who told me that as far as he could tell the phone had not been ordered but he could do so at that time, but I might end up with 2 phones if by some chance the phone had been ordered at that point I requested that the order be cancelled "if it had by some chance been ordered" We then ordered a phone directly from Verizon. At this point I called on the 24th and reduced my minutes as I wouldn't be using any more minutes with Qwest. Then I received a bill 2 seperate bills 1 for my house phone, and 1 cellphone and 2nd one for the 2nd cell phone the 1st bill was 88.00 and the second bill was 198.90. because they changed the minutes on the phone the day I inquired about splitting the phones I was seriously over the minutes (they dropped them to 200 which is what I requested on the 24th not the 18th) After 2 hours on the phone they refused to do anything about the bill, when my contract is up in February I will never have another phone or any other service through Qwest.

  • Valerie Jul 18, 2008

    I moved to a rental house in Bellevue from Bothell on 1-Jun. On Tue 16-Jun I called Qwest to order a land line/DSL bundle. They said that there was already an active line (from the previous renter)but promised they would call my landlord, take care of it and that both services would be up and running on Friday the 19th. Friday I get the DSL modem in the mail. I hook it up but it does not work. I hook up a phone to the line and it works, but when I call my cell it comes up as a different number than I was promised. Also the long distance does not work. Saturday night I call Qwest. They say that they can't hook up the line until the customer calls to disconnect the existing line. No one, including the landlord, knows who or where on Earth the guy on the account is (the name doesn't match the person on the previous lease). For the second time I give them my landlord's phone number and for the second time they say they'll call him and get permission to remove the ac!

    tive line.

    Monday rolls around. Still no service, so I call in the morning. They tell me that they cannot make outgoing calls so I have to call the landlord to have him call Qwest. I refuse, telling them it is not my problem, they've broken their promise and it's really their problem anyway. Monday evening I call again, finally get to a person who again takes my landlord's number and ABSOLUTELY ASSURES me that he'll have me up and running by end of day tomorrow, and he'll take care of everything. I was so ecstatic I told him if he gave me his address I'd send him twenty bucks and a thank you card.

    Nope. Nothing.

    Thursday the 24th and I call in the morning. Again they tell me they cannot make outgoing calls to contact my landlord. After over TWO HOURS on the phone with them, they finally call my landlord and add him to the conversation. He cannot do much except confirm that I am the official renter and he doesn't have a clue who the person on the existing account is. I am also told that the person owes them over $800. So, basically, I ask them: So you WON'T turn the phone off of someone who not only doesn't live here and you cannot find but owes you money, and at the same time, you won't turn on my service that you promised and I WANT to give you money.

    While on the phone with them, they attempted to call the old renter and left a message. At the end of the conversation it was made clear to both my landlord and I that a)if they hear back from the old renter they will immediately turn off his service and turn mine on, or b) if they don't hear from him in three days, they will put some kind of order on the account (apparently closing it) and ten business days later my service will be activated, so the latest date would be the 15th of July. Also, the DSL line will take three extra days after that. The next day the existing line was shut off.

    Now it is the 18th and no service. It's been over a month.

    Verizon also offers land lines and DSL to my house address but I'm apparently, despite being a mile (line of sight) from a major Microsoft campus in Bellevue, in a dead zone. I've had their service since 1999 and currently have three cell lines with them, but they refuse to fix the dead zone. Naturally, I cannot in good faith reward them with more business, especially when the only reason I'm getting a land line is because there's no cell service there. So I am completely without communications at this address. Now I am on an extended trip for work and I can't even talk to my girlfriend at home.

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  • Ma
    Masker66 Dec 03, 2009

    QWEST recently made a mistake. Their employee did not log the information in our account and they cut off our service before the deadline we had to pay.

    Granted we did owe them money. We were told our service would not be cut off until a Monday. So we were frantically finding the money since my husband no longer had a job to pay our bills. We had the money coming in on Friday which is before Monday so that I could call in a payment. I did not want to call in a check that I didn't have money in the bank. Trying to do the right thing (not writing checks before the money was in the bank).

    When I found our service had been cut-off before Monday I contacted QWEST to restore our service till that date. They needed to keep their word, it would not be cut-off till Monday not on Wednesday 5 days before. Of course we have absolutely no other choice but QWEST and they have no way of logging complaints except writing to Executive Office at 1801 California, Suite 5200, Denver, CO. 80202. But that is not going to restore my phone so my husband can receive job interviews and we can pay our bills on time again.

