Canada Post / not delivering to my door!


I have a monthly order that comes Ontario. The company ships out the same day so their customers can receive the product within a timely manner. The first time I ordered I was impressed. My package arrived quickly and was brought right to my front door as it requires my signature. For my last order there was no delivery attempt made. I tracked the package and anxiously awaited for the mail person to arrive at my door. However no one showed. After waiting a few more days I called the company to ask what was the hold up. Turned out that my package was at the local post office awaiting pickup for several days. Now I don't check my mailbox everyday. Sometimes I'll go several days without checking it unless I'm expecting something. Sure enough there was my delivery/pick up notice sitting in my mailbox. Again I am currently waiting for a package that was suppose to be delivered to my door today and it was not. So I walked down to the mailbox and sure enough there was my notice sitting in the mail box yet again proving that no door delivery was even attempted. Now I have to wait another day for my package not to mention the fact that I need to find a way to get down to the post office with 4 children 3 and under! Hence the reason I have my packages deliveries to my door, for convenience! This is now the second time this has happened and I've only ordered the products 3 times. 2 out of 3 reflects very poorly upon the Canada post mail delivery system. How can I resolve this???

Feb 2, 2017

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