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Package sent to me from the U.S. has gone missing while it is in the possession of Canada Post. One rep said that since I was the recipient, I could do nothing about it. Her name was Maureen and she was considerably unresponsive to my feelings or my need. Very bad customer service representative. Then I phoned again and the next agent said that it was still in the possession of Canada Customs. And again I phoned and got a different answer, that it was actually lost. Three reps, three different answers. This is pathetic customer service.
What makes this worse is that I, as a paying customer, cannot instigate an investigation. WTF?!!
I paid for this to be shipped and I know it is lost mishandled or stolen while in the possession of Canada Post. Your company is responsible to me as a customer, and all I get is attitude, misinformation and a big F.U. for being the recipient in a contractual agreement of safe and timely shipping from Canada Post. No one will look up the package, nor do a search for me. It has been one month since Canada Customs released this package to Canada Post for delivery. No package takes this long, and the lack of care of concern from telephone customer service representatives is making me hate this self-serving company. Canada Post seems to take no responsibility in tracking a trackable package.

Feb 6, 2017
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  • Zi
      7th of Feb, 2017

    WTF! I basically have the same story to tell only that my parcel was posted in Gernany. A month after arrival in the city of destination, still nothing happened. And Canada Post employees telling me that it's lost, accept it. A large 30kg parcel magically disappeared from a Canada Post facility and no one wants to look for it.

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