    I am done with companies who bully you. They have no competition so they can treat you anyway they want. The only way they would restore my phone was if I made a partial payment on the day the cut off my phone. I told them I don't have the money in the bank for a partial payment. I would give them full payment on Friday which is when my husband and I would have our money in the bank. I even offered to write a post dated check for Friday. I could have given a partial payment on the phone but it was the principal of the issue. They needed to finally step up to the plate and follow through with what they told us. They needed to apologize, restore our services till the date they said it would shut-off and to please make a payment otherwise our service would be discontinued.


    Take my post dated check on Friday when my money would be in the bank to pay them fully. Not a partial payment today to bully me into paying them. I was being bullied by the Credit department and I've had it with QWEST treating their customers anyway they feel and no place for me to complain.

    No proof that who I was talking to on the phone was a Manager or Supervisor. Anyone can do anything they just chose to bully me and could care less.

    I have already called them twice today and I will continue to call till they get me someone who will take care of the situation.

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billing errors

We moved from an apartment to a house on Aug. 25 2008. At the time we cancelled our phone internet and TV service. In October I received another bill for TV service. I called Qwest to find out what the problem was and they had not cancelled my TV service because it was through a different provider even though all connections, billing and installation was previously handled solely by Qwest. I was receiving billing for service I wasn't even getting any longer. After many long calls with Qwest and DirecTV I finally had the TV service cancelled. But guess what, I get another bill from Qwest yet again. This time for the previous amount and even more. I now get to make another hour long phone call to Qwest to try and figure out what is going on. Only to find out they will not reverse the charges from my previous bill stating it was my fault I did not call DirecTV to cancel in the first place. Qwest could not tell me why I was getting charged additional money on top of the original bill because their system had no record of what was going on with my account. So after all of the calls to try and get this sorted out there was no record of anything ever happening with my account other than it was past due and going to collections. The billing department was no help. At this point I am keeping my records and waiting for the call from collections. From there I will go to small claims court and prove my case to a judge. If you are ever thinking of bundling service with Qwest and DirecTV, DONT. DirecTV was fine when I called them with any issues they were taken care of, but Qwest was a whole other story. I couldn't get service to get my TV fixed, they didn't show up on the day of install, and now they don't cancel your service when you ask them to. DirecTV would be wise to not affiliate themselves with such a lousy company.

Fraud and cheating

About a year ago I received my phone bill from Embarq that included third party charges from OAN Service...

[Resolved] horrible customer service

Stay AWAY from Qwest. Their customer service is horrible and their billing department is a nightmare. Last year they sent me to ER Solutions (collection agency-another horrible company) and stated it was in error, they meant to send someone else. This time I cancelled my phone service with them and switched to Vonage. I called and made a payment which according to the person I spoke to, this was my final payment to close out the account. Now 4 months later, I am being harrassed again by ER Solutions. I called Qwest to ask them what is happening and they state that I now owe them more money. They never sent me a bill, called me or sent me an e-mail. I asked to speak to the manager who is less educated then the representative that I spoke to. I am moving to Comcast and if you care about your credit, you will stay AWAY from Qwest!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CenturyLink's response · Jul 07, 2009

    Hello there, my name is Brian and I work for Qwest. I ran across your post here, and am curious if I can help you with this issue. It does sound like you had a bad experience with us, and I do apologize for that. Sometimes mistakes or misunderstandings can happen, which I would like to try and resolve for you, if your situation has not been resolved yet.

    If you would like my help, please send me an e-mail to [email protected], and put my name in the subject line. If you would also include your billing number & billing address, I will help to look into this for you.


    Consumer Affairs Manager
    Qwest Communications

  • CenturyLink's response · Jun 01, 2010

    Hello, Steph here from Qwest,

    I am sorry to hear you aren't satisfied with your service. Please email [email protected] with your billing phone number, billing address, contact number and some details about what type of trouble you have with your service.

    thank you

    Steph Lake
    Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

    "At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

  • CenturyLink's response · Sep 09, 2011

    Centurylink wants all of our customers to get the best performance and customer service available. Please send us your contact & account information here: http://on.fb.me/pDFnvq or you can email us directly at [email protected]

    Find us on Twitter: @CenturyLinkHelp

  • Aj
    AJ ZEE Oct 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Qwest Communications - www.qwest.com

    If you have Qwest broadband in Tucson get rid of them and go with Comcast or Cox! I have West DSL and the wireless modem will not work well and drops you constantly. I have complained to them and there customer service really sucks bad! They use any excuse possible and to work for that screwed up company is even worse!!!

