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failure to honour promo

Carrefour recently ran a promo where they issue stamps for a promo product. In this case a football bear. When its time to collect they state no stock left so they fail to honour the promo and nothing the customer can do. This is simply theft. I never thought Carrefour was so damn cheap that they had to scam customers. The worst thing is the promo is something that kids want so now I have a very disgruntled son and have to explain that some companies like Carrefour are less than honest when there is an extra Rp profit to be made. Carrefour, if you cant deal honestly then dont deal at all. I will take my business to Lotte.

faulty products

I’m writing to inform you that I had a negative experience at your location in Swefieh, Amman Jordan on November 2013,
First of all, I recognize that you, as the reader of this letter, are not responsible for my bad experience, but I am still upset about the situation.
I went to the Carrefour Swefieh (Galeria Mall) with my family and bought a think pad. For 189 JDs. After a month I was trying to put it on but it didn’t it was just dead, I went online and checked its warranty online but unfortunately it was over one moth before I bought it October 2013 ??!!! although the guy in the store who sold me the pad told me it has one year warranty so I drove back to your store in swefieh in galleria mall where I bought the think pad to explain the situation and get it fixed.
I went to the customer care desk and explained the situation, so the guy called the section manager to solve the problem, after 15 min of waiting When I got to the speaker, I was told (in a tone that sounded annoyed with the fact that I wanted the issue fixed) that it was easier to take it back to the dealer because its going to take 21 days to fix it. and if I leave it where I bought it (which is Carrefour), and said that he knew that it has no warranty and its bought from Dubai by a Jordanian company and they do the one year warranty instead. So I told him that if it is out of warranty from the dealer itself, it means that the situation will be worst in the future and further problems will occur in the future, and I assumed that this problem will persist because I was not solved by the proper people, and how would I know that this company he is telling me about will know what they are doing, as for the parts that they are going to use if these parts are original or not. So I decided that i don’t want it and I want something else (another brand I mean) To exchange with Because this product is not reliable.and if i knew this befor i bought it i wouldnt have bought it in the first place. So he said that he would not take it back because it has been more than the limited time for a refund and shook my hand in way that he was very annoyed that I was asking to take it back and excused himself. As if he was done talking to me.??!!! it was also extremely inappropriate. I was so upset by the situation and shocked at his attitude. And the way I was deceived by the seller and not informed about the situation beforehand.
So I took things in my own hands and looked for the dealer he referred to and went all the way to gardens street which is very far away from where I live and found the place and gave them the think pad so they told me its going to take a 15 days to fix it. So I called after 15 days and they told me It was not ready so I called after 20 days and they told me it was not ready so I called after 35 days and the guy over there told me it was ready so I went I picked it up. After five days it had the same problem.
I feel very disappointed with this interaction, as I usually enjoy my experiences at carrefour. To fix this situation, I would like a refund or at least exchange for this defected item that I bought from your stores. I do not need any apology from any of the sales people because at the end I know for sure that you will handle this situation without my interference.
Please contact me at [protected] or email me back at [protected]
I would like this situation to be resolved so I can continue to be a loyal carfour customer.
Best regards
Eyad Batshon

Dear Mr. Vercauteren

As per our last conversation dated 06-06-2014, i am following up with you as per your request regarding my Think pad,

First of all let me thank you for your patients and professionalism, without your help, things could have gotten very complicated,
since our conversation which was one month and a half ago since i delived the think pad to the Carefour Galleria mall or maintenance. so today i gave you a visit at Carrefour Galleria Mall and met with an employee called Mohammad Alkhaledi and as i understood from him that the Pad is not ready and they just sent it to maintenance a week ago.

I wish that you understand my frustration and discomfort from this issue, i tried to convince myself that this thing is normal but it seems its not and i am afraid i will remain the same way or even worse.

So please understand me demanding for refund or an exchange with another brand that has warranty from its Certified and original dealer. because this situation is continuing to be intolerable.and since i bought the pad it has been in maintenance.for so so long.

please know that i love to shop at Carrefour for everything, and i would like to continue considering Carfour my only destination for all my needs.

I hope that my cases was clear, if you need additional information please let me know.

I will be awaiting you reply and this matter solved once and for all.

attached are the invoice and the service invoice .

