Canal Walk Shopping Centre / Toilets are in a terrible state

It is shocking that the toilets of such a world famous shopping center are so poorly maintained. I go to Canal Walk very often and at any given time the toilets are in a terrible state. There is always urine on the seats, toilet paper on the floors, taps dont all always work, dispensers out of soap and roller towel and the baby changing facilities leaves tons to be desired. One would think that in a supposed upmarket mall such as this, hygiene would be a priority especially since most customers spend entire days there and will use the toilets quite often. It seems that nobody cares or perhaps nobody takes the time to report things. The other day I went into the ladies and while washing my hands noticed that one of the other taps wouldnt close. It was obviously needing repair as the water was gushing out and waste is an offence. I told a cleaner who happened to be coming in at the time and she looked at em as if I was mad and said it had been that way all week. That is disgusting and shocking! Imagine how much water was wasted. Something seriously needs to be done as tourists visit here and what must they think of our country when encountering these type of facilities.

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