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I feel morally obligated to add the multiple complaints about gross overcharging by Centurylink not only for my personal concern but also for the sake of other potential customers. In simple terms, they are ripping us off!!

When I moved to Florida 1 1/2 months ago, I signed up for internet service over the phone before I moved in.

I had to send several personal documents by fax to set up my account (is there anyone else using a fax these days??). I sent all scanned documents which included a copy of my lease, among other things. I received a confirmation for the activation shortly after. However, the next day I received a call from a century link rep who apologized and asked me to fax my documents over once again. Apparently, someone had misplaced my personal documents and these were now lost (first big concern here). The lady apologized repeatedly and was very nice. She mentioned that there would be a $59.99 installation fee. I told her that in the offer details there was no mention of this installation fee and that there was actually mention about self-installation and activation being free for my offer type (40Mbps). So she kindly acknowledged and told me that this would be waived from my account and that I need not to worry.

This is the detail of my offer (as advertised on Century Link's website and as stated in their order confirmation e-mail):

Subject: CenturyLink Order Information for Reference number# XXXXXXX

Your CenturyLink® Order Information

This was sent from an automated email server. Please do not reply to this message. Instead, use the contact options included below.

Dear Hxxxx Sxxxxxx,

We just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for choosing CenturyLink®.

Your order has been received and is being processed. We've included a full breakdown of your order below.

We will give you a call if needed. Otherwise, we will send an email when your order is complete.

Please note that your modem will arrive on or before the activation date.

Your friends at CenturyLink®

P.S. Congratulations! Your order qualifies for a $25 CenturyLink® Visa® Prepaid Card.
See details on how to redeem.

Here's your order number: XXXXXXXX
Your Billing Account Number is: XXXXXXXXX

We'll activate your service on: October 26, 2016
Your Broadband Identifier Number is: XXXXXXXXXX
This number is used to set up your modem.

You went with paperless billing.

Your Monthly Charges
CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet 40 Mbps $ 34.95
Advanced Wireless Networking Modem with Self Installation $ 9.99
Your One-Time Charges On Your Bill
Your Internet activation charges $ 15.00
FREE Internet activation -$ 15.00
Advanced Wireless Networking Modem Shipping & Handling $ 14.99
FREE Modem shipping -$ 14.99
Your Order Totals
CenturyLink Charges
Estimated new monthly Internet charges $ 44.94
TOTAL new monthly charges $ 44.94 †
One-time charges on your bill $ 0.00
Charged to Your Credit Card Today
CenturyLink Deposit $ 75.00

So, these are the order details as confirmed by century Link. Please note that the estimated monthly charge is $44.94 only.

A week went by and when I finally got here the internet was not set and a tech showed up the day after to connect the modem to the wall. The modem was supposed to arrive by mail, but it never did. But the century link guy had one with him and he used it to setup the connection.

I then received a letter by mail from Century Link with a heading that read : "Confirmation of Services Ordered". The letter listed a total of $87.93 monthly, plus $59.99 one-time charge. The letter also stated on the third page that if I did not agree with any of the charges that I could cancel in three days. The letter was dated more that three days before the actual date it was received and it had no dated postmark (second big concern). I quickly called the Century Link customer service and asked about these charges and told them again that these were not in agreement with the offer terms. I also told them that I had not received a formal contract stating or informing me of any additional terms or charges. The person that answered the phone told me that these were not the actual charges that would show in my actual bill and that there would be a discount reflected that when considered together with the amounts listed, it will come down to the amount that was in the offer I had purchased. I asked the lady for her last name but she did not provide it and just hung up (third big concern).

Then I received the bill.

The amount on the bill was for $223.46. This was for the first month of service. I immediately called customer service again and complained about the charges being so greater than the original $44.94 that I was expecting. The lady explained that there where several charges that had been included on my fist bill and that needed to be paid. I explained to her that I had already called twice and that on both occasions I was told that there would be no other charges and that any charges other than those stated on my offer would be eliminated. The lady told me that there were no notes on my account regarding my previous conversations and that she saw no reason to make any adjustments. This lady also refused to give her name and she was extremely rude. I told her that I wanted to open a formal claim for the exorbitant charges and she told me that she would open the claim for me but that it would take from 203 months to process and that she could assure me that no change would be made to my account to eliminate the over charges. I asked her to give me a reference number for the claim so that I could follow up and she also refused and simply stated that I had to take her word for it.

I wanted to mention that the bills were incomprehensible and about 3 to 5 times what I had been told my service would cost. One fee was about $119.98 for service activation which was clearly stated as free on the offer terms. Of course I never agreed to that and never would--who in their right mind would.

Plus I started receiving an numerous amount of junk mail and advertisements both by mail and by e-mail from whomever had our number previously and with blocked anonymous calls.

I have tried to change to another service provider but my apartment complex has some sort of exclusivity contract with Century and the other service providers are not allowed to provide services. I asked to cancel my services and I was threatened with a $250 early cancellation fee.

I am filing a complaint with the appropriate consumer agency and are looking into civil litigation.

So Stay AWAY from Centurylink.

If you value honesty, and your peace of mind, this is not the company for you to do business with.

Dec 05, 2016

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