Canada Postcanada post at brentwood village mall

On May 9, I had to pick up a registered item from this location. I arrived at approx. 2:10 to find the store closed with a sign indicating they would return in 25 minutes. One woman traveled in and out of the store giving the excuse each time that she needed to close in order to get lunch. Then she needed to get soap because there wasn't any in the public washroom?!? There were 3 of them in the backroom of the store "having lunch" despite the 3 people waiting outside. Regrettably, this is where Canada Post brings my mail otherwise I would never return. I am certain that Canada Post could find a more suitable location for this outlet. Please read the customer reviews for this location; there is a problem which, in the end, is not good publicity for Canada Post.

May 10, 2017

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