Casey's General Stores Incmoldy pizza

I worked at caseys making pizzas in the kitchen. I have worked at a lot of food places and have seen some gross things, but that caseys was the worst. When I started there it seemed like no one had cleaned behind anything in years. There was a serious ant problem and we had a few mice in the few months I worked there. I killed a ton of ants with windex. They use a dough machine to form the pizza, and inside was black mold which I took a picture of on a pizza dough and uploaded. When I found the mold I immediately turned in my two week notice and tried to clean the mold out but was never trained to take apart the machine. I came back two days later after a day off and no one had cleaned out the machine and they continued to serve pizzas the whole time. Some customers would tell me that it was the best pizza they ever had, but I never ate it. Dont buy pizza from a gas station, it's common sense.

Casey's General Stores Inc

Feb 11, 2015

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