My Best Regards

Eyad F Batshon


I am reflecting to you my case may anybody help me.

I am a very Loyal customer of Carrefour that had many problems with my pad since the first month i bought it from Carrefour Galeeria Mall, Amman Jordan, and there was a person at Carefour amman helping me to solve my problems because no other employee could over there. his name was CHRISTOPHE VERCAULERN, so i emailed him to follow up and this is what happened, please read the email from the beginning to understand.

After i revived this email from Mr Vercauteren, I returned to Carrefour in Galleria Mall Amman Jordan, and asked for exchange because the Pad had been in repair for more than 45 days and as the General Rules For Exchange and Refund Say i am Entitled for an exchange or a voucher for the same amount of money that i bought the pad for, and when i arrived there i presented the voucher and the customer repair slip that was issued in 06 Jun 2014 and today is the 19th of July, to the it to a manager Mr. Mohammad alkhaledi and asked him for an exchange but he refused and stated that we (Carrefour) should not have taken the pad from me the first place because its not their Job and it my job to take it to repair under warranty ???!!!??!! so i tried to explain that i bought it from you and common sense say that you are the one taking it for repair, after not reaching any conclusion i asked to see the manager, then Mr. Mohammad al masri showed up so i explained again that i neeed to exchange the pad because it has been so long since i gave it to carrefour, so he refused and explained that Mr. christophe should not have received it from you because it is out of warranty, so i interrupted him and explained that it is under warranty and i have the receipt, and then he replied even though we cant exchange it ??!! so i said but your General Rules For Exchange and Refund states clearly that i can, and again he said it does not say that so i told him please read the general rules first and then tell me that, and i handed him the receipt and told him to flip it and read what was on the back, so after reading the text (which i dont think he read) he said no we cant exchange the goods or give you a voucher so i told him i have been in this mess for at least 8 months and i offered to share the emails i had with Mr. Christophe to have an idea, so he said i know everything i have your emails, so i said perfect so you know how much i have been suffering, he said that this is our policy and cant do anything about it, and asked me to pass by in few days maybe the Tab would be ready.

First i know that this is not how carrefour treats their customers, because i have been a loyal carrefour customer since it has been opened its doors in Jordan, second i know that this is not carrefour problem its the dealers problem so why are the employees trying to cover up the dealers mishaps, and getting the customer to suffer.

Please not again it has been so so so so tiring for me what should have been a simple thing ended up becoming very frustrating and time consuming, and you can read my previous emails that my intention was to get a working Think pad and to run my work smoothly, unfortunately i was not successful in that in any way instead i was wasting my time and carrefours time.

At the end what i am requesting is a refund or at least an exchange as i mentioned with any other item from your stores.

Thank you for your time
Hope you can solve the issue asap once and for all.

faulty products

physically & verbally attacked by carrefour employee

I was in Carrefour Dandy mall, Giza, Egypt on 5th July 2014, they were using the internal audio system to...

physically & orally attacked by carrefour employee

I was in Carrefour Dandy mall, Giza, Egypt on 5th July 2014, they were using the internal audio system to...

money stolen by staff

I am one of Carrefour's frequent customers worldwide and I am totally satisfied by all products, offer...

Riyadh Food

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delivery delay

I purchased a Refrigerator since 21-Jun to be delivered max by 28-Jun, on 24(or25)-Jun the refrigerator has been delivered with deformity and the delivery service told me that they will change it and to be delivered max by 28-Jun, then 29, 30 and now they told me will be delivered on 2-Jul.
I’m highly dissatisfied and formally escalated this case to you to deliver it today.
Unfortunately, I lost all my foods due to your poor commitment which is the first time I practice such attitude from Carrefour.

price discrepancy between display and checkout

Recently I had the misfortune of shopping at Carrefour in Briancon. In front of a
display of Lindt chocolate was a large clear notice with a special offer. However,
upon paying and checking my receipt I found I had been charged 50% more than I should have been. At the entrance desk, a lady checked and rechecked the figures and pored over lists oblivious to my waiting, finally concluding that I had been charged
correctly. I asked her to come and see the offer price which was displayed but she
refused. I had begun calmly but this treatment now angered me and I demanded
vociferously to see the manager. Big mistake of course, since this allowed Carrefour
to perform the magical transmutation of their fault into mine due to my not being
"calm". Adding insult to injury security was called (I am in my 60s). We waited for
the manager who then proceeded to take his time poring over the figures refusing to
come and see the displayed price. In the end I forced the issue by going to the
display myself leaving him no option but to follow, whereupon he was obliged admit
that I had been correct all along. No apology while they disgruntledly refunded my
money. Their excuse - I was not calm. I had been perfectly calm for the first 10
minutes! What absolutely atrocious customer service.

