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I am writing this letter as an official complaint to bring to your attention the quality of service provided at your Carrefour store at Orouba, Alexandria.
My husband and I purchased a Samsung UHD T v 55" 7 series costing £12999.
The television was checked in store in front of us and then replaced back into the box, it was then placed onto a trolley and taken to the till so we could pay for it.Once paid for the item the member of staff took the tv off the large store trolley and balanced it one quarter in and the rest standing above the shopping trolley as we were told the store trolley is not allowed outside the store, my husband did ask is it safe to put the television into the trolley like that especially with the way the car park is full of holes, his reply was, yes, don't worry and took it out to our car. He then loaded into the car which is a Hyundai Creta, which can take upto, a 65"TV laying down.
Upon arriving home my husband and son unloaded the TV very carefully and put it in a safe place as we had to wait for the engineer to come and install it for us.
We booked the engineer to come but as he comes highly recommended he was very busy and could not come until after the 14 day period.
The engineer arrived along with his assistant, took the television out of the packaging ready to install it and noticed a hand mark on bottom right hand side and top as you look at it, he was concerned and told my husband this television cannot be held by the screen, it can only be taken out by the edges. The engineer was not happy and insisted we connected the television to the electric to see if there was any damage. He found that the bottle right hand corner had a crack running to the top, this was the side that was in the trolley, he replaced the television back into the box and advised us to contact Carrefour for a replacement .
The engineer told us this was not uncommon with televisions, they can have a tiny crack in them from storage which would not show when checking in the store, it is when it is taken out of the box and replaced and any handling. This crack would not be seen whilst they were checking it especially when the screen has a screen protector on it.the engineer also told us, if this the case then them loading it into a shopping trolley as they did then this would cause the crack to run. He also asked why had we bought a television from Carrefour when there is an electrical shop opposite as Carrefours reputation for storing and handling televisions is bad.
My husband and I went to the store and spoke to the customer services where my husband explained the situation, the man at the desk was very straight forward, saying our Carrefour policy is it was after the 14 day period, but with televisions after it leaves the store entrance it is no longer there responsibility even if any members of staff take it and load it into the car. My husband said he was not happy with the service and response he had, the customer services advised my husband to see the manager, he will be available on Monday.
On Monday my husband saw the manager, the manager told him that they had looked at our purchase history and we are very good customers to them, so please leave it with me and I will call Samsung to see if they will either replace the television or repair the screen free .
The manager did say this was not the first time that this has happened, it is either from transport or handling.
I thanked him and he said he would be in touch.
After 3 days the manager called me and said he had contacted Samsung and spoke to a manager there who he knew, he told him leave it with me I will sort it out.
After another 5 days the manager of Carrefour rung me to say he is still waiting for a response.
It is now approximately 3 weeks later and we have had no further correspondence from either Samsung or Carrefour and the £12999 television is still sitting in its packaging as we took it from Carrefour.
I am very disappointed with the service I have received from Carrefour, I am English and reside in the UK in Eastbourne East Sussex and my husband and I bought our villa in Alexandria as a holiday home. We travel regularly by eurotunnel to your store in Calais with either family or friends and we have found the service there more than excellent. I find it very hard to believe how the customers are treated in Egypt.
I await a prompt response to my complaint.
Yours faithfully
Julie Aamer


Nov 16, 2017

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