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Canadian Tire / terrible customer service!

1 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Review updated:

Just a reminder to everyone... Please try to be civil and respect the employees in customer service at canadian tire, or for that matter, anywhere. They always have some way to help you, it all depends on your attitude and how you speak to them. The managers will back up whatever the employees say about the issue. If you're rude to them, don't expect them to take it and not be rude back. It's human nature. And just because an item broke, or you didn't like it, don't blame it on the employee. Chances are pretty good that he/she did not make it, and is not responsible for you breaking it, or it being defective. He/she did not make the "rules of return" and is just told to follow them. Most people working in those stores are just working there as a part time job, trying to get through school with a little money to pay for schooling fees or have a little extra cash in there pocket. They do not care if you morally disagree with there policies or think it's their fault. If you disagree with something then politely say you don't agree and chances are they'll say they're sorry, they don't make the rules and they have to follow them. If you're still just so upset at the injustice of a couple cents, that weren't yours to begin with, or you think you should get something brand new for free if you bring in your disgusting, overused product, then contact the head of canadian tire. And leave the employee out of it. If the employee was rude to you, then please before you get all huffy and demand to speak with a manager look at your own attitude and how you're treating them. Besides, the manager and employee will probably laugh at you when you leave anyways!

I hope this post has helped some people with basic common courtesy when dealing with employees who have a choice to the extent they decide to help a customer! Have a great day everyone!!

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  • Va
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    There are two Canadian Tire locations in Peterborough: Chemong and Lansdowne. Today I bought a bike from the Lansdowne location. It was a little pricey, nearly $300. When I got home I noticed that the gears didn't shift properly. Little disappointing but no big deal.

    I brought it back to the Lansdowne location but they didn't have any more assembled and no one was in to assemble a new one. They did however call the Chemong location who told them that I could go there and exchange the bike no problem since they had several assembled. Cool.

    So I loaded up the bike, drove across town, unloaded it and went to the returns desk at the Chemong location store expecting to exchange it no problem. Was I ever wrong. First off the customer service clerks whispered between themselves when they saw me walk up with the bike. To me it seemed as if they were getting ready for it. They then said that they would not exchange the bike and that they did not receive a call from the Lansdowne location.

    Now I know for a fact that they had received a call as I was standing at the customer service desk when the clerk from the Lansdowne location called the Chemong location. They would not help me, provide any assistance or even call the Lansdowne location to see what the confusion was about.The manager then came out and basically said I was lying and that he would not exchange or provide a refund for the bike even though I had my receipt that was dated only hours earlier.

    With absolutely no help being offered at the Chemong location I had to reload the bike, drive back across town, unload the bike and bring it back into the Lansdowne location store. Now I am waiting for a new one to be assembled, hopefully tomorrow it'll be ready.

    At the Lansdowne location I received great service and was quite helpful. The Chemong location on the other hand was horrible, I have never been treated so rudely or given so little help in my life. The manager at the Chemong location was incredibly insulting and in my opinion completely unable to run a store if he's going to treat paying customers like that. In short I will from now on only shop at the Lansdowne location and will strongly encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  • Ja
      10th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    So, today I venture back to what is my local, and, in my opinion, Canada's worst Crappy Tire store on Gibb Street in Oshawa. My needs are simple - I've lost the extension tube for the spray can of silicone lube I use on my treadmill, and, since they don't sell the tubes, am prepared to buy another can of lube. As well, I hope to buy a nice shiny chrome or stainless (Chinese chrome?) tailpipe extension for my new car. What do I find?... all the "shiny accessories" are now behind padlocked wire grills! This means you have to go in search of an "associate" (I think that's what they call them nowadays) to unlock the wire cage, and escort you, like a convict, to the cash with this $10.99 made in china piece of crap that they, for whatever reason, think has the same appeal to a shoplifter as the Hope diamond to a cat burglar. It's very difficult to pin down one of these "associates" - they gather in groups, like antelope at a watering hole, to gossip, but, should they catch you approaching with that "help me" look, or trying to make eye contact, they scatter like cockroaches when you switch on the lights. So, I forget about the chrome exhaust tip, since I can go to Walmart, or Princess auto, and actually fondle similar merchandise without the key wielding gestapo standing impatiently over my shoulder.

    I go to the "express" cash with my can of silicone lube. There is a woman trying to exchange a pair of sunglasses. Trouble is, the old ones have no tag or bar code. The obese cashier is busily phoning departments to find out what to do - why doesn't she just send the sunglasses queen to customer service? I stand there for what seems like eternity, and then notice that the next guy in line in front of me has a fistful of documents. I put my can of lube on the counter, think to myself, "Hello Walmart!" and leave.