  • Ro
    Rose fanning Sep 26, 2014

    Surveys are being carried out on this company, .many people have not recieved a cheque from this company ...

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I have been using carrefour for many years here in spain and in oman and always had good service. Today I am very upsetregarding my shopping. I live quite a long way away from elche so it is difficult for me to go back..
There was a special offer to buy 2 units at a reduced price on tuna and on h&s shampoo. On my receipt I have been charged full price on both items. The shampoo is 3.99 euro's each and the tuna 2.39 each.
As I can;t go back I felt I had to write to complain as I feel that these items should have been updated so that the cashiers knew or when put through the till the discount was picked up.

Kind regards

Hilary clauss


I ordered a TV, Home Theater LG, Samsung Washing Machine and Fridge, and an Indesit Cooker that was supposed to be delivered yesterday.

For LG Items, the guys called me yesterday for the first time and told me we will be there now.. you have to leave your work and be there and I did.
For the Cooker, the called me 1 day later and again they told me you have to be at home today.
For Samsung stuff, the guy called me yesterday morning to tell me that he is in my area and he wants to deliver now. while I could be there before 2 hours since I was at work, when I asked him to deliver it later today or tomorrow. he told me, he will deliver it later and he doesn't know WHEN!!!
I called Carrefour 5 times to complain and up till now they promising me a feed back and no feed backs are given and till now I know nothing about them.


du sim card not activated

Dear Carrefour,
The CCE has the same pitch delivered to the customers without understanding the need and questions, everytme i call they tell me sir we have just forwarde it today itself and the complaint no is 5678.
its been 9 days that i am requeting to activate my simcard, and carrefour is not bothered to reply, if this is the service please let me know so that i can change my shop to purchase nything.

ravi threja

delay of delivery

I would like to make a complaint for the delay of the delivery of a zanussi built in cooker (model no : zgo96524ba) that I have purchased from careffour (cairo festival city) on 13th december 2013.
I was informed that I should receive the item within 7 days maximum but I haven’t received the item yet. Unfortunately I have been receiving phone calls almost daily to check if a representative from zanussi called me to deliver the item. I have been promised four times that I shall receive the product on specific days, however, I didn’t receive the product nor received an apology call that they won’t be able to come.
After 17 days of purchasing, I visited carrefour yesterday to meet a complaint supervisor to understand the situation, unfortunately I found similar complaints from other customers which made me lose credibility in your hyper market. I explained the fact to them, but they were giving inconvenient excuses and couldn’t commit to any delivery dates. It was really shocking to discover that they display items on promotion in spite of their unavailability in carrefour warehouse nor the supplier’s warehouse (i. E zanussi) !!! I believe this is not acceptable from a well-known hyper market

I hope that after this complaint, you will take the necessary action in this regard and will assure prompt and accurate delivery time.

Islam selim

  • Qw
    Qwerty hoop Jan 10, 2014

    Did the stupid Indian salesman suffer something unfortunate? Such a terrible service. F*****g complaints and shouting all the time. Let alone the no receipt, one or two more stuff charged at my no attention and the shortage of money change. Why you let a lunatic take over your shop? Or his shop is fake? Awful! I won't go there, or next I will record it on the video then out it on the YouTube.

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  • Si
    Siraj Al Negashi Jan 15, 2014

    Picture explains itself.. got more if requested.
    Hope officials contacts me very soon...

