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Hello all would be used car buyers. I wanted to pass on a FYI for you about Carmax. You see I used to work for this company as a manager, so I know how they go about reconditioning their cars. First their "quality 150" point check is a joke. How can you check all of the major systems on a car from bumper to bumper in a mater of minutes. They use teams of mechanics who rely on each other doing the job before them properly. Its what we use to call a production line system. That would be fine if there were any type of supervision on these teams, but there is not. There was a running joke at the store that the night production team was too involved in racing the golf carts or playing football in the shop that all the cars produced at night were our "crap cars". Who cares those cars our associates would not what. Well here we have it now Carmax is going to a new production system. Now Carmax is going to be "reconditioning" your used quality vehicle that was suppose to have a "150 point" check in a matter minutes 15 minutes to be exact. Wow now thats a car that I want my family in on the road. Hey how about this...they buy junk cars at auctions and repair them to their "standards". Look at their show room floor that "never sell" car that was repaired is a typical car that we reconditioned at the store. Do you know how many cars have some type of damage that was painted, repaired, etc. Thats why we had a body shop on site...go figure. So do yourself a favor and stay away from these scam artists...yes I do not work for them any longer. Its not the way to treat customers.

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  • Ca
      Aug 11, 2009

    Well for all of those interested in buying a quality used car here DO NOT!!! You would be very interested in how this company reconditions its inventory. They instruct their associates to rush through the "150 point" inspection on their "quality" used car. Let me ask you this how can you safely check out a vehicle in a matter of 15-20 minutes. I dont know about you, but I would never purchase a used vehicle and place my family in it that has only had 15-20 minutes worth of inspection. This company has a quota to "construct" over 200 cars per week for its customers. I went to test drive two cars on the lot and two did not even start for the sales associate. The third had badly worn tires on the edges. According to the sales associate this was ok because it was up to "CarMax Standards". I was very suprised that the sales associate was very quick to provide me with all of the details on just how they recondition their cars. A 150 point inspection is done by an hourly associate that should be changing oil. WOW! Any hard problems with the cars are sent to the local area dealers (I was surpised when I also heard that their service department does the same). Did you know that they have a body shop on site? I guess selling vehicles that have been involved in an accident is ok for CarMax to do. Wait...they have a picture of a wrecked vehicle on their showroom floor that states they would never sell a wrecked car. WOW! Well I could not even find any literature on what exactly "CarMax Standards" are. So I thought that I might have better luck at another one of CarMax's stores. NOT!!! I went to the store located in Woodbridge and went to test drive two cars. You guessed it one had the engine light on and the other had the ABS light on. No way am I going to buy a car from this company. No way am I going to refer any family or friends to this company. I beg you DO NOT GO TO CARMAX...THE VEHICLES THAT THEY SELL ARE NOT SAFE!!!

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  • Li
      May 25, 2010

    Bunch of half truths, starting with the "150 point inspection" (it's actually 125 - Also, the literature never denies accident repair but rather the policy to never sell frame or flood damaged vehicles. The SC training even emphasized that no more than 3 consecutive body panels would be repaired/repainted on a retail vehicle (v-max could have the entire car resprayed and still be on the lot).

    Sounds like you're an ex-employee because you didn't know enough about your own company to keep the job.

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  • Pi
      Apr 21, 2012

    Carmax sells unsafe vehicles. Technicians are honest to managers about what repairs are needed. Managers who were fry cooks a week ago now make the decision as to whether a vehicle gets safety related repairs depending on cost per vehicle reports. If the numbers are too high they throw the dice and hope the customer does not return in 30 days. SAD SAD SAD company especially Naperville IL location. Jacob Janowski is the service OPS manager and is clueless about cars just managing numbers on a report. dont know what they decided not to fix to save money.

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