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Cash4Gold / do not use fast cash option

1 FL, United States

Do not go for "fast cash" option. My wife and I recently sent 2 wedding rings with 3 diamonds each. We had purchased the rings in mayors, 18k gold, good quality diamonds. We went to 3 local pawn shops to sell the rings. One told us they'd give us $350. The second one $310, the third one $330.

We wanted a little more than that so we decided to try cash4gold. With all their advertisements of "eliminate the middle man" and the supposed "customer testimonials" we figured we'll at least get the $350. We sent the items, waited 2 weeks for our check (Thank god we didn't take their fast cash option which waives your right to dispute the amount you receive!). The check was for a whooping $67.70. That's right. Sixty seven dollars!! What kind of bs offer is that? Even they weighed the rings at a little over 1/2 ounce of gold. The price per ounce of gold at the time was around $980! What kind of bs offer is $67 dollars for 1/2 ounce!?!?

I figured, it's got to be a mistake on their end. I called the customer service number and the person who answered the phone kept defending the $67 offer. He didn't have the "gold price knowledge" to realize that $67 for 1/2 ounce of gold was bs!

We returned their check and we are waiting to get the items back. Again, thank god we didn't try their much advertised "fast cash" option where they wire you the money but you can't argue the payment amount. Bs!!


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