Carl's Jr. / not taking order correctly then arguing with me

I ordered a burger with no bbq sauce. Repeated it twice to the cashier, I tasted both sauces in the burger, the top bun had bbq sauce on it whist the bottom was ketchup, told them it was bbq and the person in the back insisted it was ketchup I said its not (As if I didnt know the difference between the two when I specifically asked to not have it) , she argued it was, taste it, they didn't taste it but said they would make another one. I sat down but noticed all they did was take off the sauce that was on there and smothered ketchup on instead. They didnt even bother making a new one when there were literally only 2 other customers in the whole place. I tasted the top sauce again and it tasted like bbq and ketchup. I did not bother to eat it. Another worker came out and asked how it was and I said im not going to eat it and she said she would make another one and I said it was ok, she wanted to refund me and I also declined. She then went to the back and you can hear them arguing amongst themselves. It was very unprofessional when it was an easy fix. (I did not let them make me another burger because if theyre already angry, you im sure have already heard horror stories of what people you piss off can do to your food in any food establishment)

Mar 20, 2017

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