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rude and arrogant

Counter attendants are rude and mishaves with customers. Today I was at carrefour and almost spend $ 200 on...

delay delivery

I placed an order for Motorolla tab and Lenovo smart phone thorough Carrefour web store UAE for within 48 Hours delivery commitment. The bank had already credited from my account also I got new statement reflecting that transaction. This item was for my daughter as birthday present. It has been 10 days now still not yet received, contacted many times through contact form and mail, no response. No information on order.I wonder this big 'reputed' company and no response and no commitment. I buy many thing through online with other store and never had such a problem. Carrefour uae web store is crap!, so be very careful about buying online

  • Ab
    abdulla25 Jul 28, 2014

    I too agree my friend. You will not find any contact us in their webstore. Their too free customer service is extremly bad, . I suggest NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase from this webstore to save your money and unnecessary tension

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  • Je
    JEBo Sep 05, 2014

    I ordered a tumble dryer from Carrefour webstore 5 days ago,
    paid with credit card, advised 72 hour delivery.
    No tumble dryer delivered.
    No reply to numerous emails.
    Phoned tollfree number and they said that they would email the webstore.
    No way of contacting the webstore.
    Extremely poor service (actually totally disgusting).
    Would NOT recommend the Carrefour webstore... what a joke...

    They have no problem taking the money,
    clearly a problem for them to comply with their part of the contract

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  • Vi
    Vikram jay Jun 19, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to retand my order


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  • Sa
    Sachin Saluja Nov 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am really unhappy and frustrated with Carrefour Ajman City Center, i bough the Se Gate Hard Disk 05/07/2017 and its go faulty (not detectable) with in 1 and half month, i went to customer service and submitted the item on 28/09/2017, after too many visits finally today they refuse to give me repaired item or replacement, when i bought the item they told me 1 year warranty make their customer fool.

    Top of the that Ahmed (Employee ID 560095) talking very rude (seems like abusing customer and thoroughing things away) and asking me to give proof who told me 1 year warranty, how come they customer support accepted for repair and replacement if it was not under warranty/guaranty.

    i will never ever by anything item from Carre Four any more and advise people to do so.

    Aattached are the proofs and customer complaint number 719964, i hope there will be strict action against Ahmed (Employee ID 560095) Sale manager not dealingcustmoer with sense.


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  • Sh
    shafeeqkangilayil Feb 23, 2018

    Dear Management,
    I buy yesterday Carrefour Madina Mall Duabi brand name was ulmann stationery products AED 1/- when my children is using all item was damaged .
    please we are believing to carrefour protect is good but yesterday i feel carrefour now selling scrap item if next time we seen this type of product in selling area i will complaint municipality

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  • As
    Ashiftpr Feb 23, 2018

    We buy Ulmann stationery item in carrefour Madina Mall all when children is using this all item is Damaged then i go to change other Carrefour barcode is showing water bottel why you people making fool they customer

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cheat/corruption by carrefour staffs

I am an expatriate working in Jakarta - Indonesia and I was nearly got cheated in paying for a HDMI/USB cable for the DVD player in Carrefour Central Park Jakarta between 8.50pm to 9.38 pm, 0ctober 5th 2013. I came to know that the cable should be “free of-charge” and packed along with the DVD player in another Carrefour in Mangga Dua earlier of the day.
I was so surprised when the staff serving me at the television and DVD section from Carrefour Central Park told me that I need to buy the cable at IDR100.000 from another staff, as he is selling at a cheap price. I was indeed very upset and feeling something very fishy immediately. Somehow, I was certainly not convince and told the staff that I need to see the manager to clarify this. It’s taken about 10 minutes for both the team leader and manager to appear. However, the manager was seen standing at a corner and have the team leader attending to me. When the team leader arrive, I explained to him that the cable should be come with the DVD set which I saw in Carrefour Mangga Dua and to another surprised that he told me that I need to wait if I want to purchase the DVD set because they will get the cable from the store. Otherwise, you can choose not to purchase in an impolite manner. Somehow rather, I just don’t feel it is right to get from the store, as the cable should be packed in the DVD set in the box.
Only then, the manager start to appear and telling me the staff will get the cable from the store and told me the same that I have to wait. As I waited for about 5 minutes, the staff who brought the cable is the same guy that supposes to sell the cable to me.
In view of what has happened and how the staffs, team leader and manager approaches. I do felt that this case is not only involving one or two staffs are trying to make some quick money. In fact, it is syndicates that are linked together and up for this.
I was extremely disappointed and leave the place immediately after purchasing the items I needs. However, I do hope that the top management or owner of Carrefour Indonesia as well as Carrefour Head quarter should look into this case seriously before other customers get cheated.
Last but not least, this is not only affecting Carrefour reputation and it is also affecting the reputation of Indonesia just because of a bunch of rotten apples.
Special note: For god seek; please do something before more people get cheated by the syndicate in Carrefour Central Park.
Mr. Han – Mobile# [protected]

