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Capital One Auto Finance / scam and cheating!

1 3905 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1 800 946 0332

Since the onset of my Capital One Auto Loan (March 2005) I have made monthly payments ($587.23) on time, never late. Actually, I’ve always paid at least 2-3 week prior to the scheduled due date. On 8/27/07, I made the 9/22/07 payment. Then, on 9/25/07, I decided to make an additional payment ($5,000) as a principal only pay-down. I called Capital One Payment Processing Center to verify the correct address for this additional payment. The $5,000 was sent according to their instructions. Since Capital One had ceased to mail out monthly statements to me, I went online to verify the payment had posted to my account. My account reflected the extra $5,000 had been applied to my account as principal only. On 10/11/07, I made my usual monthly payment ($587.23) due 10/22/07. On 11/16/07, I made my usual monthly payment ($587.23) due 11/22/07. On 11/17/07, I decided to check my account activity online. Assuming that all would be in order, I got the shock of my life. Capital One had reversed the $5,000 pay-down and applied it toward (2) so called past due late payments and the difference was applied as interest. I went to the local Capital One bank seeking an explanation and was told it appeared to be an error but that they could not fix the error. The bank clerk told me it could only be fixed by customer service via the payment processing center which can only be contacted by phone. Since 11/17/07, I have made numerous calls trying to get my account corrected and have been told a different explanation each time. First, it was a computer error which would be corrected within 2-3 business days. Nothing happened. Then I was told I didn't €™t mail the $5,000 to the correct address which probably caused the confusion but that the error would be fixed within 72 hours. Still, nothing has changed. All of my payments were made via on-line bill pay through a checking account I have at another bank, I called my bank and they looked into the matter and also found the error to be with Capital One as they had sent in all payments as directed. My checking account reflects the same. My bank contacted Capital One and was told the error had been corrected as of 11/16/07. Of course this was not true as I am still trying to get my account fixed as of date, 12/19/07. I have a print out from Capital One with dates (9/25 thru 11/16/07) showing back and forward reversals (debits and credits) of my regular monthly payments including the $5,000 principal pay-down. Capital One has totally taken advantage of my principal pay-down amount and are now stating they have an extra monthly payment amount floating around which they are trying to figure out where to apply the funds but that my account still shows I have (2) past due amounts. Now, as of date, Capital One has finally told me there are no errors on my account and it stands as shown. This is unbelievable and illegal as my payments have never been late and the $5,000 pay-down is gone with the wind. As a high school history teacher, Capital One has caused me and still causing me to be under extreme stress do to this problem.

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  • Da
      8th of Jan, 2008

    I am in the same boat!!!!

    Capital One Auto Finance has great problems with monthly statement when the loan gets close to the end. I am having problems getting statements and now I learned they have me two months behind! You call their customer service and you get transferred to collections.

    They are okay from the beginning to the middle but SUCKS and a SCAM near the end.

    My one answer is they want late fees, and or put your car into repo to get it and resell it.


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  • Lo
      20th of Jan, 2008

    Company still owes me money. Agreed to a lower interest rate by .5 points in exchange for allowing C1 to automatically withdraw monthly payments from the account. In 7 of the 11 months I did business with them they "oops" forgot to withdraw funds from the account on the 25th of the month as agreed. This permitted c1 to collect more in interest than due. When I would contact them, it was typical for the person over the phone not to be able to locate my account. Then once located they would ask me if I wanted to make a payment for a fee of $8.95. I would explain to the person that I was on "auto-debit", they had my checking info, and was not going to pay a fee, and they needed to backdate my payment to the 25th. They also would take monthly payments out of your principle only payments. The stress and strain finally became to much, I refinanced with a credit union. Because they took a monthly payment twice on my last month, once from my principle only and again from my accout, I and the credit union contacted them to correct, and apply the full balance of the principle only to my balance. To date they still owe me money, they never corrected their errors, although they promised to do so on several occassions. The credit union also informed me that they regualarly see clients that have had their credit destroyed by capital one. This company is corrupt. Oh yeah, and they sent my checking information in the mail, full checking account and routing number with contact information in the mail. I think they go to federal prisons and select people convicted of fraud and extortion and ask them to come work for them. I am not kidding, this company is a bully, and is breaking the law. I am just waiting for them to p-off the right person that will sue them into the ground.

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  • Ba
      22nd of Jan, 2008

    1).The first step is to gather all your Money orders checks made out to Capital One make photocopies of the receipts

    2). Validate the day the Check or money order was made out and when they cashed it.