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  • St
    Steve Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How is it worse to work for a multi billion dollar corporation?

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  • Sa
    Sarah Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Because they're shady!!! And they know it! Our bill keeps getting higher and higher and every person there tells us a different story. It is freakin ridiculous.

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  • Pr
    PrafChandra Jul 06, 2009

    Qwest and its third party vendor made me an offer that does not exist. They offered a free modem and high speed Internet for $24.99 and now want $44.99 for the same service. They also claim that there is no free modem with this offer.

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  • Ri
    Ribonnes May 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a Qwest customer for some time and i am unhappy with the quality of the service i am getting. For all the competitors out there i would think that the product should be the best in order to keep my business.

    Please have someone at Qwest get in touch with me and maybe i will keep my business with you.

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  • Mm
    mmmmm Sep 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a Qwest customer for some time and i am unhappy with the quality of the service i am getting.

    For all the competitors out there i would think that the product should be the best in order to keep my business.

    Please have someone at Qwest get in touch with me and maybe i will keep my business with you.

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We keep recieving phone calls from a fake company that says they are with the federal government with info on...

direct. tv never showed up for installation

On monday 11/10/08 I had odered direct.tv through qwest company the package deal they had running for speacials get 200.00 dollars gift card if you order direct.tv or high speed intrnet services. My appointment was confirmation for 11/12/08 to set up the cable DVR boxes.No one showed up, called Direct TV and spoke with Joey at 0630pm and he said to call back becuase he could not pull up the files, called at 640pm and spole with Troy and he stated I had cancelled the scheduled for thursday 11/13/08 per his report, I then asked to speak with a supervisor and apparently no one has any I dea whats going on.Im now speaking with Chrystal and she trying to contact the people who are will be installing the T.V boxes all I have been doing is being transfered to several different operators its redicolous, Im still o the phone waiting and its 7:08p right now.Being I had taken off from work early just to besue that someone is here for the installation, This is so crapy im goingto ask for a month off my bill!

awful company

I had a DSL internet & phone bundle with Qwest from Nov 2006 - Apr 2008. I switched over to another Internet provider(Charter Cable) in mid-April 2008 and also switched over to Vonage, the VOIP based phone service. They have the number portability service where they can transfer your existing phone number to their service. To do this, they(Vonage) directly do the switch and let me know once the switch is complete. My switch was complete by April 15 2008.

Then I called Qwest to cancel my phone AND DSL internet service. The customer service rep confirmed all of this and told me I'll receive a prepaid box for sending Qwest back the DSL modem I had rented from them and I'll get a 'final bill' within 2-4 weeks. The prepaid box for the modem arrived, I duly shipped the modem back and I thought the matter was closed.

Imagine my surprise, when I start receiving bills for a COMPLETELY NEW phone number with fresh monthly charges(for Broadband, Long Distance etc). I called Qwest that there has been some mistake and that I never had this NEW account. I told them about the cancellation, the mail-back of the modem etc. with details about my old account. The rep confirmed the receipt of my DSL modem and said that she'll make sure that there's a back office request put in to cancel this new account and that I'll receive a 'final bill' for this new account.

I even paid some outstanding charges(which I never understood; My bills were autopaid from my bank account; I had paid my bills in FULL for April AND May; I disconnected service Apr-15; yet I never received a final bill with a credit for the months of May and half of April). But the bills kept coming(with increasing amounts) for the new phantom account. The funnier thing is that these are all disconnect notices threatening to disconnect service yet Qwest never seems to disconnect, but only hit me with a larger bill for an account I never had.

I kept calling about Qwest twice a month(never could get the same customer service rep, always had to repeat my story); they'll say that there's been a mistake and will promise that it will be sorted out very soon. I got tired of calling them with absolutely no response other than a bill. Now it is Nov 2008, 6 months since I first disconnected from Qwest.

I've gotten tired of calling Qwest and am at a loss as to what to do. I'm not sure if I want to sue them for the $300 or so for the they're hitting me with an account I never had, as well as the $100 or so they owe me. Any advice for me? Qwest doesn't seem bothered by my calls so I'm not sure about my course of action here.

I have excellent credit and don't want it ruined by an unscrupulous company reported fraudulent charges.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks for your time & patience.

  • St
    Stacy Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would send a registered/certified letter to the CEO of Qwest with cc's to the FCC, FTC and your state attorney general. Hopefully you will get the positive response that you are looking for but if not, you will be creating a good paper trail in the event that you do end up in small claims court. I think that Qwest is hurting right now and they are pulling a lot of shady stuff with a lot of their customers! Good luck to you...