  • As
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    WOW! you certainly have a lot of anger! To call a cashier OBESE while she was just trying to do her job. I feel sorry for you. You must be really unhappy with yourself and/or your own body to say that.

    Have a nice day! I hope things work out better for you and your life!

  • As
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    Now this is the first legitiment compalint i have seen on this website. They should have checked the time on you bill and taken pity on you just trying to make a simple exchange for a bike you bought which you would like to work. I would have taken pity on you.

  • Mi
      26th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Well, as someone who has been scammed by Canadian Tire's auto parts department, I can only say this: it is difficult to be polite and courteous when you are being lied to and cheated. If you want people to be polite to you, perhaps you should seek employment at a store that honours its warranties and doesn't cheat its customers.

  • As
      28th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Well, isn't someone just having a rotten day? My post was just meant to be polite and state that people who want something done for them should be polite to the people who are in the postition of power to help them. If you think you were being talked to rudely or sarcastically, would you not speak back in a rude or sarcastic voice? If you are being kicked, would you not kick back. It's human nature.

    Most of the employees you deal with in retail stores do not give a cr*p about the return system, they are just told what to do and they do it. They can't change the system, so shut your mouth and stop yelling at them- it's not they're fault so they might get defensive if you think it is and start yelling at them. Go to the owner of the store and talk to them, or the head of the coorportation.

    I have seen it time and time again, not just at Canadian Tire, where an employee was going to help a person, but they were spoken to rudely or made it seem like they were stupid, so the employee did not help them. If you are polite and treat others the way you would like to be treated, you will not have a problem. Didn't you learn the saying "Treat others they way you would like to be treated" when you were just a toddler? It's really that simple.

    All I meant was treat people with respect everywhere you go. If you don't you should expect any respect back.

  • As
      28th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    ***If you don't treat people with respect, you shouldn't expect any respect back***

  • Wo
      7th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Here is why you are an idiot: first you think that you are the only one in the store and judging by your story you are not. Second there must be a reason to lock things up not everything has an anti theft tag so that dictates what gets locked up. Third you came in with a crappy attitude so that dictated your experience.

    Have a nice day idiot.

    The AK.

  • Ki
      10th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Listen young lady, the CSRs are hired to represent the store and should bear that in mind when dealing with the customer.

    Perhaps customers would be more tolerant if the companies in question hired qualified sales people who knew what they were talking about, and actually had some business sense, as opposed to young kids who don't have a clue and don't give a damn.

    As you mature, you will be able to identify with the frustration that rampant incompetence inspires in those whose patronage pays your salary.

    These stores will find (and have probably already started to see) that they will rapidly lose customers as the competition becomes more fierce.

    Personally, due to the lousy customer service at Canadian Tire, I now shop at Wal-Mart. They carry most of the same products in their Tire and Auto Centre.

    Additionally, little girls should not tell adults how to behave.

  • Wo
      15th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Kim you outright are absoloutely stupid. There now that its off my chest. Did she state anywhere in the article her respective age?. No I do not believe so. Just to let you know adults can be just as competent as todays youth if not more incompetent. IF YOU DO NOT GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE AND REALIZE THAT THE YOUTH IS THE FUTURE THERE IS NO HOPE FOR YOU. As well judging by the wording composition and setup of your article it seems that you are very bitter towards anyone that tries to help you. For your information miss not everybody gets bitter as they get older as you have seem to. Milan it sucks to be ripped off by anyone and it is human nature not to trust again after being hurt but not every store is the same nor the employees.

    Kim you must have an IQ of 35, maybe more as you spelled most words right. But you decided to lump an age group together, all 50, 000 of a companies employees together, and above all made assumptions about age. You are simply idiotic and when you get old and need help hope that the stupid incompetent youth that don't give a damn wont help you out. Seriously. I could go on and on about different things and why you are doing what you are doing but I choose to use my IQ points in other places.

    You were young once to, you can try to hide this and you will as you seemed to not have a great experience growing up.

    Your neighborhood genius,


  • As
      22nd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow. I did not know posting a simple message would make some people get so upset. I did not mean to offend anyone I was simply just stating that age old saying "treat others they way you would like to be treated." Milan, I'm sorry you think the world is against you and every employee is the same and a certian store. Kim I'm sorry you think all Canadian Tire employees are "incompetent teenagers" and you feel the need to belittle me.

    Nevertheless, think about your post logically. If you owned a large business would your aim be to make money? I would think so. Therefore, would you rather hire a teenager and pay them minimum wage or hire a more skilled ADULT (for the sake of argument) and pay them a much much more higher wage. Obviously you would hire the young one and train them to the best of your ability in order to have the business (and yourself) making much more money. But with your attitude, I'm sure no one really missed you at your Canadian Tire anyways. If you give people a chance, yo'ure realize that they're not all the same. Just because they work at an establishment does mean they all think alike.

