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On friday 13, 2017 I was on flight kx793 with my wife and son from jfk. And as I always expect the flight not to be a full one. However, I was a little disappointed with the flight attendants that work the coach area. But before I even talk about them, the moment you walk on the plane, it has the foul smell like a cesspool. It’s an embarrassment to our national airline and that needs to be addressed because I was not the only one talking about it.

Now back to these two flight attendants – after the plane took off and about 20-25 minutes they start serving snacks and that was okay to an extent. I ask for some coffee and when you ask for coffee you expect it to be hot or even a little warm. It was none of the above; it was so cold that I told my wife this is not cayman airways and I don’t know who these people are that are serving us.

An hour into the flight, I pressed the call button because my wife ask me for a pillow and a blanket because she never thought inside the plane would be so cold and she wants to wrap the baby up while he was sleeping. Five minutes pass, no one came – ten minutes pass, still no one. The clock keeps ticking, still no one. I have to get up out of my seat and walked to the back of the plane just to find the two flight attendants one sleeping and the other reading a book. I ask one of them and she said. "we don’t have none today".

The most disappointed part of this flight is that after they serve and collect the garbage, they never once come back and ask the passengers if they were okay. Very sad!

Going forward, I rather pay for my luggage, seats and meal on another airline than take cayman airways. This is not the first time it happens and the pilots; no one can understand a word they say over the intercom. It’s an embarrassment to the cayman islands and these little hood rats, they hired as flight attendants, needs to be replaced. They have not etiquettes, make a mockery of our airline.

Jan 14, 2017

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