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I shipped documents from a Canada Post outlet located in a local Shopper's Drugmart on November 25th 2012 with Xpresspost option. The tracking number provided did not work on the tracking website, and resulted in "Tracking Number Not Found". Now, on November 29th, I went back to the Shopper's Drugmart Canada Post Outlet to see if they could figure out what happened with my letter. Bear in mind this is now 4 days later, and the letter should have already reached the destination (2 days quoted). They simply told me to call the Canada Post 1-800 number. I called it, they told me they couldn't locate the tracking number and to go back to the Canada Post Outlet to see what they can do.
So, I went back to the Canada Post Outlet - and they told me that they "can't do anything about it, it's up to Canada Post to refund you". I asked: "But aren't you Canada Post?" They were clearly confused, but insisted that they could not offer any refund or indication of what happened to my letter. I continued to argue that Xpresspost is advertised right on their wall with the words "guaranteed delivery", and so what does guarantee mean in their view? They stopped talking at this point..

Moral of this story - for the love of GOD - DO NOT USE XPRESSPOST!! EVER!!! They are complete fools, incompetant beyond comprehension, useless, and so on. My documents are lost now, and they could not offer any sort of solution despite their "guaranteed delivery" mantra.


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