Camping World St Augustine FLdefective tires/safety concerns

Beware if buying a used unit from camping world st. Augustine. We bought a 2013 used unit and were assured the tires were fine. Pulled it home (40 miles) and 3 days later a tire exploded while the 5th wheel was parked in my driveway. I notified camping world with my concerns as all 5 tires were from the same lot 42nd week of 2012. Two weeks later we start on our first trip and 10 miles from our house we have another tire explode. Called camping world again for help but it was a saturday (Labor day weekend) and as you can guess they offered no help. They advised I call my road hazard company and file a claim. Six hours on the side of the road in the rain and $1400 later we were able to get the 5th wheel back home. The next day as we start back on our trip we see all the side panel damage caused by the 2nd tire exploding. Again called camping world and advise that I expected the damaged to be repaired and the 5 tires and the damaged rim reimbursed. Can you believe the gm ken stumpe tried to tell me we ran over something twice. Unbelievable! Then they come back with we were able to get the r/h company to cover all but $300 on the tires and we have reduced the body repair done from $2800 to $1700. They want me to pay $2k to get the 5th wheel back to the condition it was in before the defective tires exploded. I paid $40k plus a $7k trade for this 5ht wheel. If they would have said the tires needed to be replaced I would have negotiated the price down. Thank goodness neither of the 2 blow outs occurred while we were traveling over the shad's 2 lane bridge. This could have been tragic. Huge safety issue! Randy rahe with camping world has refused to to resolve this issue. I will continue to post negative reviews until my 5th wheel is repaired and I am reimbursed entirely for the tires. Terrible customer service! I feel they are only concerned with making a profit. It seems customer safety and customer satisfaction is not a priority.

Sep 27, 2016

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