    Thank you Bill. I agree that by her post, she is bitter towards everyone who tries to help her. I feel deeply sorry for those around her because she probably makes their days just go downhill when she shows up. I belive, that by her post, she thinks the world must bow down to her when she's ready for them to do so and if you make her wait- WATCH OUT! Out come the claws and the imprints are left on the COMPUTER BLOG about Canadian Tire. Ha.

    **Before you tell everyone you recieve such horrible customer service, look at how you're treating the employee. If you go in there with some unreasonable return, then you shoudl be turned away. If you think you're better than the CSR's and you deserve the universe handed to you on a silver platter just becuase you showed up or you want it, then you are in for a rude awakening one day. I just wish I would be there to see it. Try to treat others with respect and you will recieve respect in return. It's not a hard concept to learn (unless you're too proud), you should have been hearing it since you were a child**

    "ADDITIONALLY, " no where on here have I posted my age. I am an adult, working a full time job at a small business. So I don't know where you invented that I am a "little girl." Shows your sterotypical thinking though. Nice.

  • Da
      10th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    While everyone here has a valid point, the fact remains that in CRM (customer relations management) it is on the onus of the company (represented by the front line customer service staff) to initiate a polite and positive interaction, regardless of the mood or disposition of the customer. It has been my experience in customer care that though a customer may begin an interaction with a rep in an "irrate" state, it is in the rep's power to turn the mood around so that the customer leaves the store satisfied. This however can only be done if the rep employs the needed charm, unthreatening body lanquage, and humble self confidence required (nothing escalates a customer's ire faster than an arrogant, smug, defensive response). Not every rep has these "soft skills" and thus is not really suited for the job. One of the secrets a rep must learn is not to take the customers "guff" (for lack of a more expedient term) personally. They are mad at THE STORE (unless your personal incompetence was responsible for the customer's related irritability to begin with) not YOU personally. Another thing I have always found valuable is to acknowledge the store's alleged error (even if the customer is totally "off base", acknowleging it is the first step to diffusing the initial anger). People will listen to other people who believe that the person with whom they are speaking is "on their side". I can not emphasise this point enough! Once they sense your "genuine" support (and it must be genuine because customers are not the fools many businesses would have you believe they are) then you have total clearance to resolve the problem calmly and satisfactorily. Remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying to a customer "Oh my goodness, I'm so very sorry to hear that. That shouldn't have happened and I'll work to fix it right away!" Another valuable thing is to offer a discount or some kind of "freebie" (I know this isn't always possible in some companies but that is another topic --the lack of customer relations skills of the company as a whole). Nothing brings back a customer (and provides that all-valuable word of mouth) like a complimentary item or discount! One thing reps should remember, that is completely in their control is that many customers will specifically want to deal with you and only you if you have made them feel like "gold" (this is especially valuable if you're on a commission-basis pay of some kind or other). Reps don't realize that they can be as much of a customer draw to a store as any sale item. Conversely, a bad and percieved "nasty" rep (and it's all about perception, remember) will develop a reputation which will follow them where ever they go in their community, even to other jobs, and prevent people from entering the store as long as you are there. You think it doesn't happen? How many times have I heard friends tell me "see that guy, that's that a__hole who gave me the hard time at Canadian Tire". Anyway, these are things which your store (CTC specifically here) should be teaching reps. It is NOT the onus of the customer to create the proper retail mood or to "give respect". As my father used to say "repect has to be earned" and you'd be surprised what little it takes to earn that respect --that is the job of the service rep and the store. The customer may not always BE right, but it is your job to make them FEEL right.

  • Er
      14th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    As someone who has worked for Canadian Tire Corporation, I can add this bit of insight:

    Most (but not all) of the Canadian Tire Employees at the store in which I worked, were between 17 - 23 years of age, and most of them were still going to school. The vast majority of them were both very polite and diligent in their work. But obviously there will always be some bad apples within a big barrel.

    The problem in the CTC store where I worked was not with those aforementioned younger employees, but rather in management, both on and off the visible floor. Just as a case in point, I had been hired to work on cash - with no experience in either retail or on a cash system like CTC was using.

    Bottom line was that the supervisor-manager who hired me (in my second interview), passed off responsibility of my training to one of the aforenoted younger part-time workers. I received what amounted to maybe 5-10 minutes of training, in a very complex financial system ... and was thereafter left to fend for myself, for all intents and purposes.

