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Complaints & Reviews


I am totaly unhappy with response from Air India express that they failed to make or adjust refund to the credit card.
I have canceled my itinerary from kozhikode to abudhabi on 03/08/2019 with PNR LKDCKQ
on this I supposed to get UAE Dhs 377.88, untill now they not adjusted in spite of of sending couple of emails to both finance dpt&, but no use.
Kindly address this issue at the earliest.
Prajosh Thattaravalappil
Abu Dhabi

reg refund for the cancelled ticket was not received

Hi Sir,

I booked the 3X flight tickets during beginning September and some uncertain condition i cancelled the tickets. The PNR numbers are below
until now the refund amount was not received, even i send 3 emails as per customer service advice to Finance, but the result is no one responding the mails.

could you please check and revert
Thanks and regards

reg refund for the cancelled ticket was not received
reg refund for the cancelled ticket was not received
reg refund for the cancelled ticket was not received

Air India Express

there was no notification for flight delay

I would like to raise complaint that there was no notification on flight delay from Trichy to Dubai IX 611 on 19-oct-2019. I haven't received either email or sms. I could have plan to reach airport according to new departure time. This is ridiculous service from air India express. If you look your past history most of time there is delay. Especially I had experience more with air lines. Even there was no update at airport website on departure.
Request to improve your services. Hope we will expect good service in future or to switch with other country would be good option since they are maintaining their ETD / ETA.


Sabeer Ahamed

there was no notification for flight delay

Air India Express

refund for unconfirmed booking not yet received e ticket, # scanfx ebnet

Dear Sir /Madam

i booked ticket from Muscat to Triruvanandapuram

my transaction completed but i did not receive eticket
Your card ******2629 was used for OMR 151.610 at AIR INDIA CHARTERS LTD on
26/09/2019 12:56:07.
Limit now available for use is OMR 123.637.
Please check and let me reply
Passanger name : Priya Jeevadasan
Travel date 28-08-2019
return date :02-10-2019

i complaint customer support email, They replied will forward to finance team for check.. after that i am not get any reply. i tried to contact Support team By phone emails, Please help me to revert my Amount 151.610 OMR to my Account.


broken luggage

We travelled from Dubai to Mumbai this month and when we received our luggage from the belt it came cracked...

Air India Express

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amount debited without ticket booking.

Myself Sharath Kumar, tried to book ticket from Kuwait to Mangaluru. But unfortunately ticket was not booked...

Air India Express

ticket refund

My name is santhosh and I had booked ticket (PNR TQETMA) for my family of three person from Mangalore to Muscat dated 20th Aug, due to some reason I had to cancel the booked tickets on 23rd August ( Cancellation ticket attached). Air india express was suppose to refund my balance amount of Rs27000+ with in 10 working days and even after 33 days their is no refund from your end, due to which I have to bear the financial burden as I had booked tickets from my credit card. I am continuously calling up customer support & sending emails to your finance department there is response.

Who is going to take responsibility for financial burden due to delay in ticket refund and mental agony that v have to go each time to get our hard earned money.

handbag inside wallet inside money missing

I would like make a complaint for your airport staff Last Thursday me and family travelled kannur to Riyadh...

air ticket booking via, online portal was unsuccessful payment not received

Hello sir/madam,

Last night, I was doing air ticket booking via online portal with airindia Express. After the payment done using my credit card, the system was telling there is error, asking me to try booking again. At the same time, I got message from my bank that the transaction was successful. As checked with my bank, they say the transaction is pending with Airindia Express side. Please note the transaction authentication number 334619. Kindly reverse the payment back to my bank. Waiting for your action and also your prompt reply.

Thank you.

Manoharapandian Muniyandi
Floor 41, ubora tower, business bay, Dubai.
United Arab Emirates
Mobile: [protected]
Email: manohar.[protected]

ticket booking refund

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had booked an online ticket from Kochi to Dubai through Air India Express official sight and i had cancel the same ticket on 9th of August 2019.

As of now i haven't received any refund yet, so request you to kindly look into the matter at the earliest possible.

Attaching the copy herewith
Reference :- NPUQYA

Best Regards

non delivery - inflight pre-booked meal

I had a reservation MCT-IXE-MCT; PNRWBBWUK; booking ID:NN2916241448524; On my return flight on 20th august...

flight delayed and no accommodation and compensation received

I took ticket in IX350 on 2nd Aug 2019 from muscat international airport to kozhicode international airport time 2.45 am. They announced the flight may delay 9.40 am. That is around 7 hours. They didn't provide me accommodation and compensation.
Since it is a serious fault from the airline service I request to get me the compensat
My boarding no 59

flight delayed and no accommodation and compensation received

Air India Express

delay in flight

This email is with regarding to the Delay of our Flights where we travelled on 27th June 2019. Attached is the actual initial flight ticket details for your glance.
It has been a very short Vacation trip to India for my Family and it's the first trip from Abu Dhabi Airport in my last 20 years of Travel from Country's like Maldives and UAE. During any short trip every hour and Day counts and due to the delay of flight from Abu Dhabi to Delhi, we lost the connection flight from Delhi to Chennai and so we lost and rebooked the Train Ticket from Tirupathi to Vizianagaram and the Darshan to LORD BALAJI at Tirupathi.

Even the Ground staff has offered us the Room and Food Facilities, we have lost our valuable time and below are the points I need to highlight for my claim.