    3). Mail all your payments certified return receipt please also be aware to check that the certified return # matches the return receipt 2 months ago mine didn't match and I went to the U.S. federal Court room in tacoma the clerk of courts refused to do anything about it but she should give you a detailed civil complain keep this

    4). take your capital One Auto Finance contract have it Notarized if possible Apostilled destination International court the hague reason Capital One has offices in canada and the U.K.
    this prevents a jurisdictional game

    5). Take all the photocopy money orders and your Notarized Apostilled contract -copy not the original and mail this to the national Arbitration Forum or American Arbitration Association based in California - English common law state along with your payment. The reason for this is you want to have this legally documented. Please have your affadivit Notarized and Apostilled

    6). The reaon why you Notarize is to make it a valid legal document and think about the jurisdictional games that go on Capital One has offices all over the U.S. so this involves Jurisdictional games with states countrys etc.. eliminate the
    jurisdictional games

    7). goto fair Issac score pay your 16.00 and check every account carefully these people like to collude old 1930's pratice of Blackballing or Black listing

    8). The keys are to remove Jurisdictional games
    making your documents valid
    (treaty law prevents corrupting International documents this is considered a felony if any Public servent or agency engages in these practices

    Check your credit score each account carefully pay attention to accounts that have 0 balance eventhough they are making you still pay ????

    In the end by refusing arbitration they will have to eventually be subject to class action lawsuits also after the arbitration claim is filled out and they refuse fill out your U.S. Civil complaint very detailed information have this notarized and Apostilled destination the Hague in Amsterdam

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  • Ic
      11th of Jun, 2008

    if you have a problem concerning your capital one autoloan, feel free to e-mail me at icanhelp.[protected] I very well might be able to send you in the right direction without having to contact customer service. have a good day!

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  • Ca
      4th of Aug, 2008

    My auto loan is not through capitol 1 but with another bank... My question is:
    I pay my monthly payments at my bank and I also pay an additional amount in which i state in the memo section of my check (25.00 apply to prinicple), and I also write this on the statement i hand to the teller. I've noticed that the bank has not been applying the extra amount to my principle amount.

    What can I do about this

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Tr
      14th of Aug, 2008

    Maybe I just don't under stand this simple Interest contract cause the only other car loan I ever had was at a local bank. I would pay Extra and after the monthly payment was taken out the rest went towards the Principal. Well This new loan I've had with Captial One Auto Finance, I have been with them a year now and ever since I canceled a Scam Car Warenty they sent the 1, 700 to Capital One and I told them to pay it towards the Principal and they say they did and that my Car payments were payed up for about half a year and that if I wanted to still pay monthly I could but it I didn't have to. So I didn't since online it said next due date was like 6 months down the road. So I waited till it was due next like they said I could and no problems. Now that passed and I started paying my monthly payments like normal and my principal was going down like it should and all a sudden I noticed since I payed 3 more months a head on the car payments that my Principal wasn't moving at all anymore and that I called them up and 3 different people said all three of those payments were going to Interest and none to Principal and of course I got mad and said NO SHI* many times lol. So they would insist I hold like ALWAYS for minutes on end just to come back and say yeah its not moving and that they were in the wrong and it would be fixed in a few days. NOTHING was fixed so i called again and again talking to many different people then a Superviser that ended up telling me I hadn't payed any Interest in those 3 months and the 1700 I was like WHAT!. My loan was a 13, 092 dollar loan at a 12.95% Interest rate for 72 months. $ 263.79 is always due on the 25th of the month. Thats a total loan if I'd payed the $ 263.79 a month would be $18, 992.88 by the end. But I pay 265 even a month when I don't pay up a few m0nths a head which I do a lot. She said they never recieved interest and I was dumb founded cause in there paper work I have it says that every payment you send in they take INTEREST OUT FIRST then the rest goes to Principal well she said it did with the 1700 for that month for 80 dollars and the rest payed up almost half a year in payments with no Interest???? I was mad by this point cause she said my 3 payments I payed a head now and in the past didn't pay interest and I was like then why is account just at 10, 930.00 in just a year and its over 5000 I've sent to them this year I mean only 2000 of that went to the principal and 3000 floated in the air??? Cause she says they didn't get there interest so now my monthly payments are only Interest and nothing to principal?? I mean guys where did my 3000 dollars go then. Plus I'm pissed they never explained this Simple Interest thing to my Wife and I that they are saying that when we pay ahead in Car payments they get NO INTEREST and it cost me MORE INTEREST in the long haul how the hell is that when they State in there paperwork that when they recieve any payments they take out INTEREST FIRST then what is left over goes to principal. I'm so pissed that they are flat out Black mailing me as they are FREEZING my Principal and taking all my future payments as INTEREST and I sent in the money it was there many of them a head of months that all they had to do was take the Interest out of them every month the payment comes due that I already had payed up!! I mean now they say we are screwed and going to pay more Interest cause of there bullshi* scam. If this is hitting home to someone else out there please email me back! I don't know what to do and my car payments are payed up till Oct 25th and to me those payments are just floating in the wind cause they say every payment I made ahead a month they get no Interest and I'm billed like 4 dollars a day cause of it it makes no sence and I'm being screwed here. I really want to sue this company for these scams.

