Carrefour Dubai City Centerrude and arrogant

Counter attendants are rude and mishaves with customers. Today I was at carrefour and almost spend $ 200 on grocerry . While I proceeded to check out through counter no 25 around 1pm the philipino attendant started to behave strangely. After I put the grocery on the belt she told me to push the goods towards her as the belt was not working when I asked how it was working for the previous customer she told me then that my grocery was heavy and the belt might not work and tried to ridicule me by saying whether I was not understanding. I asked her why she did not told me before so that I could put them closer and keep the heavy stuff on the trolley there was no answers simply ignored. Later on when I asked her to help to put things in the shopping bag she was simply unhelpful and looked at the me as if I have asked her a favour which she is not willing to provide and kept on murmuring something which I did not understand. Painstakingly me and my wife with a small child continue to pack our things while she stood there. None of the other helpers came around while they kept on chatting and ignoring our call saying they were busy which obviously they weren't.

Nov 15, 2013

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