cheat/corruption by carrefour staffs
cheat/corruption by carrefour staffs

overcharge and employees action and response

Dear carrefour,
I came in the carrefour in bahrain city center on july26th friday @ 22:00hrs to do my groceries. And when I was checking my receipt I found out that there is bd2.830 (Dates assorted coa) was charge to me which I did not purchase. I went back to carrefour the next day and I went to customer service and ask for the manager on duty the next day on july 27th @ 11:00am to inform about my concern. I did not check my receipt because I know the carrefour is trusted and always accurate. I was approach by then by the manager and explain what is my concern. I gave the details and ask me to wait. Manager called the security to check the camera about the items which was I bought. The person in the customer service even handover me the phone to speak to security and inform him what the items that I did not even purchased. And how many time they ask me about it. I told them 100pecent that I did not took the dates assorted coa still insisted that I got it and the way they look at me that I was lying. Its not about the money matters here, it was about the honesty and principles. I did even ask the person in charge in customer service to show me the items. It took for more than 1 hour for him to show me the items and I told him I did not even touch that items and they can check the camera all over the carrefour.
I ask the manager again because the way they treated me was unacceptable and i’ve wait for so long. The second time there was manager who approach me and it is a different person. Why they are doing like that? I ask for manager and every time i’m asking different person was approaching me.
The second manager who approach me did not even greeted and give me a face. He spoke to the person who’s in charge on ask what is my concern I have to get his attention first. I’ts not right he can talk to me directly. He calls again the security to check the camera and that time they found out that the third item was 4pieces of lemon. And its “not dates assorted coa. So it means your security was playing on me! Why in the first place they did not see it. Their security was inconsistent. The manager was so rude instead of apologizing his talking to me in higher voice. He is telling me that it was only a mistake and it happens and he’s staff was human only. I don’t expect this answer from a manager especially from a well known chain supermarket. Again it’s not about the money, but the trust and loyalty of a customer!!!
Their service was so bad, they don't know how to treat people nicely and they doesn't care...!!!

Sincerely yours,
Myra garcia
Email: [protected]

gift for product bought

after bought the V-soy at payment counter, i redeem the free gift as stated at the product from customer service,
at first time, they give the wrong gift, after i telling the correct gift, they said no more free gift, then simply change to others gift. they offer several free gift which i don't really need it, finally they offer me the free gift for milo which was placed in the store, but they forgot where was the key, an ask me to wait for one hour for the other staff come.

they simply offer others gift, i can simply infer that, they always do this way.
and that is why when the customer redeem their free gift, they cannot get the original free gift.
i think the management for store need to be upgraded SERIOUSLY, to avoid such incident from occurring again.

unserviceable tab as a offer

I decided to buy Acer laptop from "" (carrefour webstore) because they were giving good offer too (Touchmate Tab 7"). but after receiving I came to know that the Tab was junk and not charging at all. I went to exchange it and the reply was no warranty for offers and treated bad way. actually I was not asking for warranty but a serviceable Tab, I bought the lap bcz they were advertising that offer. This is shame to carrefour UAE.
I am still waiting for them to respond me if they want to correct their bad.

unserviceable tab as a offer

  • Ba
    badrrak Feb 20, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought a fridge and washer machine on 09/01/2013, I recieve the fridge, but not the washer machine till to day 20/02/2013, his reference is F1092NDP25 from carrefour Deira City Center, i called twice 800 7 32 32 they told me that they will check and call me back, but no one do it ! i went to customer services in carrefour Deira City Centre many time, they told that my phone number is not correct or is not working
    I want to let you know that ibouth many staff from carrefour website and i recieved all items using the same phone number 0567285264. today after 41 days they told me that it's out of stock.
    Just imagine how it's professionnel from carrefour

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  • Ua
    UAEboy Nov 14, 2013

    Some of their promotions are not updated especially those item with extra points, when I bought items with extra points I thought I can get lots of points with those items but failed to get them!