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fraud/false information

This past Friday, I was searching on hotjobs.com last week for management jobs in the Orlando area and came...

[Resolved] awful customer service

I am including a letter I wrote to corporate about the battle with Qwest: I am writing you directly to tell...

6 year old bill

I received a collection notice from Afni, inc. that is supposedly the balance I owe on a 6 year old Qwest bill. I contacted Afni to say I have no knowledge of this bill. They told me I could pay over the phone and if I didn't it would hurt my credit.
I asked, and they sent me a copy of a bill that does not have qwest logo or information on it. It is merely a typed up bill from who knows what.
I don't want to be pushed around by a collection agency in what seems to be a potentially fraudulent bill.

fraudulent collection notice from afni, inc. for qwest

At the end of July 2008 I received a letter from Afni, Inc. stating I owed them $83.92 for unpaid service...

Free TV not so Free

I recently moved into a new house, and the only Internet, tv, and phone service in the area was with Embarq. I called them up and asked them about their deals and was told that there was a triple bundle for Internet, tv, and phone service that included 12 months of free tv. This was to cost around $75 before taxes. I decided to get this deal, but after the first month I was charged $49.99 for my tv service. I called them up and was told that the free tv offer would not kick in until the second month because they didn't want to waste the deal on a partial first month. My mistake is that I believed that load of crap. The second month came by and I was yet again charged for the tv service on top of the other services. I called them back and they told me that I was no longer qualified for the free tv and that I was stuck paying for it for 2 years because of the contract they made me agree to (which, by the way, included the free tv). The customer service rep said it was because I have a credit rating of "C" with Embarq, and you need to have a rating of at least "B" to get the free tv. This angered me the most because my credit rating is nearly perfect (in the 700s) and this rep was trying to tell me that it was sub-par. The rep would not back down, so I had to hang up. I was so mad that I decided to look up my credit reports online for the year on all three sites that show them. The most interesting part of this was that Embarq was nowhere to be found in the area that shows who recently looked at your credit report on any of my three reports. This tells me that I am either mislabeled in their system or they blatantly lied to my face about my credit rating. I don't know what I will do from here, but if you can avoid Embarq, do so at all costs. By the way, the free tv offer is offered to new customers only, but one (apparently inept) representative told me that it is only available to people who have had the service for 10 months.

  • Je
    Jenny R. Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi- My name is Jenny and I work with Embarq online support team. I would like to help you with your issues that you are having with Embarq. If you would like for me to assist you please email me anytime at [email protected]

    Jenny R.
    Embarq online support
    [email protected]

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  • Tm
    T Murphy Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company may be one of the most unethical if not fraudulent in existence today - the telecommunications version of Enron. Count me as another duped consumer via Embarq's false advertising. Like John above I made the ridiculous mistake of subscribing to their service based upon billing estimate's from at least 6 ignorant Embarq CSR's. Low and behold the bill arrives with more hidden fees than you could possibly dream up yourself. Then the real kicker, like John above my 12 month free TV deal and the corresponding $39.99/mo credit doesn't exist (even though I was told at the time of ordering of the phone that I was qualified). Apparently my 780 FICO score isn't good enough?! If I were John I would strongly recommend doing what I will do on Monday, find a law firm that is prepared to go to bat for me and surely the thousands of other consumers that have been similarly lied to.

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  • Cd
    cdomiguez Apr 27, 2009

    I have also fallen victim to the free TV offer thats not so free. The best part about the whole thing is this company could not have run my credit for the offer. They messed up the names on the account and added my husband's name and my social security number. I am currently in the process of trying to find out what my legal options are. I have spent more than 6 hours on the phone with different customer service reps who have all given me different answers as to why I am being billed so much. I have been left on hold for long periods of time and promised someone would call me back with a resolution. So far no resolution and no return calls. I think its ashame that a company is allowed to get away with something like this.

