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Trade in SCAM

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WinstonSalem, North Carolina
United States
We were very exited to purchase as car from CARMAX, after selecting a car we found our title had been misplaced- we recently moved into the area. A duplicate was ordered and we finally procured a babysitter to and went in to buy a car. We were SCAMMED and told out estimate of trade in went from 10, 000 - 7, 000 $- in less than 8 weeks. This is unacceptable and just criminal business practice. We are a small hard working family and three thousand dollars to us is a huge amount of money - more than we can afford to find else where or loan. Bad business will spread around fast- all buyers BEWARE !
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D  11th of Dec, 2012 by    -2 Votes
Nothing had changed - at all the vehilce was not damamged or mileage greatly increased. This was a SCAM and was criminal, we were planning on this trade in price or reasonably close to it, a few hundred dollars is normal regression in price, this WAS CRIMINAL. Unless you work for CARMAX - in that case, your part of the problem not a solution.
D  11th of Dec, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I am a older educated car shopper, I have purchased many cars, never have I been SCAMMED or shill game played. My family went through a major cross country move with two very small childern, a small piece of paper - as a title is was easily misplaced.
I am also a seasoned sales person with 27 years of experience, and NEVER have I miss lead or changed the terms of a sale. I believe completely to do honest business in the fast paced economy means - DOING THE RIGHT THING . This was WRONG, and reguardless of any comments from an obvious CARMAX employee to try to save face this was BAD BUSINESS and every potentinal consumer needs to informed. We will go else where and also be sure to tell every friend, neighbor and collegue to BEWARE of the SCAMS at CARMAX. We never had any preconvieved price in mind for a trade in, we went to CARMAX based on the TV AD that misleads people into thinking CARMAX can be a honset place to buy a car. We were told the trade in value, we thought it was fair so we based our plans on an old fashion theory of TRUST- a concept totally missing from the CARMAX experience- for us and the dozens of other complaints posted just in the past few months on this a many other websites.
N  11th of Dec, 2012 by    -1 Votes
"We' ll give you a written offer" - now thats proof ! - " we " your then one who needs to stay off the boards - the people do deserve to hear from the consumers not the SCAMERS ! Filling a complaint is not whinning - its informing, as I have done to every agency on line. Being honest is difficult and requires integrity, it also requires accountablity. Reasonable standards of busness do not allow for such huge margins - three thousand dollar drop is just not honest business . So if your the manager of CARMAX or the chief mechanic-your training wheels should be re installed, and business ethics courses refreshed, you should be trying to help- not hinder.
This format is for consumers who have been scammed, mislead and mistreated- not for the people commiting the scams or trying to cover the tracks !
I have recieved other emails from legitimate consumers and attoneys - a SCAM IS A SCAM. All of the comments prove a SCAM and desire to rationalize it makes you " CARMAX " look even worse to all who are reading.
N  11th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I read carefully what I signed, You should be helping me - and your more of a LL. Cooljay or Samuel L Jackson - than a Cary Grant.
We had some few addtional miles on our vehicle, yes- but 3000.00 worth - no. And my complaint is very valid and I am sure you will be hearing about it - and hopefully it does not cause you personally any problems. We deserve to be treated fairly - and that is all I or anyone should ever expect. We are hard working people with young childern to raise in a new area, this should not be our or anyones outcome in dealing with CARMAX. Buyer BEWARE is what I was saying all along, but honset business practices should not and do not include the scenario I have experienced. Doing the right thing is always harder - but it easier to sleep at night when you do.
All I expect is honesty and a fair offer to resolve - a tall order but I know - I believe -it is possible. We are all here to help each other - and to always try to do good.
N  11th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
You were not scammed. It is evident that you continue to evade supplying a response to CaryGrant's quote about the seven day window. The dealer may have had a prospective buyer for your vehicle two months ago. Dealers need to move inventory out at the end of the year so incoming vehicles are worth less to them in December. It's all about supply and demand.

If you decline my offer of $500 for your TV and then accept my offer five minutes later the offer may no longer be on the table, so my offer may change to $400. That is not a scam. Maybe I bought someone else's TV during that five minutes so yours is worth less to me.

"I have recieved other emails from legitimate consumers and attoneys - a SCAM IS A SCAM."

No attorney would claim you were scammed. At least not an American attorney. Maybe in Russia...
N  11th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I do not evade responding - obviosly. I clearly stated I read carefully what was signed - that is not evading any questions. And in THIS country attorneys do help consumers based on bad business ethics everyday.
Being honest is difficult but not impossible in any line of business -even car sales. If you care to see what other people are saying about CARMAX read on and on - it is not just me. Supply and demand is not vaild here in this scenario, this was situation was about BAD business and yes is a SCAM. All of the posted comments so far have been from a carmax employee. Read all of the other complaints about CARMX on this site, and you can see I am one of many who have been treated badly. Carmax should care far more about its postive business ethics practices, once again buyer beware.
I have read over dozens of posted CARMAX COMPLAINTS- all fairly recent, this should be an alarming concern to all consumers.
People buy cars every 5 years or so, building a repore of trust is essential - I would think.
N  11th of Dec, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Being concerned for a person - even in a bad scenario is how I was raised, I am a christian person. I wish I could be one of the entitled crowd, and even have one minute of a day when its was about me, but I am a working mom . I have and will always accept any and all accountability for all that I say and do. Being almost 50, yes younger sounds right. Life is very hard, and I care not at all about not getting what I want, I care about whats right for my family and 3000.00 to us is a huge financial loss. I know there are good people out there to do business with, I will have to look harder find them.

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