    Pretty careless thing to do considering how many thousands of dollars can roll through (credit card; debit card; cash; cheques and gift certificates), in just a few hours.

  • Ch
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Customer service will lie and manager will cheat you. If you try to complain to Canadian Tires customer complain department on their poor website - they will try to cheat you as well instead of help you.
    They just making money anyhow.
    Montreal. Canada.
    Cheated customer

  • Ne
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is a case of “BUYER BEWARE” at Canadian Tire (Calgary Store #419, 64th Ave & Deerfoot Trail N.E, Calgary, Alberta).

    Here’s my little story:

    Bought a cordless mower one year ago, the battery dead just few days before the warranty expires, I think I was lucky.

    Then the trouble starts, first I took the battery to the return desk, two ladies ask me to bring the whole mower so that they can replace a new one for me. (sounds too good to be true for Canadian tire.), I believed them.

    the whole stupidly heavy mower was taken to their store today, the new face behind the return desk asks me why bother to take the whole machine here? she was trying to kick me back to the factories, I explained to her, but then she told me there was no battery and this type of machines in the stock right now, and I have to take the mower to the other store to try.

    I'm getting confused and feel like a fool, this yardwork mower is used only 4-5 times, and where am I suppose to take it now? so I asked her to call the manager who's named James, that so called manager has the worst attitude I've seen in Canada, first he told me I must have void the warranty by store the battery outdoor, I swear in Jesus name that I keep the battery in my basement all the time cause my charging station was there. and I'm that type of guy who always read the users manual. When I'm trying to speak something, he start yelling..." do you want me to help you or not?, will you let me finish?" I realized that I have no more things can talk with this guy. Then I ask him who's the higher manager, he points back to himself and told me he's the one...Great way to go! Canadian tire!

    in the end, he told me he knows some magic, and he can get one new battery for me if I want, (now you want me to believe a new battery is in stock now?), I asked him is there any warranty for that "new battery", he says no! I might be stupid once, but not twice in two days!.

    anyway, I will never buy anything from that 64 ave store, Just a simple battery swap within warranty has already made me looks like a scam customer. Bye Canadian Scam Tire!

  • Ni
      27th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    'Cheated Customer' how original. You have a problem that can't be fixed within the store, call head office. That's what they're there for.

    Ashley, I agree completely with you. Thank you for your insightful post.

  • Co
      6th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree with what you are saying. I actually have worked at the automotive service desk at Canadian Tire for about 3 years. In response to your last remark, it's true, they would rather hire a cheaper teen and train them rather then pay for someone more skilled. Those who are more skilled usually flock to a better place with a better reputation. And yes, when I was hired at 14 I knew not a thing about cars. But I appreciate the opportunity they gave me, as I have learned TONS! I am proud to say that my position is an "automotive service advisor" and even more proud to have the knolledge to back up that statement. While most 17 year old girls are working at grocery stores or cafe's, it is nice to know that I am getting an education, and hopefully it will help me in my post secondary advances. I do try to keep my additude and ignorance to a minimum while working with grumpy customers. Sometimes its not worth it to cause such a fuss, I just do my job to my best ability, hope that they leave a little happier, and move on to the next person in line. It's hard to work with the public, but I will say that there are some people who definatley need a lesson in customer service, but they are not found JUST a big corporations like CT and Walmart. I guess its just the person you get served by. But it does make m job and life a lot easier when I greet with a smile and get one back! So Ashley, good point!

  • Ft
      16th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have worked as a CSM in the Ft.Garry location and some of the managers will NOT back you up. All they care about is the store score going down if a customer calls the head office and complains. I have been yelled at, got the middle finger right in my face in front of the store manager and he gave the customer what ever she wanted. I did my job well and 90% of the customers loved me. Keep in mind that this CT is in a neighbour hood that like to think they are rich and need to be served on a silver platter. Ct is a good company to work for, but it all depends who you work for since they are all individually owned. All the senior management wants is deep pockets to put money in them. If we worked our butts off and got a good store report then more money for them and we get nothing. The senior management have favorites and no people skills. Since I have left there, I have never shopped there again. Always at the Southdale location. Ft.Garry never had the proper merchandise in the flyers and they were always out of stock. I was there for many years and watched the company fall over the last few years and it is sad to see people get treated like garbage especialy the good employees that put their neck out for even the rude customers. Some days, customers woulld just walk in looking for a fight because they had a bad day. I would kill them with kindness and when that didn't work, a store manager would be called up and they would give them anything they wanted. Whay were there policies and rules that the employees would obey by and the management would just overide you and make you look like an ###. I will never step foot in the CT in ft.garry ever again.

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