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  • Se
    SEAD Jul 14, 2009

    I switched from DirecTV a year ago to Embarq's bundle with Dish network because of the free offer. Now that my year was up I called to see what my new charges were going to be only to find out I had been paying full price all along (I did have some billing on my entertainment section because I upgraded the TV package and had additional receivers). First they told me I didn't qualify and when I pushed and asked why, they came back and said I did qualify but it didn't go through their system, then another rep told me again that I didn't qualify and around and around and around. They said it would have been better had I checked my bill and called back earlier; so I dug out last years paperwork to find I was given a credit on my first months bill - I was sure I had checked it, but no subsequent credits after that. I didn't notice because I have a billing with so many things on it (LD, Local, Internet, TV, etc) so I just assumed the billing would remain correct. When I talked to a 'supervisor' about this I was told that was a Dish Network credit - well how would I know that when I called Embarq to connect and the only credit I was expecting was their???
    On top of all that, a few months ago Embarq called to review my services and see if they could 'optimize' what I have. We decided that I don't use enough long distance on one of my lines to warrant the Unlimited LD so we changed with the understanding that my work line NOT be changed. Low and behold, the next month bill they had changed it and instead of me saving money, now I was being billed for a ton of LD charges. I called and thought it was resolved but the next months bill came and the same thing...
    I think Embarq has some sort of scam going and I will be reporting them to the BBB. Every change on my account, whether I initiated or they did, has cost me more money than it should.
    Finally, I cancelled my Dish and I have to pay $120 early cancellation fee even though I never got the free TV I was promised for 12 months!
    I didn't realize that customer service has gotten so bad that you literally have to peel through every bill every month in minute detail. That is really too bad. I remember when companies were honest.

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I have a CapTel phone for the deaf. Because it works better having 2 phone lines, I have 2 of them. The 2nd line cost as much as the 1st line even tho I don't call on it myself. The problem is that it raises my phone bill by $19.37. One of the people from CapTel suggested I see if I could get a dicount from Qwest. I am 81 & on SS & really am eligible, BUT Qwest refuses to give it to me BECAUSE my SS check uses my dead husbands SS numer, not mine. The reason being that I am drawing from the money HE made. I never worked outside the home as I had 7 children to raise. That seems like such an idiotic reason. I have called about 3 times & I get the same answer. No one else ever questioned that. Please reply. My bill is too high! Thanks. Doris Richardson [protected]

Scam and cheating

Embarq is losing a loyal customer. Residential / Small Business / Toll-free. I have 3 accounts. Joined them when they were Sprint. Have had major billing issues with them for the last two years with my business and toll free lines. My Small Business bill came in wrong half the time. Their unlimited long distance calling plan just wouldn't 'stick' and I would get high bills. And boy, did I dread calling in and being told 'It's not my department' and being transferred from one agent to another, or being told to call another telephone #. It wasn't unusual that I would spend one to two hours trying to get it straightened out. But eventually, I would get a rep that would be able to help. These angels need to be commended. The reps were not rude, just clueless. Too many departments that don't work or communicate together. And their business is communication! I started to resolve this month's bill discrepancy by calling the customer service # listed on my bill, as I usually do, on May 27th, as my toll-free line bill was 3 times what it 'normally' is. After not being able to resolve it with a rep named Richard, who tried to resolve it but could not because of Embarq's complicated pricing programs, a rep, named Jenny, assured me that a Supervisor would call me back. No Supervisor called, and I put off the inevitable hassle I would have to put myself through until the bill came due. So here's how this went on June 10th: 1) Called the customer service #listed on the bill -[protected]; 2) Rep told me to call another # [protected] ; 3) Stephanie in the Customer Service for Small business answered and said to call Accounts Receivable at [protected]; 4) Rose in Accounts Receivable said their department didn't handle it and told me to call Customer Service at [protected]; 5) This got me to Alyssa in Residential Customer Service who... 6) transferred me to Dianna. Dianna was my angel on this problem. She took care of it by finding a plan that works. And she warned me that my next bill will come in wrong and that I will have to call in, again, so that it can be adjusted to the new plan. Dianna is definitely an asset to the company. Good phone service, just lousy administration and billing. I'm looking for a company that's good on all points. By the way, I haven't had any problems with my residential bill. Must be a totally different company.

  • Je
    Jenny R. Jun 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Jenny and I work with Embarq online support team. I saw that you were having issues with your small business account over several months. We would hate for you to leave us due to these issues. You stated that Dianna has straightened out everything for you. I want you know that I am here to help you with any future issues that you may have with your business, toll free or local home account. You can email me anytime at [email protected] .

    Jenny R.
    Embarq online support team

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  • Ne
    Neal K Aug 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Seems like its too much aggravation to stay with this stupid company. I hope you have better luck in the future

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  • Ri
    Richard Eagle Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wanted the Big Ten Network. I had it at first, now I don't because I'm not in the right zip code. The Bar around the corner has it and we are in the same zip. Some body is ripping me off I believe. Whats the real story here. Dick

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