Carrefour Mall of the Emirates / extra charges and bad customer service, weighing machine not monitored

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Last night on christmas day I went to carrefour mall of the emirates as usual to buy grocery as we always chose careefour most often then any other supermarkets. However, after spending my all time to buy some food stuff I went to the cashier counter after a long wait in the queued, I paid my all the bills and I felted first time that what I have charge for it was more than my expectation so I just check the bill and come to know that all the vegetable item what I have brought was charge all most 4 time extra then the original price. Example 3 eggplant was charge 16 aed and weight was 1.5kg which is big joke I ask counter cashier do you think this eggplant look like 1.5kg he said yahh check the bill and not at all helpful. One of the customer on the queue ask me to go customer service. After long queue in customer service counter I approached the lady staff and explain what went wrong and ask her to check the stuff and she replied I am not a weighing machine in very rude and bad way and without knowing what customers are facing and staff are very sarcastic. After waiting again lady staff from the vegetable section come to assist and immediately understand that amount was charge is wrong and apologize. I have spend more than 2 hours to deal with the situation and at the end they refund me the what they had charge extra which is all most aed 80. All I come to know because first time I check the bill and now on always. Hope all other customer entire day had pay extra because of weighing machine was not monitored or check.

Carrefour Mall of the Emirates

Dec 25, 2017

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