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Hi my name is michael lake [protected]@hotmail.Com i have a complaint about canada post;i sent an express money order the amount $ 196.85 fee for sending $ 7.00 express $26.15 total amount $230.00 serial number-[protected] bar code-326228.4766 from st, lawrance-newfoundland a0e 2v0 canada post to claton l dukes-state-texas city-houston zip code-77077-tracking number-eg03260364ca-22 when i got the tracking number to track it ;it was saying it arrived at address above so i kept waiting but it was not there december 5 2016 but tracking kept saying it was there card put in box for pickup dec 5 2016 so mr cloton told me it was not there he checked the mail evry day;so it cost me 42 dollars in phone bills so exausted all and canada post different telephone numbers says it was there to address on the 5 th but it was not there about the 14 th of december i contacted contacted cross boarder [protected] ext-108 and spoke to mr.Martin walks and he told me they had it there so i was lied too all along so i want my 26.00 dollars refund because it was not delived on the 5;so when mr.Claton picked it up on dec/17/12 canada post would not cash it so why did i have to waiste all the money for nothing;my money order is on its way back to me but i am out for my phone bills and my express money order in which it was all lies told to me so if i dont get back my money i will be putting it into the global newspaper for everyone to see how canada post treated me i have all to back me up on paper and messages i saved thank you kindly mike i am not at the telpone number anymore so if you want you can e mail me at [protected]@hotmail.Com

Jan 13, 2017

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