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  • Jo
      23rd of Oct, 2008

    First of all Capital One Auto Finance is full of Sh**t. They want their interest no matter how you pay them ahead or month by month. That's the whole deal.

    I pay them $2000 ahead cause I didn't know if was going to make they payments the next 4 moths. They took the money and apply it to the principal. I only realize this 4 months after when I send them a normal payment. My balance didn't decrease a penny. I paid on time according to the due date shown on their website.

    Here is the trick they play on you. For Example your balance is $10, 000 your monthly payment is $500.00 let's say, $100 of that is for interest. your monthly payment is due on January 15
    On January 10 you send them the normal payment $500...they received it on time. They take the interest $100 and apply $400 towards your your balance is $9, 600 ...your due date is now February 15.OK everything is fine at this point.

    a few days later you got a bonus on your job and you decided to send $2, 500 to Capital One Auto financing so your balance is less. They receive the payment and MAKE YOU BELIEVE YOU'RE PAYING 5 MONTHS AHEAD BY CHANGING YOUR DUE DATE to JULY 5 . You are make to believe you don't have to pay anything for March, April May, June...On July 10 you send a normal payment for $500...they receive on time but your balance did not decrease at all?...GUESS WHAT...ALL THE MONEY WENT TO PAY INTEREST FOR MARCH APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY!!!...AND THAT FOLKS IS HOW CAPITAL ONE SCREWS PEOPLE.



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  • Pa
      11th of Nov, 2008

    I've had a car loan for three years with them and never missed a payment. I lost my small company and sold my house to pay off some of the bank debt. We moved and at the time having a rough time paying. We got two months behind and talked to collections and we paid them another payment and they said I could talk to hardship. I finally got hold of them and this Kay I talked to said to send an explanation and check stubs from my work and my wifes. We did, she calls and was quite rude in talking to me and said where were my check stubs, did you and your wife get a divorced, we only got hers. Knownly that my wife sent both, I said she sent everything together. She said, we need another payment before I can help you, I said we sent 400 dollars last week and was told you could help us out now because we sent you that payment. This was hardship and I thought they could help us out by lowing our payments and put the other past do payments behind the loan, like I was told before by another women, Ashley. This Kay said she needed another payment or she couldn't help us. I said we didn't have it and she said the repo man would be calling me. So I don't know if this is a lie about hardships or not, she knew very well I just paid them last week and I couldn't afford more. She was so rude about it, like she didn't understand our situation or care. They can have my car, I'll never do business with them again, I will get back on my feet and never ask help from them, in fact I will tell people how bad and rude they are when you have a bad situation. They don't care about people and there hardships. Where do they fine these people. She should work in prison where I worked for ten years, she would make a great Officer. By her voice she reminded me of some of the females I worked with. Rude with no sympothy, thats her. Thanks so much Capitol One, you made my day.. I hope the government doesn't help you either, hope someone like Kay will talk to you about getting help and say thats to bad.

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  • Ma
      18th of Nov, 2008

    Last month and this month I asked Capital One to !. defer a payment, 2. let me make and interest only payment. Both times I was told that the COMPUTOR said I didn't qualify for any assistance. I explained that we were having some difficulty but that it was only temporary. I was told I could make partial payments, but of course I would have to current before next payment was due. How does that help if I am having trouble coming up with the $341.00? I received my latest response from, you guessed it Kay on the online message system. I emailed Kay and told her like last month they would get the payment late again. Told her to sleep well, as I will not pay the heat bill(Michigan in winter, it is very cold), and could probably skimp on food for the rest of the month, but by GOD they would get their money. They are idiots. Won't even tell me why I don't qualify for an interest only payment or deferrment. I have a lot of auto loans over the past 36 years, but never have I had to deal with a company like this. If I didn't need the car to get to my job, they could have the thing. Can't even get them to lower the 15.5% interest rate, asked for a refi, (they don't refi their own loans, hows that for a ripoff. Most lenders will let you refi to qualify for better interest and lower payment. Hope they go down with the rest of the crooked banks.

