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Clinton, MS, United States
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On January 25, 2017, I ordered a large order through the drive thru. When I drove to the window to pay for my order I was told to pull up and wait. I waited over 15 minutes and still have not received my order. The employee "Samuel: Guest #045" came out giving another customer their order, but they were 5 cars behind me waiting for their order. Once the employee started walking towards the restaurant heading inside I asked "Samuel" "how much longer will it be till I receive my order"? The employee then turned around and said "Um, I'm not sure (with an attitude)". I had a witness in the vehicle who can back this up. I waited five more minutes still sitting in the same spot. Then I decided to park my vehicle to move out of the way of other customers trying to leave the drive thru. I walked in and I stood at the counter waiting for the second employee to pack my food. While waiting for my order the cook asked me "was there a problem" I stated "No sir, I am just waiting for my order". The second employee was a young girl with red hair and asked the previous employee "Samuel" who took the order "is this all of her order?" Samuel said "yup" and walked off. The second employee finished packing my food and asked me "if I needed any help taking the food outside" I stated " No, thank you". Once the young girl comes towards the counter she threw my order on the counter and the tartar sauce fell on the floor and the box of "crunchy style fish" almost fell on the floor but I caught the food and she walked off. I did state "that was not good customer service". I would like to file a complaint through Headquarters and through the Head Director Harold Bailey at the location Captain D's 3750 in Clinton, MS

Captain D's

Jan 25, 2017

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