• I made by booking from Clear trip on 19th June 2019 from my UAE Credit Card.
• Total Pax is 2 adults and 1 child
• As I travelled from Dubai to Abu dhabi with luggage's and Family I opted them to offer me alternative flights at Airport, but they mentioned that we cannot and for the connection flights as well I need to talk at Delhi airport if any seats available or not .
• They offered me room at Premier Inn in Abu Dhabi Airport with a scheduled estimated departure on 27th Afternoon.
• As we done the checked in for luggage's in the airport we reached with hand luggage on time but the flight keep delaying.
• After a delay of again some more time in Abu Dhabi airport we are given Boarding to the flight. The first Officer and the Captain mentioned that there is some delay in slot for the TAKE OFF and we need to wait another 20 minutes.
• The delay became more and the AC was kept off in the hot summer of UAE. We cannot breath freely and the children are suffocating. The passengers got very angry and were taking with the Crew Members and the First Officer and Captain CHANGED THE STATEMENT THAT INITIALLY WE HAVE SLOT PROBLEM AND NOE WE HAVE TECHNICAL FAULT AND WILL BE REPARED SOON. We are offered food again to calm the passengers.
• We were literally feeling Hot and Sweaty in the Flight after paying for our Comfort.
• We landed in Delhi and many passengers took the way to the Air India office for the connection flights. They were least bothered to listen and we need to beg for them to arrange the connection flight and they are not ready to refund any money at all. If they would have offered we have option for the flight to HYD and Chennai.
• After being behind them with my Family and Luggage they offered us room at a Worst small hotel where we need to carry our luggage to put IN and OUT of the taxi they booked with sweaty outside.
• They offered me the for the next day flight only from DELHI to CHENNAI and they don't want to keep the luggage at airport or Check-in my luggage where our Family need to carry ourselves.

We have opted to travel with Comfort but not with this type of scenario's where the Air Line is least bothered and they don't mind if we want to make a written complaint at Delhi Airport. I can assure that many of this delayed Passengers have gone through one of the worst service and to Compensate against the Hard Time my Family has good I am looking for a compensation.

airline delay

The flight I was suppose to travel had a technical fault which the airline came to know about in the morning. All the passenger have been at the airport since 11 am. And there comes the news the flight has been delayed for 5 hours.!! Seriously? The airline came to know about this problem in the morning and they let the customers know once they reach the airport! Is this the service air india offers? Is this the way they put the customers into trouble. Since they came to know about the technical fault they should have let the customers know that there will be a delay and they should let us know the time so that the passengers can either leave home later or check out the hotel delayed. Now this airlines put the all the ladies, seniors and other in problem due to this uncaring or irresponsible decision made by the flight operation team. Kindly get into this problem and make the necessary needs for the passengers waiting at the airport and also compensation for the suffered passengers because of the 5 hours delay.

missing bags

I am go to Dubai on 15th April 2019 from Lucknow fligh no ix0193 after deported me by Dubai, I come back...


I was travelling from Dubai to Pune with 5 other family members including two children. The flight interiors were in shambles. We all were in a state of shock on entering the flight. The kids started to cry as they felt very unsafe to fly in a flight where the windows were taped with a tape, seats broken, pathetic toilets. We could actually feel the springs on the seats.It was totally unsafe. I don't think it's fair on customers who are charged a lot of money for flight tickets only to put them to discomfort.


Air India Express

delay in refund

I have done a air ticket cancellation on 16th Dec, and have not received my amount yet in my account. This is so unacceptable service you are providing and only for this reason I will not choose this airline next time.My PNR ref No : VABICY. I called the Air India today and got to know the transaction has been processed and it will take another 2 more days to hit my account. I have not received the amount still after 1 month. This has been so frustrating for us as a customer with the kind of such a poor customer service. I will take up to the next level of action if i am not receiving the amount in 2-3 days of time.

gate staff

Hi, Myself Dr Ranjit Pillai, I had very hard bad experience with your gate staff on my travel 17th October...

no wheel chair service provided at dubai airport

Dear Air India Express, Unfortunately I have booked My mother's ticket with you E ticket No. RCEROK from...

service and penalty fee

My name is Jeyanthi Mala and I accidentally booked a ticket from Singapore to Chennai (Booking Ref: RKLLRS) yesterday (26/8/2018 at approximately 8.00 am) when my final destination was Trichy. I realized my mistake a few minutes after the transaction was completed. I contacted the customer service hotline and was informed that there will be a penalty fee of SGD90.00 which I thought was unfair since it was a mistake. So request the matter to be escalated to a person who could make a decision and was informed that there were no such person. I should contact the office the following day should I wasn't to speak to an officer.

When I contacted the customer support on 27/8/2018, my call was handled by Srinath. He kept telling me that it is the penalty policy but was not able to clarify the reasoning for the policy. The travel date is 7/9/2018 and I realized my mistake and yet the penalty was not being able to be waived off. He informed me at first that I was to pay SGD90.00 and later, when the cancellation was authorized by me, he informs that another SGD 18 (hidden charge) will be charged. I am rather disappointed that Air India Express' senior staff member is unable to provide full and complete information before a transaction takes place.

During our discussion, he also threatened that if I do not cancel today, I will have to bear the total cost of the ticket. Is this how Air India Express handles its customers. This is poor form.

I am truly disappointer that I have to pay the penalty fee, the web service fee and most all having to deal with an employee who did not have the authority to deal with my concern.