Canada Postcontacting customer service

I am not at all surprised to see so many complaints about canada post online! Almost once a month, I have to open a claim ticket on their website for either an item not received or not being tracked properly.. .70% of my claims are never dealt with, meaning they do not call nor email me back... It would appear their strategy is to wait it out, ignore the claimant for as long as possible in the hopes they would receive their package in the meantime!... I don't really blame the carriers, I have been lucky to have had some very nice people delivering mail except very often, mail is not delivered on fridays... Wonder why... I ordered stamps from canada post directly on their website, after 4 weeks, they were still not able to tell me why I hadn't received them! It was just one coil of stamps and after numerous phone calls, the answer was still "i will look into it"... How embarrassing for canada post to not know where their own package is!! I think the entire organization needs an overhaul, delivering mail is a time sensitive thing and must be taken seriously. Even being on the evening news doesn't seem to have shaken them up to provide better service!

Feb 06, 2015

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