Cash Crusaders / my items being sold on the floor, whilst I have been up to date with my interest payments. and despite having proof of payment

Good day,

Can you please assist me.
A few months ago i logged a complait against Cash Crusaders St Georges Square, George Western Cape. More specifically against Buying Manager Gerhardus.

I borrowed +-R500 on my Gold Ring & Citizen Solar watch, which i payed the interest every month until i could go and get it released.
I became i'll and so a friend with a signed copy of my ID went to pay on my behalf.

He was told to pay the money directly to the cash Crusaders Nedbank Account, and was send the proof of payment email address via Gerhardus's Whatsapp.
We emailed the proof of payment twice but received no confirmation from his side.

But knowing the interest was paid i thought my goods were safe.
The next month i called the friday to arrange to pay on the monday as i was out of town and they would close for the weekend before i returned.

I was told the arrangement would be fine for monday. But to my dismay when i reached monday to pay the full amount for my goods to be released back to me, i was told my Gold ring was sold and that i had to buy back my watch at floor selling price.

When i complained i was told i my items have been on the floor for selling since 2 months. (I had paid my interest in full at that time) i was told by Gerhardus that he's boss did not check the email correctly. I showed my proof of payment again but he ademently remained saying i have to buy my own watch back at floor price.

I am not responsible for the incompetence of the staff or the daily working procedures, but i was devastated as the worth of my watch is -+R2000 at that current market value but most importantly it had sentimental value as my mother gave it to me and she lived overseas so it was hers and then suppose to be my family heirloom.

No apology was given, nor my items. And i feel that i have been wronged unjustifyingly and this drove me into a deep deppression.

I need justice to prevail as i cannot just accept the great loss of my watch even with no response from Cash Crusaders head office after logging a complaint months ago.

Please can you help me.
See below photos and current price value of my watch. I also have the hard copy of the proof of payment still.

Cash Crusaders
Cash Crusaders
Cash Crusaders

Aug 04, 2018

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