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  • Ak
      15th of Feb, 2009

    I got loan for a car from Capital One auto finance, I made payments on time from 30.01.2007 to 30.01.2008 . But because of some difficulties I couldn't pay for 30.01.008 . They towed my car and I received a phone call from customer service to pay 2000.44 $ for the last 4 month (November, December, January and February) I called them back and try to show my online receipts but now they blocked my online access from the Internet . I really don't know what to do . If anyone had same experience please give me an advice .
    Akbar from Brooklyn NY

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  • No
      28th of May, 2009

    I have paid extra on my Capital One car loan, a large amount extra here and there. They also fail to send me a monthly statement unless I call and ask for it in the past. I have a statement from them and have spoken to customer service both state that I am paid up until 06/10/2010. The repo guy is knocking down my door for the car back. Capital One will not discuss the loan with me they transfer me to "The Windsor Group". They will not discuss payments, they are just hired to secure the car. They have never called or sent out notices stating that I am behind or owe a balance. My last staement says I have a $0.00 past due balance. Now I am just expected to give my car back to them????? I am hiding the vehicle and am in the process of looking for a lawyer. In Iowa they are supposed to send me a Right To Cure Notice stating the default amount and give me 20 days to respond/pay etc. They have not done this. I am seriously upset and emotionally stressed over this whole situation. It is scary to think that they could take my car that is paid AHEAD and NOT in default!

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  • So
      15th of Jun, 2009

    I am having a similar problem with Capital One. When I went on unemployment and before I was late with a payment I called to have my loan refinanced they refused. I then asked to have the payments deferred for a couple of months until I could start working again. They refused. I am now receiving 10 calls a day 7 days a week from the company which continues to refuse making any sort of payment arrangement. I am currently only one month behind in my payments about to go into month two. They have sent a letter from California stating I had until the 23th of this month to pay or face repossession. I am so frustrated with this company who is refusing to abide by NC State Consumer Laws. (Which also states they are not allowed to call a home after 8 pm.)
    I did not want to be financed by this company but Southern States Dodge Mazada, in Raleigh, NC, manipulated me into this agreement. This company is now out of business. I was told I was originally being financed by their in house finance company and I signed the paperwork as such. Later I received a call from Capital One stating I was being financed by them, I was horrified.

    Capital One refuses to help current customers but want to continue to sucker new customers into their company. STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Lj
      10th of Jul, 2009

    I borrowed from Capital 1 in 2005. I was doing great on the payments then the past 2 years we started to suffer financially but because the car was our main mode of transport we made sure to make the payments. One December I could not make the payment but they called and offered a deferment. I said what the heck if that helps. I did was I was instructed to do. The girl who helped me informed me that I needed to make a payment on my schedulded due date. I exp. that we were tight on money and rent was due so it would be late. She said let me look into something came back and said that is going to be ok just get the paperwork in asap. Great I thought until I followed up and was lectured very rudely on how I messed up due to lack of payment and they refused my application. Nice huh. Well from then on I made my montly payments but was always past the due date. Hey rent and food are important to! So fast forward to this past year when my job was closed for the season (wasn't aware this was going to happen I got a call not to come in anymore nice huh). I was still able to make the payments but then we found out my step son had major medical issues. I was struggling to make the payments now and they again offered the deferement this time I was going to be able to make the payment on time. SO again I subnmitted the paperwork by fax and get this I did this for 3 yes 3 weeks because apparently they were not receiving the paperwork for some odd reason. Now mind you I faxed my husband faxed from work like 4 different times I even had C1 on the phone at night as I was faxing from a Fed Ex Kinko's! So by the 4th week I called they said yes we finally received it but you messed up and didn't get it to us on time so it doesn't qualify. Now mind you i have the proof I sent it in on time. I even told them that but they didn't care they made me feel like c***. Now it gets better. So fast forward to now. I am a few months behind due to my husbands job loss in February. In the middle of all this C1 is calling me harrasing me and bascially belittling me as to why I'm not making payments. My husband and I decieded to move to another state to better our situation and when I was explaining all this to the C1 agent he had the guts to flat out tell me "what makes you think your life is going to get any better by moving you just need to make your payment now" I hung up on him called back and filed a complaint. I'm making it a habit now to complain about anyone who treats me like garbage plus i'm taking notes on everything. So now I was told that I could qualify for hardship like the others who have posted on here, but I have not been able to get through due to them being in meetings. What is that all about? Supposidly I'm supposed to leave a msg but the machine does not allow you to do so it asks you to call back then hangs up. If anyone has information on contacting the higer up's at Capitalone. Please share that with all of us. I had a friend who had a problem with a corporation he did his reseach found a way to contact a higher up with his problem and did this daily until they resolved the issue. i"m sure we all can get our issues resolved.