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  • Be
    Benben10 Dec 24, 2013

    I bought a Phılıps Tv from Mall of Emırates Carrefour 2 weeks ago. First I did not have DU connected so never used the Tv. But once it got connected it started to make such a noise that it's hard to watch the Tv. I have sent them over 5 e-mails to complain and everyday left a message to their website no reply! I found a number online no reply. I dont usually go to mall everyday as it's far but seems like I have no other option. but I'm very dissapointed with their customer service with such a big brand. It would never happen somewhere else

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  • Ah
    ahmed abdelhameed Sep 16, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    لقد تم اجبارى على تقديم الاستقاله من كارفور مصر لأنى ارجعت منتج كاش وقد بيع كريدت وكنت ديوتى فى هذا اليوم وهذه الحادثه تحدث كثيرا ارجو توجيه هذا النداء لدكتور هيرفى ومستر فرانك فيتك لأرجاعى لعملى فقد اخلصت فى العمل مع الشركة طيلة 3 سنوات كمدير للاستلامات دون خطأ واحد وتقاريرى تشهد بذلك
    اسمى احمد محمد عبد الحميد
    رقمى 01155880666

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  • Mr
    Mr. M Khir kadoura Dec 12, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Carrefour / city mall - JORDAN - AMMAN
    السادة الأعزاء ادارة كارفور الموقرين
    لقد قمت بتاريخ 11/9/2014 بشراء غسالة ارستون بقيمة 549 وجلاية صحون ماركة بوش بقيمة 825 دينار اردني, من كارفور الأردن - عمان سيتي مول, وكان الاتفاق مع البائع حسان العزاوي أن أحصل على هدية غلاية ماء ماركة بوش فقام بالاتصال مع المدير المباشر السيد محمد الدوايمه للموافقه على نوع الهدية, وعندما أحضروا الجلاية للتركيب احضروا معهم غلاية ماء صينية الصنع, ولم أكن ساعتئذ موجود بالبيت, وفي اليوم التالي قمت بالتصال بالبائع فأعطاني رقم شركة بوش للاعتراض, وبعد اتصالات عديدة مع الشركة ووعود باستبدال الهدية استمرت الأتصالات لأكثر من أسبوعين, وانا أحصل على وعود وكانت كلها كاذبه, حتى اخر اتصالات معهم كان جوابهم ماعندنا هدايا وروح يللي باعك خليه يعطيك, قلتلهم انا اشتريت من كارفور وساذ1هب الى كارفور, وفعلا ذهبت الى كارفور قسم خدمة مابعد البيع وأخذوا الفاتورة وفهموا القصة وقالوا خلص خلال يومين سنتصل بك, ولم يتصل أحد, وبعد اسبوع تماما راجعت خدمة مابعد البيع للمرة الثانية فقام أحد الموظفين بكارفور بالتصال بمسؤول بشركة بوش فأكد له ان الهدية ستصل خلال يومين, فقال لي الموظف توكل على الله سنتصل بك خلال يومين, ونفس الأمر لم يتصل أحد, واليوم الجمعه تاريخ 12/12/2014 راجعت كارفور لنفس السبب وقابلت المراقب السيد نزار حوارثي فقام بالتصال مع مسؤول بشركة بوش ولم افهم مادار بينهم من حديث فكان جوابه ماعندنا غير هيك ;, ;, وسأقوم بمعاقبة الموظف اللذي باعك ووعدك, , وروح راجع شركة بوش, وتفاهم معهم, وكان تصرف هذا الوظف معي من أسوأ مايكون وقلت له انا سأشتكي للدارة العامه, قللي روح اشتكي بأي مكان ومع السلامه,
    هل ادارة كارفور تقبل بهذا التصرف, انا صاحب حق واطالب بحقي, ولكم جزيل الشكر
    ارجو أن اخصل على جوابكم

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  • Ra
    Rajai Apr 20, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir

    On April 15, 2015, I bought Tyson Skinless Bon a track number 629100303996 . I made this purchase at Carrefour Market - Al Sakhra - Amman, Jordan.

    Unfortunately, the unit price mention at your bill are different then displayed at your show area. However the following issue become a normal practice at your outlet. And this issue well effect your brand name at end user level as well as trade market.

    I had made a verbal complaint about the issue but no action was taken yesterday . Then your team at the subject location tried to advised me to exchange it to an other type lesser price !! and not solving the matter.

