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Milton, ON, Canada

For Cad tire milton, ON
Emplyee old lady abd an old guy...

Came in for the car tire repair.
The lady charged me 37 bucks initially for the tire repair . While doing this the, tire was figured cannot be repaired ... so i requested to let me bring my another spare tire minutes away at home and put my donut for the time being. So was done paid for what i originally asked for and was assured this will be replaced .
After cmg back 30 mins after, figured the lady was gone and am dealing with a gentle man ... so having explained my situation i was expecting to just reinstalled my tire again, as there was no plug to be replaced now inthis case .
I was again asked to pay for the mounting of the new tire .
I requested i have already paid for it and since my tire could be fixed i brought another tire and now brought a new tire to be placed in my car ... the guy told me i was charged ealier for the tire replacement of my donut and will be charged again for my tire mounting ...

This is a cheat your emplyees did .
1st i was not told i was charged just for the mounting 32 bucks ??? !!!
2 nd i again paid for my stupidity to rely on caf tire emplyees that i will be served rightfully for the service i paid for earlier .
3rd i was made to pay again 22 buck just mount my new tire i brought again ...

This is a fraud abd and this is not expected. Cad tire is canadian business it has to be considerate of the situation and fare to its customers ... not being fooled and deceived by their so called employees ...

I paid extra 30 bucks .

Now the lesson learnt is never to visit Canadian tire ... for auto works and will go to local shop as they have some personal considerations of the situation . Making delibrately and forcefully 32 bucks will 100 percent cost you customer for his life time .

Hope thsi will be heard if there is some sane people working for c tire still...

There is something called customer service which totally lacked in this case ... doing this you lost business for next time ... and somewher i hate that too but happy i will take business somewhere else going forward.

Thanks for reading if you reached here...


Jan 28, 2017

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