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  • La
      28th of Jul, 2009

    Has anyone tried filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( I did a query for the business: capital one auto
    and got multiple entries:

    Accredited -
    Non-Accredited -

    Be that as it may, the list consisted of other "Capital One's", which I believe creates so much confusion and red tape for the consumers. This is shameful in itself.

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  • Su
      23rd of Aug, 2009

    I am having a similiar issue- they refuse to accept my online transfers. The only free method to pay. I paid 1500 in one month, which they rejected for some reason- now im in repo status. They are after my car, and REFUSE to fix the matter. I am trying to BBB them- although i have learned BBB is a waste of time. I am going to do it anyways, because next is my lawyer. This is absurd.
    There has got to be something to keep these HUGE companies from BULLYING people around. And the people doing it dont care at all. They treat us like WE are the ones causing the issues.

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  • Wh
      11th of Feb, 2010

    Thought you all might like my story. After dealing with Capital One's stellar customer service for 5 years I came to a point where the balance on my loan was more than what the car was worth. I was going thru a financial hardship and couldn't keep up with the $800 payments, 10 months left. I offered to make 20 payment plus interest of $400. I was told no. I was going to be filing BK soon anyway so I said ok, come get the car. Instead of picking up they acted as though I was hiding it and went to friends and family in an effort to embarass me. Even though I had told them where the car was. Makes no sense. So I then moved the car to the airport parking garage. They were told the day I moved it where it was. Car sat for 7 weeks. They finally went to get it. $1500 storage bill. They had to pay. haha. Got nothing from me since since I filed for BK. They believe they have a license to be rude and mouthy because you cant pay. KARMA SUCKS!!

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  • De
      17th of Feb, 2010

    Whodaman, you really stuck it to them!! They are fools to turn down your offer of 20 payments $400/mth. Greedy fools ended up with nothing but a notice from US Bk court of discharge paper.

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  • Do
      17th of Feb, 2010

    I have had nothing but problems with capital one. I fell behind on my payments and they told me to make 2 months worth of payments and they would defer the 3rd month I owed which would bring me current. They said I had to sign a letter and mail it back. Well I did that even certified it. Oh ya I forgot they also told me I had to pay 35 dollars for processing. So they cashed the check but when I looked at my account I was still a month behind. I called them and they said " we never recieved your signed letter" I said but you cashed the check. They said but you didnt send the letter. I told them the check was inside the letter. They said sorry there is nothing we can do would you like to make the late payment. WTF????? ok so get this. Now my finances are in order I was all current. My payment is due on the 15th of the month. I made my Feb payment on the 3rd making me due on March 15th. I set up auto pay thinking this woul;d be a great way to stay current. Well guess what they took another payment out on the 15th of Feb. I called them and asked them why they did that. They said if you start auto pay before your due date it will come out automatically. I said ok but my payment isn't due till March 15th. They said sorry it is our policy. So now here it is feb 17 my next payment isnt due till Aprl 15 which is great except for now im 369.53 short of what I thought I had this month. They screw you coming and going. My words of advice DO NOT FINANCE ANYTHINBG THROUGH THESE LOW LIFE NON ENGLISH SPEAKING ###.

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  • Sc
      17th of Feb, 2010
    Capital One Auto Finance - Harassment/poor business
    210 N 2ND
    PLAINS, Kansas
    United States
    Phone: 620-563-7228

    My wife and i seperated and i took over the loan pymts on the vehicle. At that time i discovered the loan was past due. I made arrangements eith capitalone through their people. All payments were automatically deducted from my checking account.

    They contactes me and reduced my momthly pymt telling me i was now current

    I still receive the collection calls and letters. I have complied with their wishes on everything. Apparently their people do not communicate with one another or enter pymts and communications in their system

    I will never recommend capitalone for anything in the future, and i am considering filing a lawsuit

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  • Pi
      15th of Mar, 2010

    Try calling your state Attorney General and tell them in detail the details of the threats, abuse, lies and other mistreatment. Call you state attorney genreal each and every time they do another shady trick. Then when they continue to be abusive and threatening, tell them you have spoken with the Attorney General's office and filed a complaint and they tell you it is illegal to behave in such a manner. Also, when you offer a payment and they say no, write down the person who refused, the date and time you made the offer of payment and that it was refused. They usually change their tune. You can also add the Better Busines Bureau to your complaint list. When they locked me out of the online payment and tried to charge me for an over the phone payment I made them waive the fee and they found the IT person to get my access approved for an online payment.

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