    Therefore, I request you to kindly change the following practice . I am enclosing the copy of the bill and other documents for your reference and hope that my request will be entertained very soon.

    I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait before seeking third-party assistance. Please contact me at the above address or by phone 00962 79 8733994.

    Bill number 15/04/15 16.16 0001 02 0215 140


    Eng. Rajai Abu Al Hawa

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rude security man

I went to carrefour - Maadi city Center Cairo Egypt on wedesday ((Tuesday after mid- Night)) Jan. 8th 2012, at 12:45 am to buy a toilet's water heater, As my knowledge & my Experience that the store closes @ 1 am, but doors was still open that time for the store & my Family they told me by phone that they was inside the store & they were waiting me to buy the heater, the Security Man Named : Mohd Rasheed was shouting so loudly & he was dealing with me Un profetionally way at all !!! & Another Security Man pushed me to write this complain to you Against him, who was dealing with me in extremely bad way & talked with me faulty speech & words, he stands front to me face to face without any space between him & I, Rude talks & Rude body Language, Also he was welling to Start. Body fighting, till other workers & Employees Security Men Super Visors came, took him away, he wasn't carrying any I.D & they told me he is new here, but that doesn't Allow him to deal with people & customers that way, One of sentences that he told me while shouting ((get out & i will show you)) what the hell is that !!! He refused to tell me his name & his Super visor Named : Mohd Ahmed was talking kindly & profetionaly but he told me he doesn't know his name !!! Also his Manager Esam Esma'eel who I want to do the needful against him Also, he spooked with me un-profetionally Also !!! Talking Loudly & Shouting in my face, and he also told me that he doesn't know his name !!! And while I was leaving the manager said to me ((Show to me what you are going to do)) !!! OMG, if the Manager is talking & dealing to customers like that, so it's not strange for the security man that i don't know his name & they refused to tell me his name to be as a RUDE Act !!! Is this the way to deal with customers . They Covering them together from being punished !! My Evidence and proofs are the Monitoring Cameras in the Store will show you a part of what happened & we were in the middle of carrefour store my Two sisters, No way that is the way, because I'm dealing with carrefoure in Another Countries & many carrefour stores they were not like that, they made me angry & feeling awful & i will not deal with that carrefour store again until the responsibles of what they did & said to be. Punished !!! I told them I need a complain No. They told me customer service closed &
No body is here, so please do the needfull ASAP, they smell very bad not working seriously and a lot of joking and laughing between them
So i am requesting from Carrefour international to manage this complaint & reply to my e-mail or by calling me & send me a complain No. To follow up with this case, as this reflect it's image as I didn't saw that an international hypermarket has no complaint resolving center and they leave their customer with this very bad way of dealing this is not acceptable for an international hypermarket with good reputation outside my country, beside that there is a great problem with Egypt branches!!

So please seeking your quick action to save the image and the good service all over the world except Egypt.

My Name is: Mohamed Ahmed AL-GhouL working as SuperVisor in ETISALAT in United Arab Of Emirates .
Mobile numbers : +2-010-[protected] - +2-012-[protected]
After 17th of Jan.2012 Please call me on this no.
U.A.E Mobile Number : +[protected]
E-mail address: m.el.ghool.[protected]

order fulfilment failure

PS3 ordered for within 72 hour delivery commitment. 5 days later, 5 phone calls, no call back, no manager or 'in charge' comes to work until after midday, no information on order, Xmas day passes, no gift for child. Carrefour online is a big joke, so be very careful about spending your money with this online so called retailer. Order 29245

  • Mi
    miracle333 Apr 11, 2012

    I bought white toast from the bakery of carrefour in sun city mall in egypt on tuesday 10th of April 2012 and I was shocked as when I cut the bread, I found small insects inside???????!!! shame on you carrefour, I didn't ever imagine that this could happen from a place like that, really very shocked and very unsatisfied

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misleading the customer

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased a Delsey Octopussy Suitcase two weeks back at Carrefour Deira City Centre for AED 249.
When they said this deal of the day and it will not be available anymore in Carrefour.
But to my surprise I found that the same was offered at AED 169 now.
This is a clear case of misleading the customer.
Please arrange to refund the amount of AED 80 and oblige.
I already wrote the same complaint on your website but no reply.

Murali Dorai